Friday, January 18, 2013

Here to Help: FSU

Reminder - Scott and Tessa are saying there's a backlash from their own fans on the internet. There are fans who'd rather they skate mush instead of take the sport to a new level.

FSU: This is a screen cap from the dedicated Virtue Moir thread in the "trash can" section. The trash can forum can host gossip, trash talking, bitching and fighting. There's no need to be high-minded. What kind of backlash is going on?

1) GPF seems like so long ago - it will be great to see them skate again
2) Capellini & Lanotte (& Igor) may have blundered with their own Carmen. They underestimated Virtue and Moir's appetite for risk and innovation, which one should never do. Their fd is so pedestrian by comparision to VM, even with the costume change.
3) VM sure do look beautiful in the latest practice photo.
4) Tessa's Carmen costume is gorgeous but maybe less of a skirt?
5) non-backlashy randomness.

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