Friday, January 18, 2013

The facebook girls got nothin

If it's on the web the facebook girls will find it. Photo, article, quote, facebook creeper capture - they will find it. And, they will fight teeth and nail against any real or perceived slight against Tessa and Scott, and if there's Carmen-bashing anywhere, they will take it ON.

They got nothin. Commence classic coping approach - change the subject. Ignore that Scott and Tessa are apparently making shit up again.

I will now wade over to and see whattup over there.

For a couple of internet shunners, Scott and Tessa's "filter" is sure picking up backlash from remote corners of the web, unless is a hotbed of Carmen bashing and VM fans wishing they'd have just skated to Can You Feel the Love Tonight for 2013.

And then I'll push all these internet posts down below the main topic posts.

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