Thursday, April 28, 2011

Still Dickish

Still gross.

Still punks

In her forward to Scott and Tessa's book, the always astute-yet-tactful Tracey Wilson emphasized Scott and Tessa do things for the right reasons. That was interesting - she emphasized motives, not behavior or actions.

Where Scott and Tessa are coming from is where sanctimony lives. We are exceptional. A special case. We're not proud of our approach but we feel it's necessary. Our circumstances are unique.

That's bullshit and is always self-serving. It's down to stubborness and self-absorption, especially when no matter what your private feelings, you sell out on a personal level because it serves your interests. Oh wait - facebook isn't personal - it doesn't count. It's fan crap.

Other options available to Scott and Tessa are to get mature management and manage fan interaction maturely. They prefer be cheese-eating monkeys, smiling in everyone's faces, spitting out canned pageant-style sound-bites, normalizing the most out-of-bounds fan behavior and feigning naivete. Partly because this approach justifies the choices they've made - the overcooked, indecent social media manipulations, lies and calculations. Instead of forthrightly acknowledging that they, like every public figure, need privacy, they pretend they don't - they pretend to be ultra candid while living as the most secretive personalities in sports.

There's not a figure skater on this planet who discloses everything - even those who admit to dating or marriage know how to divert public interest to non-intrusive aspects of their partnership. Not these two. On facebook, Scott is OVERLY sharing of his "personal" life because what's shared is manufactured for the sharing. They're just so much smarter than us.

The pretext is Scott and Tessa belong to Canada. Fans are family. There are no secrets in family.  The medal is Canada's, THEY'RE Canada's. So they make shit up and dish it out to fans on facebook, in their book, in interviews and odd lot media ops, rearranging reality with lies and complete inventions. While the truth is they're more closed than the Mafia.  What Scott and Tessa put out to the public and on facebook is as real as Tony Soprano pretending to be in waste management. 

I don't know what it is - maybe the need to feel 100% in control of not just what's out there, but what people say and think (sorry, IMPOSSIBLE).  What people think of you is none of your business.  To obsess this much over it reveals the self-obsession of children.

They behave with fans so as to justify the necessity of the choices they make - but neither the behavior nor choices are necessary. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Record Straight

Lately, more than ever, Facebook Jessica is eager for the world to understand the sort of person she is.

To save her time rescuing stray puppies, consoling orphans, spreading happiness and cheerfully enduring inconvenience, let’s stipulate that if you x-ray’d Jessica Dube you’d find a basketful of:

Bluebells                         Stars                                Hearts
Bluebirds                        Butterflies                      Dew Drops**
Rainbows                       Cupcakes                         Snowflakes
Lollipops                        Birthdays                        Kisses
Angels                             Christmas                       Ribbons, and
Fairies                             Kittens*                           Smiles***
Sparkles                         Dreams


You're welcome Jessica.
*Bunnies may substitute for Kittens
**or Bubbles
***and Grandma

Monday, April 25, 2011

Idle Observations

Tessa wearing Tiffany's Key Pendant, January 2009

Jessica With Tiffany Key Pendant December 2009
Courtesy Alma Moir's Public Facebook Wall Album
"Moir Rock Band Xmas 09!!"

Thank you Jessica.  We SEE it.

Contrecoeur Party 2009
(Pictured:  Adeline Canac and Maxim Coia)

Trophy Eric Bompard, October 2009
Early December 2010

Courtesy Jessica Dube's Public Facebook Wall Album
"Xmas 2010!"
 Scott's Turn

Short End of the Stick From Day One

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Virtue/Moir Camp Gutless as Jessica Calls Their Bluff

Jessica is keen to remind everyone Scott is her "bf" in the past few days, isn't she? After months of restricting the old sham albums, she's unrestricted three of them at once and sought opportunities to reference her and Scott as "we". 

Jessica understands the benefits of being Scott's "official gf", particularly now.  It's not so much fun for Scott.  Unlike all times in the past, I don't believe her recent facebook conduct is coordinated with the Virtue/Moir camp.

A lot of fans could see this coming, knew dealing with Jessica would cause problems for Scott and Tessa in the end.  But what do fans know?

Camp Virtue/Moir's previous reasonable-enough comfort level with Jessica was down to one person - Bryce Davison. Although the public "relationship" creates a positively indecent impression of how Bryce is being treated, Bryce and his family are dear to the Moirs/Virtues and the Western Ontario figure skating world in general. He could be counted on to influence Jessica's conduct.

But Jessica no longer needs her "I need Bryce" act. She doesn't need Bryce cuing public and press to respond sympathetically to subpar performances and myriad "ailments".  She doesn't need him cheering her on so she has cover while making new arrangements for her future. And she's got a new Olympic cycle to build herself back into contention with someone else, in a partnership she dominates.

Jessica is a textbook narcissistic personality and always has been. Maybe Virtue/Moir Co. should familiarize themselves with what that is.

This is Jessica

This season and last Jessica tired of the tedious one way street of her sham obligations. Now she's unprivated her photos to remind people of her connection to Scott, recruiting him by association to endorse her recent decisions.

Jessica is fighting hard to shut down criticism. She'll insist people who don't want to support her do support her. They won't be able to stay silent or disappear, she will aggressively reach out, call on them, demand they respond to her. Her making certain photos public is part of this.

Virtue/Moir had no Plan B nor put together an exit strategy. They find her annoying but felt in control, thanks to Bryce.

Now, they are retrenching from some fan push back on the sham and 4CCs and Jessica's turned the tables. Public relations wise, Scott and Tessa have always been wimps and Jessica has been - her whole life - a lowest common denominator operator. Remember that, and Jessica's predictable. When she finds your Achilles, she sees leverage and behaves to take advantage. Scott and Tessa's Achilles are their (and particularly Tessa's) willingness to say and do almost anything other than cop to the truth of their relationship, especially after digging themselves into an even deeper hole this season. No doubt Jessica's relishing the upper hand after the indignities she was made to suffer during their Olympic year.

I didn't know any of this in specificity was going to happen, but I knew Virtue/Moir better watch out. Jessica's social media aggression is distasteful considering she's ditched an injured partner, claimed to be newly dedicated to singles, and turns out to have poached the partner of a teen-age "little sister" but she'll brazen through because when it comes to moral stands in this situation, Scott and Tessa are gutless.

Et Voila - Jessica Dube Has a New Partner
Oh Jessica, you are such a clever little girl (not really, people can see you coming miles away, except inside your own Federation)
Jessica Dube - winning.

 "It happened unexpectedly, much sooner than I thought.  As we train in the same place (reluctantly) and with the same coach for four years now, Sebastien and I were good friends.  Recently, I started training with him for fun"

Please Jessica, you didn't dump Bryce until you had Sebastian.  Sebastian was the partner of your dear friend and "little sister" Tara Hancherow.  No doubt Tara gave you her blessing.

 Tara and Sebastian competing in January.  Tara is wearing one of Jessica's old skating dresses.
P.S.  As this is Jessica, it's hard not to wonder if she pulled a fast one on Sebastian too.  Perhaps Sebastian believed D&D's split was mutual (as Jessica tried to insist at the press conference) and had no idea things went down as they did.  Jessica certainly publicized the new partnership with unseemly and characteristically insensitive haste, immediately after Bryce's interview revealing how she blindsided him.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beware of Little Girls (sic Dory Previn): Watch Your Backs, Moirs and Virtues

Jessica Dube has certainly learned about setting people up from her years of shamming with the Virtue Moir camp. When Bryce was injured, Jessica played little girl lost, waiting for her prince to rescue her from the desolation of singles skating. Bryce was hurt but Jessica was wounded. Bryce, fans (and Skate Canada) ate it up.

I've never seen the injured partner pressed into service as the morale boost for the healthy partner before, but Jessica played her foray into singles quite tragically, and Dube Davison fans felt more for the robustly healthy, skating-for-fun, poor little girl on the ice all alone in her sparkly triangle-skirted dresses then they did Bryce back in Huntsville living with his parents, unable to drive and swimming at the local Good Life without use of his legs.  Fans completely expected Bryce to haul out those crutches and get his behind to Jessica's skating events or Lord knows if she'd even get through them. Jessica encouraged this, talking quite a bit about Bryce's support and advice and not at all of Bryce himself. How did his injury get to be about her?

Poor brave Jessica is a persona Jessica has spent a lifetime enacting, and it set her up perfectly to blindside Bryce once she didn't need him or his family anymore.
Her singles season done, she flipped the script and poor little waif with the candle in the window was no more.
Suddenly singles skating was no wan placeholder but a confidence boosting accomplishment, reigniting her love for the sport and propelling her out of her partnership.


One wonders if the Virtue/Moir camp shouldn't watch its back. Let's face it, when it comes to pr, this bunch is not known for uncanny anticipation. There's little insight, foresight, Plan B or grasp of the big picture. Somebody who plays hardball at the lowest common denominator (the only arithmatic a hidden personality like Jessica's understands) could catch them off balance.

Til now, everybody has been (more or less) reading from the same script, but I'd watch out. Jessica's role in this charade is not always her preferred turn as pseudo soulful star of a low rent vanity production propped by whipped trophy boy (see Dominican photo shoot) - and Jessica prefers things as she prefers. Her role in this enterprise is often supporting, lacking romantic appeal.

The Moirs actually had her wear a red "Believe" sweatshirt to watch Scott and Tessa at Canadians 2010- that bulky fashion item with the glue-on gold and white decals -  and then stuffed her in a row crowded with similarly attired Moirs, their enthusiastic elbows practically crowding her out of her sub-prime seat. How humiliating. Are we sure Jessica doesn't want to get someone back for that?

She had to ride in the front seat of a buggy on a hot day in Ilderton like livestock getting hauled home from a 4-H club presentation and nobody in attendance had the slightest interest in seeing her. Furthermore, once  paraded she was offloaded to the loving care of lesser Moirs and London locals.
If I were in the Virtue and Moir camp, I'd watch my back.
Currently, Jessica is spinning harder on facebook than on the ice, shotgunning reach-outs and exclamation points and churning up the positivity. She's popular!!! Hey bella hey beaute' bonne fete go habs go!

Everybody's on the same page she is when it comes to her recent decisions vis a vis post-Bryce personal growth and love for "change". Pay no attention to the number of Jessica facebook regulars who have abruptly and conspicuously absented themselves.
Immediately prior to sticking the shiv in Bryce's back Jessica put on a Canadian Girl in Paris display that would do a $125 a week third understudy proud. Every day was a new wall post with hearts and exclamations and after months of restricted photo albums upon her return she shared a public album full of Parisian accented outings with her bff and Drummondville pals and a special second album showcasing her out-of-focus auto-tuned scenic photography. She's just a guileless, open, happy girl.

So overlook that after years of subpar performances by Jessica, when Bryce was good and trapped - no legs, no way of initiating a career change and dumping HER - Jessica made her move. She, the one who dragged down the team, had the upper hand because her partner was crippled. She could wait until or if he healed, and risk another season of showing her ass, or she could move swiftly to kick him to the curb, saving face and preserving her self-image as the girl in the power position. 
What to do, what to do:

Bryce Davison consoling Jessica Dube After She Destroyed His Olympic Dream

“She said that we are having too much difficulty training together and she didn’t want to make too many changes in her life. I knew we needed a change, whether that meant a change in coaching or environment to break out old habits. She didn’t want to make any of those changes and that not skating with me was a better idea … it was definitely a shock. It was just before I was ready to go back out on the ice that she told me.”
Bryce Davison
Jessica's just too good of a person

Couldn't You Just Eat Her Up?