Sunday, April 17, 2011

Et Voila - Jessica Dube Has a New Partner
Oh Jessica, you are such a clever little girl (not really, people can see you coming miles away, except inside your own Federation)
Jessica Dube - winning.

 "It happened unexpectedly, much sooner than I thought.  As we train in the same place (reluctantly) and with the same coach for four years now, Sebastien and I were good friends.  Recently, I started training with him for fun"

Please Jessica, you didn't dump Bryce until you had Sebastian.  Sebastian was the partner of your dear friend and "little sister" Tara Hancherow.  No doubt Tara gave you her blessing.

 Tara and Sebastian competing in January.  Tara is wearing one of Jessica's old skating dresses.
P.S.  As this is Jessica, it's hard not to wonder if she pulled a fast one on Sebastian too.  Perhaps Sebastian believed D&D's split was mutual (as Jessica tried to insist at the press conference) and had no idea things went down as they did.  Jessica certainly publicized the new partnership with unseemly and characteristically insensitive haste, immediately after Bryce's interview revealing how she blindsided him.

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