Sunday, August 25, 2013

I feel bad for Toddler Moir

 ^Cassandra Hilborn kissing a little kid's married daddy on the lips, pretending to be his girlfriend and bed buddy. How does it scan in your world, Cass? You're doing it FOR the kid? If SCOTT doesn't mind, it doesn't matter? You have no non-narcissistic values of your own?

What kicks it over the top is the comment. "Hot couple" and "tailgates and tanlines."

Scott will be twenty-six in two weeks. He's the father of a toddler, and here he is.

Toddler Moir doesn't have a chance of growing up to be a mature human being. I don't believe that Toddler Moir will be scarred in the particular way some fans fear the child will - I don't believe Toddler Moir will grow up believing that daddy cheated on mommy with Jessica Dube and Cassandra Hilborn.

Toddler Moir will just grow up without any official acknowledgment of TM's existence during the entire Sochi Olympic cycle, while the relatives in Ilderton elbow their way into the spotlight, and daddy's fake sex life gets its own cheering section. I know these are important distinctions. At least they didn't cheat, Toddler Moir! It was actually all about their love!

Everything was the opposite! No, seriously!

While I don't subscribe to "It was like this for me, ergo it must be like this for everyone" type thinking, I will nevertheless mention that I don't think I would have given a flying fuck that my daddy wasn't sleeping with these ladies, and it was all a con job to protect our privacy as a family. I would still be repulsed by somebody calling him and another lady a "hot couple" and all the rest of it, and I would have been and would remain extremely unexcited by some ladies putting a fantasy romantic life with daddy out on social media using his actual name, and knowing that there are members of the public that think this was daddy and mommy's reality.

Furthermore, I'm pretty sure that even as a child I would know the difference between - we did this for the sham, and we overdid this for the sham. I might wonder how come some of the extra flourishes. #hotcouple, #sleepskyping. #Cass 0 - Tour 1, #definitely sobbed. #someones enjoying this #bad stomach ache #weird feeling.

This is elementary for most people, but as Moirville apparently does not believe in any sort of boundaries, including virtually crawling in between the sheets with their own children, they not only don't recognize that this is going to be uncomfortable for any child who remotely has their head on straight, but it seems to indicate that the sham is actually the least of all possible evils in terms of effective boundaries between Scott and Tessa's private life and the expectations of their nearest and dearest.

Everybody can see what the situation is here, not just the fans. That's what's so uncomfortable.

Everyone outside of Moirville of course, where the zamboni fumes have arrested a lot of people's personalities.

This is about intentionally alienating the public. When we're alienated, it seems to me they think Scott and Tessa belong to them even more.

I say the kid has no chance at growing up to be a mature person because look at the role models. TM may still be in diapers and is already living in a bubble.

This is not a performance by Daddy. This is a con by Daddy. A performance requires willing suspension of disbelief by the audience. The audience knows it is an audience. Here, we have Scott, as Scott, pretending to be in a relationship with someone other than Tessa. This is Daddy, not Daddy pretending to be a character. This is daddy pretending to BE with someone else.

Moirville is so good at understanding context and conveying critical distinctions that I'm sure Daddy's social media lip locking in all its permutations on the web will be explained with no problems, and the kid won't be upset.

They can't possibly anticipate that the kid WILL be upset but have gone ahead and done it anyway, figuring that's the price of dinner. Not when the only agenda at stake is the need to one up a fucking blog, save face to themselves, enable over-involved family members, and put some outspoken internet fans in their place.

If they thought it would upset Toddler Moir down the line, Scott would never do this. Right Scott? You've must have nailed this one down after Tessa studied it in psychology class. You must figure you're on solid child development footing here.

I wonder if they took a hot iron and branded "Property of Ilderton" on Toddler Moir's behind before putting on the first diaper.

For me this is sad, although I haven't articulated all of it for myself. I think this photo is there to provoke. I think it's there to flip the finger at fans. Scott as ever checks his balls at the Arctic Edge arena exit - or at the entrance to the Detroit/Windsor tunnel. I don't mean check them into Tessa's bag, I mean fork them over to the fam.

A family and community that chooses immaturity over respect for their own innocent family member. They choose a pissant fan war that they need to make themselves feel smart.

The photo itself is not a scandal. Scott's kissed a dolphin on the lips. Scott and Tessa are both in show business, which is what figure skating is, essentially, where you fish kiss every other person you meet at certain times of the year, even people you dislike. Cassandra has littered her facebook with photos of herself smooching friends similar to this photo and even more cozily than this photo, so for those who are interested in Cassandra context, it's there, but of course, she's not the point.

Scott's context is he's 26 years old, he's married and he's a father, and there he is.

He'd rather humiliate himself than actually deal with the crux of the problem, and IMO the crux of the problem is selfishness masquerading as support, requiring more time and energy to deal with than he can afford to spend at this time in his life.

There's this, too:

Hear that Toddler Moir? Mommy isn't married to that "Moir dick" and she hooked up with Sidney Crosby in Vancouver.

What do we have here, Toddler Moir-wise? The choice is either that Toddler Moir's nearest and dearest are a bunch of unfiltered, petty, needy, entitled, boundary breaching, overbearing, chip-on-shoulder, narcissistic cases of stubbornly arrested development that Toddler Moir's parents cope with by cravenly enabling left and right, OR the public supporters of Toddler Moir's parents' skating are such incredible assholes Toddler Moir's existence had to be edited out for almost four years. The latter scenario is intriguing - the idea that the fan intrusiveness they experience is dire enough to edit out their kid's existence from the record, while simultaneously fan intrusiveness was never actually serious enough to warrant the employment of a competent sports management agency.

Both scenarios are a wonderful reason to bring a child into the world at ages 21 and 23. Why wait til you can function like a freaking human.

Moirville wants the public to have all kinds of misconceptions and wrong ideas about Scott and Tessa, but especially Scott. That proves our inferiority, and it asserts their ownership.

I tell you what this is - it's humiliating. Not for US, but to see Scott. Where to even start - a twenty six year old man, a father, a husband, a man who as an athlete, a skater, a competitor - is ferociously smart and plain ferocious. He doesn't give a fuck what you, me or anyone else thinks or says in that arena. Fuck us. He knows himself, he knows what kind of skater he is.

Even if we don't know him, we know that about him.

So when we see that guy do this, it mortifies. We're in on something we shouldn't be seeing. Not the kiss. The family dynamics and agendas and how it works on Scott. We shouldn't be seeing it and that's one thing I don't think they know they're showing us. What we see is an Olympic champion and a husband and a father whose original family has no respect for him as a man, compared to what they expect from him. We can all see it. He's not a man to them. He's Scotty. The sham diminishes him, as do they.

I believe the intent of this photo is not sham. I think it's posted to alienate the fans on the web; it's to flip us off, and of course Scott throws himself on the sword, as usual.

I'm not saying he doesn't have a choice - he has a choice, but weighing the hierarchy of priorities and all of the other stuff he's got going on, the personalities, the histories - this is path of least resistance. Just chew on that one. THIS is the path of least resistance. Think about what the alternatives must entail.

It's uppity as shit of me, and very fanlike, but I'm humiliated for the guy. Somebody should be, so I'll do it! I'm mortified for him.

Scott and Tessa are connected to and part of larger communities (internationally, in Detroit, in the larger elite athletic performance community, in the USA, and others) that have nothing to do with Moirville. And so Moirville defaults to competing with the public for ownership. One-sided competition, but they need to feel better than, and we're all they've got.

They portray the public as wanting ownership of Scott and Tessa, so Moirville can assert their superior claim, and win. Ego-wise, it's as lowest common denominator as it gets, and weird. But if it walks like a duck ...

It's pitiful. Even if Virtue Moir's true status was public domain, we in the public wouldn't know Scott and Tessa, we wouldn't have a relationship with Scott and Tessa.

I think it's more than the type of competition involved in "being right" or "not giving in". It's more than pretending Scott/Tessa's marriage is a secret and insisting on the sham against all evidence that not many people even buy it.

As the sham has morphed over time, I think it's now morphed into an alienation device. The more we're alienated, the more Scott and Tessa belong to Moirville.

This will be one of those posts that gets a lot of editing because it's one of those posts where I'm processing my reaction while posting.

P.S., while this next remark may be egocentric of me, I don't care. I suspect that because the blog banner mocked the Cassandra sham's recent use of poorly lit long shots, they decided to one up with a clearly focused lip kiss. That's the level here.

And I may owe Meagan Duhamel an apology. I may call her out for being a poor sport, for taking potshots at her teammates on social media, but at least she signs her name to that activity. That's unlike Scott and Tessa who pretend to be completely above it but engage on a pettier level than Meagan. Meagan may be breaking athlete/fan protocol by directly engaging a fan (you should never EVER break that fourth wall). But Moirville is actually mud wrestling with the fucking blog and other fans on social media while posing as too good for any of it. Meagan, I apologize to you.

And btw, Scott is choosing his original family over his child. I understand how everything can be wanked to rationalize that this is all for his kid, but it isn't. Erasing this child for the entirety of the Sochi cycle while his brothers make sure their own kids get their moment in the spotlight is not for the sake of his child with Tessa. It's because he's chosen to enable his original family, which means he's chosen them over his new family. If a kid comes into the world and for the first three years - and who knows how long it will continue - daddy is smooching it up on social media with other women (in photos that will be there forever with gifs, commentary, tumblr, fan wars, etc. in public) while denying he's even dated mommy, let alone admitting you're alive, while the kid's relatives are out there in public with their hands out, hustling their skating club, there is something wrong, and it's not fans.

I wonder this: if who you are or pretend to be for the public doesn't matter, and won't matter to Toddler Moir (who at some point we may see competing in novice claiming to have been cloned in a petri dish) - why did Jeff Buttle use an article on his hockey playing to unofficially come out? Why does Jeff care how real he presents himself to the public.

And why did Scott give a fuck that someone was faking as Tessa Virtue on facebook? That's just social media, Scott, why did you care?

Scott appears far more sensitive about his wife than he is about his child. But that's just a public impression.

Why is Scott completely unable to pretend he's anything but in love with Tessa, even in public? He can't say anything about her that doesn't adore her. As that is something that undermines the whole sham, why doesn't he put that in check? When he was Jessica-Dube-ing, he could have done a whole lot better, quote-wise, than to say "My girlfriend is sometimes bugged by it all, but you know, fuck her if she can't deal with it. Tessa is part of me."

That was his tone.

Everything he does with Tessa appears to be in his DNA - it doesn't matter if he's in public. It's DNA.

It's odd that it doesn't seem to extend to his child.

(P.S. - all that said, and as embarrassed for Scott as I am, I completely believe that if money were involved he'd suddenly grow a pair. They're wonderful like that.)

Another question about Toddler Moir to throw out there - Scott adores Tessa; she adores him. She's locked down. But Tessa never kissed Fedor for the sham. She never kissed Ryan Semple for the sham. Scott's a little sensitive, so you know, let's respect that.

Yet Scott has placed his lips on women who are not Tessa, while his child is growing up, a sitting duck to see these photos. As sensitive as Scott is about Tessa and even freaking gay guys who have no interest in getting into her pants, as sensitive as he can be about sham matters on her end when he knows everything's platonic, and as sensitive as he is when she's interacting with guys for work, his child is expected to just take what he does for the sham in stride. He can't handle it with Tessa even when it's nothing, but apparently his kid is a lot tougher and less sensitive, and will process all of the stuff he does in photos with women not mommy just fine. It will make perfect sense to TM.

Are these photos wish fulfillment for Moirville - look, what if he were married to a narcissistic idiot we could manipulate instead of Tessa?

Can't blame us if we wonder, but us wondering shit just serves their purpose. Alienation. That's what they want.


  1. When were these pics taken? Haven't the doc crew been following them all this week? So is this what we're in for on their stupid documentary? Heather has resurrected on twitter and even included PJ in her latest tweet. Lets see if PJ responses.

    1. The pics were taken August 17, last Saturday, at a concert in Detroit. Same day that Scott did the Color Run with the Hilborns in London. Tessa, meanwhile, celebrated a friend's birthday, apparently spoke with Ryan Pyette and then the documentary crew followed them for the week.

    2. Oh and according to a tweet, Scott bought a truck the next day. I guess he needs it for future tailgating parties.

    3. Is there a source for Tessa celebrating a birthday with a friend? I must have missed it.

    4. Her friend posted a few pics on Instagram from the evening and Tessa was in one of them but in the background and clearly just there to celebrate with her friends. I doubt that the point of the photo was to say, "Look! It's Tessa Virtue!"

    5. Although the more I think about it, the more I think this is the new sham for Tessa. Instead of getting a new boyfriend, something that Scott clearly can't stomach, she gets photographed with her friends. The weekend that Scott supposedly went to Chicago, she was with her friends at a music festival. Last weekend, birthday. This many candid photographs of Tessa Virtue haven't existed in public for years.

    6. And yet, as has been noted many times, no candid photos of Scott and Tessa and public and professional events even when he was on social media. There are brother/sister teams (not just the Shibs) who don't seem that vigilent about being caught in the same camera frame by somebody's unlicensed point and shoot.

    7. As you've said, OC, those photos ain't gonna appear unless someone pays up! Yeah, hi, Steve Milton? Are you available for the follow-up book? There's four years of this shit stored up!

  2. I'm still obviously processing this as well, but I also feel terrible for that poor child.

    "They choose immaturity over respect for their own innocent family member."

    This resonates with me though. The lack of respect for fans is one thing. The lack of respect for a small child who is part of their family and/or community is something else. It disgusts me.

    I have several young family members who are slightly younger and slightly older than Toddler Moir. I cannot fathom participating in something like this that would be so disrespectful to those sweet, innocent kids.

    1. They don't respect Toddler Moir any more than they respect Scott. It's because they don't recognize any distinction between Toddler Moir's interests, or Scott's interests, and their own interest.

      What I find objectionable is that Scott's ground zero is Tessa. He could sham it up to high heaven but when he opened his mouth what came out of it was Tessa. He could never utter a syllable that pretended Tessa was less to him than she is. Some of this sham shit is there because it helps create a boundary for Tessa.

      Where is his bottom line with his child? Is that a deferred maintenance thing? How is he even capable of these photos and their comments knowing his child will come across them? I don't care how the child is prepared, this is unnecessary. Scott will protect a grown woman, his wife, but not his child? Even if the child sees the freaking photos TAKEN, that still presumes the child won't care about the fraudulent context in which they're presented, how other people understand the photos, what they're intended to communicate.

      Tessa is fully signed on to this sham stuff. The Dominican, the facebook colloqueys, etc., she knows all of it. We've seen her cue Scott to kick in with more of it. And still, by default, Scott can't betray what he feels for her even when SHE is cueing him to do it. That's amazing. But he can do it with his kid. That's also amazing, but not in a good way.

  3. Well, we could see what appeared to be the documentary cameras in their faces at the Quebec summer competition, so in the documentary we're going to see a much more constrained Scott and Tessa than usual, based on their reticence in the Kiss'n'Cry (I don't mean towards each other but just in general).

    I feel as if I'm jinxing it, but Tessa's friends, while young, one and all appear to be mature women with fulfilling lives and careers of their own. As few instagrams as have been shared, never does she come across as the star of the group, the famous one, somebody to validate who these women are, a credential they can show the rest of their world. These women appear to be either successful in their own right or pursuing what success means to them. They're true peers. Their faces, their clothes, their carriage, even the way they look at the camera, is a whole different world from the self-conscious, self-aggrandizing, blinkered narcissism that characterizes Moirville. If they're friends with Tessa it's because of what they have in common with her, not because she's a big deal. If the instagram was posted to establish Tessa wasn't at the concert (and if she wasn't it seems to me the concert would be set up BECAUSE Tessa was going to be genuinely celebrating with her girlfriends, so in keeping with the pattern of the sham, Scott would not be subtracting real time from his wife and family in order to sham) the instagram still functions as legit.

    Some of these women also use social media for work and seem to know better than to treat the public like fools on social media.

    I'm embarrassed for Scott because it isn't only the blog and other fans that sees this about his family and community. It's the entire fucking world. His ass and their ass is hanging out for EVERYONE to see, including people he respects more than he respects us. How fun is THAT. We can see the people they elect to have around them (versus the people that came with the dinner). To a person they're respectful, articulate, unassuming, accomplished. Look at Maria Mountain's interviews. Look at Jennifer Swan's. There's a maturity, intelligence, true accomplishment. These are qualities that attracted Scott and Tessa to them, obviously. And then there's THIS. The other skaters can see it. Everyone in their team can see it. All of their non-Moirville connections see it. I think those that are friends are understanding but man, it would take a lot of deep breaths, IMO, to know that acquaintances I respected could also see it. No, many of these people don't keep tabs on this stuff the way fans keep tabs on it, which is a plus, but it's been going on long enough and is pervasive enough that some of these people know what it means, and with all the parenting "issues" around skating - and there's plenty, this one really stands out.

    1. I totally agree with you that Tessa's friends who have been popping up with the odd photo of her are true, legitimate friends who aren't using her in any way. She seems happy with them and they come across as such genuine people to the point where I feel uncomfortable that the photos do end up being spread around. They're happy for her and celebrate her accomplishments *with* Scott, just as she is there to celebrate their accomplishments (in the case of the one who is a singer).

    2. What's most disturbing to me isn't the photos themselves, because Scott is acting in them. It's not even that he has a wife and child and puts on these performances regardless, though that too is pathetic.

      No, it's that the underlying factor that drives this is money.

      V/M market themselves as platonic. They don't do so to protect their privacy. That runs counter to what marketing is. It's all about formulating an image of yourself or a product to sell to the public in the hopes they'll give you their attention and hard earned dollars in exchange.

      V/M want the attention and the money that comes with marketing themselves. They don't want to tell the truth to get it, though. So they go out of their way to peddle lies they think will entice people to be interested in them. Dropping photos like this serves to reinforce the lies they tell. It is not separate from their marketing scheme. It is an essential element of it.

    3. Excellent posts OC at 12:05 pm and anon at 12:14 pm. I get the same impression with Moirville and Scott - that basically they use him to prop up their own lives. You don't see other Canadian male amateur athletes have their lives displayed in the same manner - when said athlete is not on social really wtf? I also remember the interview that Joannie Rochette gave a couple of years ago - stating that she wanted to thank Scott for actually approaching Audi representatives at a charity event and bringing up the idea that wouldn't it great if the skaters at the event can be sponsored by Audi...that's how Joannie got her Audi...not via Scott is not an idiot...and when you have an Emily Samuelson or a Caitlyn ?Yanaskas (pais skater at Canton) indicate in separate interviews that Scott is an extremely hard worker and takes his skating seriously...and then you get this garbage - well - I don't know what to wonder the haters are having a field day with Scott...

    4. It's sort of a fan conundrum because Scott will be 26 years old September 2 and felt himself mature enough for marriage and parenthood - WITH THIS BIG EXCEPTION.

      I said Virtue and Moir don't pander but when it comes to Moirville, Scott panders himself like nobody's business, and while we can all imagine the cauldron of guilt, obligation, love, gratitude, history, respect, love, loyalty, self-abegnation, humility, rinse, wash repeat - that goes into this situation - WHERE THE FUCK IS MOIRVILLE! It's like he doesn't have the balls, or the heart, or the resolve, or the time, or the energy - and they take advantage of it. HE chooses to continue this - but so do they. It ain't him that's the beneficiary.

      As was said in another post, they could let him off the hook, but they do not. It's all down to him. They can see it's humiliating, but to them his humiliation is hilarious.

      Talk about the fucking elephant in the room.

      When one looks at Scott's personality, then at the sham, and wonders what the hell leads that personality to the conduct of the sham, Moirville comes off like something out of a freaking horror movie.

  4. "I would still be repulsed by somebody calling him and another lady a "hot couple" and all the rest of it, and I would have been and would remain extremely unexcited by some ladies putting a fantasy romantic life with daddy out on social media using his actual name, and knowing that there are big members of the public that think this was daddy and mommy's reality."

    And the irony is that the supposed reason for the sham is to protect Tessa and Scott's privacy from all the fans who would gawk at their photos, try to interpret K&C behavior to glean how their relationship is going, and write "real person" romantic and sexual fanfics about Tessa and Scott.

    THIS is the better alternative? At least in the case of the fanfics, it's the FANS who would look like crazed losers. It might be an annoyance, but, who cares? Lots of celebs deal with that.

    How is it better to create your own elaborate, 3d interactive fan fiction with you in the starring role, kissing other women and having your wife get a guy to text from "her bed." That makes THEM look like asshole losers... so why is that better?

    1. I can't argue with that. They have created their own fan fic of Scott. It's every bit as TMI, as inappropriate, as anything fans could cook up, but the bad part of it is there's no barrier, no rationalization that this is down to typical fan delusions - this is HIS community. This is HIM doing some perverted martyr act. He's emasculating himself or whatever gender neutral term can substitute for emasculation. I believe part of Scott enjoys self-sacrifice but I also think the concept can be perverted and where the sham is concerned, he crossed that line a LONG time ago and defaulted instead to gutless.

    2. This presents itself as a hideously dysfunctional relationship. Every athlete needs the support of family and friends who knew him/her when, who will show up and cheer, help out when needed.

      Every athlete also needs their loved ones to LEAVE THEM ALONE and respect boundaries.

      It should never be that in order to benefit from the first you sacrifice the second. Never EVER. I believe Moirville knows this perfectly well and chooses not to observe it. They exploit Scott fully aware they're exploiting Scott. This is about them, not him.

  5. I hope the Scott Moir/Cassandra Hilborn sex tape is ready in time for the Olympics. Chop chop, guys!

    1. You know what, at this point nothing would surprise me. It will be oh-so-cleverly angled so that we're all screencapping it trying to figure out if there was penetration or if it was shot Cinemax-style.

    2. Oh sweet Jesus. I can see it now. "No, I'm pretty sure it went in!"

    3. Ewww, yuck. I don't want to think about that.

    4. Moirville sure does. I'm fairly certain that if Scott were to actually take Cassandra into the bedroom, it would be standing room only in there.

  6. "I say the kid has no chance at growing up to be a mature person because look at the role models. TM may still be in diapers and is already living in a bubble."

    Again, this is just my own personal observations and who knows how TM will actually turn out, how much this will bother her, etc. Sometimes, it's the kids who were raised in a bubble who ultimately end up questioning things the hardest and rebelling against their parents the most once they're out of that bubble.

    Just like how VM can't control how the fans think, there's also no guarantee of thought control over that child. Children have a way of thinking differently about issues than their parents do. If VM have figured out how to make a child think exactly how they wish, then they need to write a book. Millions of parents across the world would like to know how to accomplish that.

    There's no guarantee at all that that child won't grow up and start questioning all of this for themselves, wondering if Dad really did cheat on mom with those women. She'll know that they lied to the world about the relationship (even if they've given her some explanation), about her very existence, etc. Once you know your parents lie about somethings, you sometimes wonder what else they're lying about--and that includes lying to you.

    1. Well, here's something else that I'm processing - or re-processing.

      This is an amateur blog. It's a fan blog. So, as low as it gets.

      It's one of several fan sites dedicated to Virtue and Moir. I don't think I'm being egocentric when I say this is the only one the Moirs seem to care about.

      There are blogs that believe Scott Moir is the primary impediment to world peace.

      There are posters on other sites basically calling Tessa a butter-wouldn't melt-in-her-mouth homewrecker who had an illegitimate child with David Pelletier after wrecking his marriage.

      A few years ago it was taken for granted that Scott meddled with Dube and Davison's relationship, that he participated in a high-school level triangle, thus putting the partnership and their Olympic chances at risk, engaging in fist fights with a former friend, creating huge drama inside their Federation.

      There was never an even back channel counterprogramming to any of that crap.

      This blog says they're married and have a child. Repeat, married and have a child. Not slaughter babies and eat kittens for desert. Married and have a child.

      Furthermore, this is the truth, and Moirville knows it's the truth. Furthermore, the blog did not put a gun to Virtue and Moir's head and compel them to marry in Monaco. That was their choice alone. It was a choice they shared with many many many many many many many many people inside the skating community and outside.

      So again, as upsetting as it may be that some unknown outsider is sharing what Moirville believes to be proprietary information, this information is, in fact, true, and it is, in fact, nice. Unpublicized, but nice. Scott didn't take unauthorized drugs in Vancouver. Tessa isn't transgender (illegal for Olympic participants competing as female). Married. Kill me now.

      The blog also puts together home made banners that comment on the sham. The blog used to not have any idea what layers were, now the blog knows what layers are, but still one has to admit the execution of the banners, graphics-wise, is also pretty amateur.

      The banner commented on something that was also fucking true - Scott and Cassandra's sham photos started using long shots and bad lighting. Shoot me now. How DARE I notice.

      So here's the dilemma facing Moirville. Does Scott put his lips on Cassandra's lips - Scott, a married fucking FATHER with a young child, just to one up the amateur blog? Just to show the blog a thing or two?

      Weighing against this course of action is respect for Scott himself, for his marriage, for his fidelity to Tessa, his self respect, his respect for his very young child, consideration for adding yet ANOTHER fucking lip lock of daddy and another woman onto the eternity of the internets.

      Why there's no contest! One up the blog!

    2. And there's also the skewed priorities. Wank all they want that the fans are the Big Evil and the reason for all of this, the fact that there is no consistency whatsoever, the fact that Scott and Tessa drop that posture when there's a dollar involved, is something that is difficult for even someone in grade school to overlook. I'm sure Scott and Tessa won't stint on Toddler Moir's education just because a decent education might inconveniently develop TM's critical thinking capabilities.

      There's a holier-than-thou rationale for daddy putting other ladies in his lap, for Mommy and Daddy green-lighting other ladies to gush and hint about their sex life with daddy, for Daddy to routinely put photos of him putting his lips on other women on social media when for some reason this is not something Mommy does with her fake boyfriends.

      That rationale doesn't stand up and Toddler Moir will notice just as most fans have noticed. And as for people who know the truth about Scott and Tessa's relationship who are part of their various non-Moirville communities, they definitely notice. You can't not.

      The priorities are their egos. Their egos derive from their chronic immaturity. Their immaturity appears to derive from their insularity. And Scott enables all of this.

      I said I'm mortified for him, and I am, but at the same time, I have to back that up and recognize that, again, if there were a buck involved, he'd suddenly have stones. So this is nothing but sick shit.

    3. "Weighing against this course of action is respect for Scott himself, for his marriage, for his fidelity to Tessa, his self respect, his respect for his very young child, consideration for adding yet ANOTHER fucking lip lock of daddy and another woman onto the eternity of the internets."

      I've been thinking about what you've said as far as "kissing" being no big deal to Scott and Tessa because they're part of show business. Or part of whatever subculture it is that routinely kisses strangers and fellow-skaters.

      Maybe so. Maybe that's why to them this does not feel egregious. But I don't think I'm out of the mainstream when I say I could never imagine ANY situation where I would be fine with my husband putting his lips on another woman's lips (that wasn't family). Nor do I know any married couple who would green-light their spouse lip-kissing a friend of the opposite sex. Never never never.

      I don't care how they later on explain all this to their public or their child. This is disgusting and I have no respect for any of them. They're assholes.

    4. >>If VM have figured out how to make a child think exactly how they wish, then they need to write a book. Millions of parents across the world would like to know how to accomplish that.<<

      If they didn't believe they could accomplish the first - erroneously believe it, but still - WHY the fuck would they bring a child into this world mid-career and immediately surround the child with these circumstances, circumstances that mean they can't even acknowledge that the freaking child EXISTS, and furthermore, go the extra mile and mouth kiss other people to aggressively and proactively deny that mommy and daddy even have the type of relationship that could create a child. What is this kid - a freaking toy? It's unbelievable what they've burdened this kid with, what they've denied this child - things that are obviously of paramount importance to the rest of the clan but are meant to be of no importance to the child. Being the child of Scott and Tessa is supposed to confer a status that compensates for being entirely edited out of the public record and for mom and dad to aggressively promote themselves with others on the public record so as to deny you even more emphatically. And btw Toddler Moir, this is all FOR you. Be grateful!

    5. I've also wondered why the belief that Scott and Tessa are married used to inspire such incredible hostility. The implications behind that - that Scott and Tessa lied to their fans- don't seem sufficient to justify the hostility. The same fans who responded with great hostility to the claim that Scott and Tessa were married had no problem questioning everything else Scott and Tessa said about themselves.

      Even stripping the fan politics out of it - the desire to control the narrative, the desire for VM fans not to have it all, maybe how the idea disturbed communities tied together by treating Scott and Tessa like rom com characters who have yet to realize the truth, and of course, let's not forget fans who simply didn't want VM fans to have the satisfaction, and other fans who didn't want to be "fangurls" and thought not believing it was "mature" - still, the hostility was outsized.

      I wonder if this hostility stemmed from subliminally picking up on the tone of the sham itself. WHY is it so freaking hostile? It was hostile way before the blog existed. The blog was created in reaction to the malice and the hostility. There is a lot of anger around Scott and Tessa's marriage. What the FUCK is it about? Is it the marriage itself that disturbs Moirville? Is it ownership of Scott and Tessa about which they are ultra ultra sensitive? I think that's it. They OWN Scott and Tessa. Which means, they own the information. By owning the information, they own the two of them. That is why they are so freaking angry.

    6. I know the blog has touched on this before, but it boggles the mind that any girl *wants* to play this role knowing Scott has a wife and child. I totally get it when a girl goes along with being someone's beard. And no, I've never thought Scott is gay so I'm not speculating about that at all.

      Ok, so Moirville itself is a pile of dysfunction vis a vis Scott and Tessa. But even taking that into account it's freaking repulsive that a girl actually goes through with this and thinks there's any justifiable excuse to play gf/sex-partner on social media with a married father.

      Moirville look like idiots. Jessica and Cassandra's part in this is a whole different level of gross inappropriateness. I put that on Scott. *He* is the married father and *he* is the one who should be setting appropriate boundaries. Yes, I think these girls are narcissists for reveling in this role but Scott is not off the hook for choosing them and then allowing this kind of behavior.

    7. Look at these people though. They're social media bottom feeders. All they've got is making fun of other people. Participating in the sham sets them up to be inside against a lot of people who are outside. Considering their opinion of those outside (the fans), it's extra pathetic that they get off on being superior to a category of people as basic as fans, but when you're a bunch of treading water wannabes you're superior to what you can get. Apparently there's a lot of that type in Ilderton. There's nothing wrong with living in Ilderton or London and working at a daily job, there's something wrong with also wanting to be Prom Queen for life without actually doing anything to get your life going, and this must look like a short cut, or at least a diversion. Being a sham girlfriend wouldn't interest anyone whose life had any direction. For Jessica, it fell into her lap, there were many perks (travel for herself and her family, promotion, other benefits) and it dovetailed with her existing competitive schedule. For Cassandra she and her brother are in London giving face to their own iphones. This is exciting. Scott is a celebrity! People resent Cassandra. Look at the posture she adopted immediately upon starting the sham. She's starring in her own drama here.

      From time to time there's a comment here dismissing the blog because it's believed the blogger has never done any high level skating themselves. I think this outsider thing is behind so much of the blog hostility. Figure skating is an Olympic sport, so it has to have transparency and accountability, even though - ha ha. But it has to pretend those things.

      However I believe the reason the Moirs are so stuck on the blog goes past the blog spilling the beans on the marriage - I don't think they care. They do care that the blog has, in their eyes, moved in on their turf. The information, and not even, they believe, part of London or Ilderton or high level skating!

  7. Speaking of the book am I crazy or was that written like the story of these two crazy kids fell in love? So much so that I was even thinking the book was intended to be the coming out, but they chickened out and had to add in a bunch of "but of course they aren't a romantic couple" caveats.

    1. Who knows, but one of these days I'd like to email Steve Milton with questions, such as, if he were writing about a football player would he write a bio that lied to the public about the player's marriage, or is that reserved for skating fans alone, and, if so, what distinguishes skating fans from football fans?

      If he didn't know the truth, and he'd have to be some kind of idiot not to know, then Scott and Tessa felt perfectly within their rights to lie to a journalist and have him repeatedly assert lies to the public and thereby damage a reputation won over a couple of decades.

      But what I really think is they colluded and lying isn't lying if it's to skating fans, who are female, and so fucking crazy, scary and beneath contempt.

      If we don't think THAT's the rationale for Milton, for Pyette, for PJ, for all of the skating commentariat who lie their heads off WITH a side helping of righteousness for Scott and Tessa, but would not lie their asses off for any other public figure, we would be deceiving ourselves.

      Scott and Tessa are sort of like some Greek platonic ideal. Every season they set themselves the challenge of skating a program that is ice dance qua ice dance, as pure as they can make it, while knowing it all exists for the entertainment of an audience they think are less than animals.

    2. "Scott and Tessa are sort of like some Greek platonic ideal. Every season they set themselves the challenge of skating a program that is ice dance qua ice dance, as pure as they can make it, while knowing it all exists for the entertainment of an audience they think are less than animals."

      *dead* This is so fucking true.

  8. Basically, more and more I will be goddamned if the freaking fans are left holding the bag for this bullshit, but we are certainly being set up to do so. Moirville will be Moirville but I think every so-called skating reporter needs to be asked why they thought it was okay to PROACTIVELY gaslight the fans. Journalists keep some things quiet all the time. It's entirely another thing to use their platform to advance a hoax, which is precisely what a number of journalists have done, to their great self-amusement. WHY is this okay?

    Because we're skating fans. Why is it okay to do to skating fans? What are the assumptions about skating fans that validate this decision, and how valid are they? It seems very clear to me that "skating fans" justifies chucking everything else out the window.

  9. "THIS is the path of least resistance. Mother fucker, think about what the alternatives must entail."

    That's a scary thought...

    "As the sham has morphed over time, I think it's now morphed into an alienation device. The more we're alienated, the more Scott and Tessa belong to Moirville."

    Isolation is one of the markings of an abusive relationship.

    1. I chose to use the word dysfunction instead because I thought using abuse as the template was overstepping. It IS all about control however. And other stuff that's just disturbing/upsetting to contemplate.

      I do go back to Scott and his reaction to Tessa and shamming, to Tessa and guys in general. Hypersensitive. He likes Fedor but was sensitive about that friendship during the Fedor sham, even though Fedor was no rival (I love how fans readily believe Fedor actually dated Tanith, Tessa, Jana and Meryl in succession). Hell, FEDOR ended up sensitive/considerate of SCOTT's sensitivities, that's how incapable Scott is of playing it cool.

      I swear one reason I think Scott has so many "buddies" is the second anybody male looks sideways at Tessa Scott makes it his mission to become that guy's best friend. The woman is in love with him, married him at age twenty, got pregnant with his child and HID the damn thing all the while preparing to return to competition that same season in hopes of retaining their world title, and Scott has absolutely no reason to question Tessa's loyalty to him. That woman is locked DOWN. He knows it and it doesn't matter. He would still have jumped off a building if Tessa had even approached any of the photos output that's out there with him and other women. It's like he's shamming for two.

      Is Tessa shamming. Yes. Is it for the same reasons HE shams - yes? And still there's a difference between the two because of Scott's inability to stomach it.

      And yet apparently, against all common sense, it's going to be no problem for the kid to see daddy like this. I don't get that at all.

      Those psychology classes Tessa's been taking for eight years, what a waste.

      And not to overcredit the blog, but of course odds are that now Tessa's gonna instagram a lip lock with a London Knight because what else do they have to do but be right against a fan blog? And not just any fan blog, group or forum, but THIS one. Wonder why that is.

    2. Basically, Moirvile reminds me of a frat and we know what's behind the jolly good fun times of many frats, not to slur ALL frats. And we know how good the frat look is on anyone over 25. We're talking about people who are proud of and celebrate in themselves an immaturity that other people might want to do something about.

      Never fear, as Skate Canada and then Canadians approach we'll get more stories about how a Moir walked a hundred miles in the snow to find a screw for a Lithuanian skater's boot sole or hear about how how one of the family went without dinner for a month in order to get Scott's girl boots repainted black back in 1999.

    3. Is the Scott/Fedor stuff a reference to something that is public domain? I've never read anything about Scott's reaction.

    4. Regarding Scott and his weirdness around the other men in Tessa's life...I think this picture is appropriate.

    5. You know what doesn't add up also is Scott is extremely aware of his surroundings in an arena. The guy could literally work for the FBI...Over this two year there have been some fancams at the Cup of Russia or the Grand Prix final where videos were shown of either Tessa and Scott in the stands or their interaction before their gala each of these videos - Scott is aware that their are being filmed as he from time to time stares back to the fan's camera and he doesn't look too pleased...then you get the quote from Worlds that he found it exhausting that everyone working at the arena basically wanted to chitchat...and then you get the fact that he himself is not on social you would think that the guy just wants to be left alone...then why are his friends, supposed gf, her entourage etc acting like 16 yrs olds - ? hotcouple, tailgates, tanlines - I mean really?
      I can't imagine that someone like Patrice Lauzon who Scott has looked up to would be impressed...

    6. No, the Fedor stuff isn't public domain, as far as I know.

    7. 8:19, I know the sham is juvenile but it reflects the participants - it's directed by Moirville. It's intended to mock and diminish us but the person it diminishes is Scott, and that has been apparent from day one.

    8. 8:19 I'm glad you mentioned Scott's hyper awareness in an arena as he is also hyper aware on camera, whether a broadcast camera or a fan camera. How he behaves in either situation is his conscious choice -it's not really an opportunity for fans to observe him in his natural habitat as many fans prefer to believe. No matter how many or how few people are there he knows he's observed.

      Nothing about the sham is who he is. Not the tacky hash tags, not the people in the pictures with him.

    9. Anon here at 8:19 - and that's what so frustrating is that Scott has put in so much hard work into the sport - yes he has talent and musicality but folks the guy is not the biggest guy - so he has worked so hard for lifts, matching Tessa's lines and showcasing Tessa while leading etc and he is respected by coaches and fellow male skaters and for the most part - he is well spoken in interviews. And to think that he probably wants to stay involved in skating after his competitive career...and then you get the Moirville crap and well like you said - in the end it hurts how he is perceived...does he care now? No...but down the road - he will see things differently...

    10. 10:48 unless Scott is completely stupid he sees things now, it's just a matter of priorities, time, choices, loyalties, etc. He's the one diminished by it, which one would think isn't the example one would want to be for their child, but perhaps his priorities are more clannish and he's passing that on. It wouldn't be the first "clan" that puts the clan above doing what is right.

    11. And perhaps if their situation were no longer "officially" secret all of Moirville would blab their business to anyone who would listen, on the record and off, on social media and old media, and VM might dread that one. Nothing like having an entire town and skating community leaning over the fence.

    12. OC 4:24

      That sounds horrendous. I bet that would happen, too. They would turn on a dime from "protecting" VM's sham to blabbing all about it.

      But this IS going to be out some day. I hope when that happens VM handle things much better than they've done so far.

    13. This is obviously entirely hypothetical and EXTREMELY unlikely - if they woke up tomorrow and realized they needed professional PR, what would be the right advice for them at this point? They couldn't clear the air now without it looking like he's cheating, how could they possibly explain? Would they just have to be silent for a very very long time? Just curious what your thoughts are OC, and anyone else too :)

    14. I think the answer is probably a whole lot more simple than anything I can think of at the moment but my opinion: the first thing is to get out of social media and also completely pull the plug on the franken-marketing bullshit they've slapped together. Get the half-assed off line, get the entire family off social media, get the Moirville groupies and the cast of the sham off social media, and also pull the plug on people like Pyette and Milton making any reference whatsoever to the status of their relationship - and that includes back door references. Stop treating fans like fucking morons with the "to the disappointment of dreamers..." and other condescending crap.

      Understand the difference between marketing your personal life and marketing your personalities. DW do. Or IMG does for them.

      When the time came to reveal I would probably frame it in a way that acknowledged they played legit media against social media and that some of it was ill-conceived (no detail, just if they could walk it back they realize there may have been more effective roads to go down).

      But hell would freeze over before that one.

      A lot of good PR is about keeping their clients OUT of the media, including social media in the wrong ways, and that's what a good pr team would do for VM. It's about having a clear focus and letting everything else (internet chatter, etc.) play itself out by itself.

      A good PR team presents the same problem that dropping the sham presents - what does Moirville and all the hangers-on do with themselves when professionals are running things?

      When I've been reading a bit about sports p.r., particularly the issues of home town groupies - which are friends, family, acquaintances who have become hangers-on in a way - the more immature athletes don't know how to say no to their friends because they don't want to be accused of selling out or having gotten too big for their britches. That's completely manipulative on the part of the hangers-on and any athlete with their head on straight wouldn't pander to it. They'd let the chips fall where they may, and if that meant people got their feelings hurt, maybe everybody needs to take an adjustment and start living more of their own lives. That's how grown-ups behave. It takes more guts and maturity and strength of character to deal with these issues - the home town groupie/hanger on issue - than it does to score off a bunch of fans.

      OTOH, maybe the Moir FAMILY believes that enabling all of these hangers is good for their skating business. That seems to be the big priority, way more than Scott and Tessa themselves.

    15. P.S. why would clearing the air now make it seem as if he were cheating?

    16. Unless we presume that if they "cleared the air" they'd ignore all the sham output on social media. I imagine that even if they wait until sometime in the 2020s they won't acknowledge what they did on social media, so some fans who aren't that swift will think that while married to Tessa and raising a child with her, Scott was parading a girlfriend on the side all over instagram, twitter and facebook.

    17. I took "clearing the air" to mean only revealing that they are married and have a child, while saying nothing of the sham. Revealing the entire sham gets a lot more messy. Up to this point, now that he's kissed Cassandra on camera, a lot of the other stuff could've been swept under the rug. If anyone brings up old pics with Jess or Fedor they could just be brushed aside as old flames, and pictures with Cassandra or Semple could be written off as hanging out with a family friend. Yes, the actual fans would know the timelines/patterns and know that was bs, but legit media wouldn't care.

      Legit media probably would notice a photo of him kissing another woman on the lips just before he announces that he's been married for years and has a toddler, though. So this photo confirms they will not come anywhere close to clearing the air this season. He can't reveal his true status without looking like a cheater or explain he's been using fake girlfriends to deflect his marriage (but people will assume he is cheating with the fake girlfriends anyway).

      The interesting question for me is if someone leaks this close to Sochi, is Moirville prepared to be on the defensive about this?

    18. OC at 10:27 - I didn't see that when I posted at 10:32. I do think the above poster meant clearing the air not to include social media shamming confessions.

    19. IMO, there's no way that Scott comes out of this looking good. He'll be branded a cheater and thanks to himself, there's plenty of material that proves that. He didn't have to pucker up with Cassandra. The other photos prior to that could have so easily been explained away as nothing. :(

      I don't know if they're so naive that they think someone wouldn't use this against them, as we grow closer to Sochi. What better way to bring down the ones in your way.

    20. I'm not really sure what scenario would constitute "leaking", and I believe quite a bit of legit media already knows he's married, and so any social media output is regarded by "legit" media as what it is, lame shamming.

      The media that knows Scott and Tessa are married haven't acknowledged it, although some have smirked. And although some members of the media - notably Steve Milton - have broken media rules, the rule being, a journalist attributes things like romantic status to what the subjects of the article represent about themselves. A journalist doesn't report what their subjects tell them as fact, unless the journalist has independently verified what's been said. Clearly Milton hasn't done this, yet he goes ahead as if what they say is fact. This means "skating journalist" Milton is either lying, or he's been duped. My guess is he's lying. He doesn't think journalist rules apply when your audience is the skating public.

      The only people who could bust this out would be the tabloid media, or, if somebody outside Moirville decided to go on the record in the legit media.

      In the latter case, the rest of the legit media (those that bothered) would get at the story by covering what that somebody was saying, versus tackling the actual story themselves - if they followed up at all.

      As to the cheating thing, it does show an inconsistency with the Moirville mindset. Number one, if what the internet thinks is of no consequence, then why sham to the internet at all? Just leave it to the legit media. They're not a couple in the legit media but there's no named girlfriends or talk of their outside relationships, and that seems to have worked fine.

      WHY are they doing this shit on the web? It's not like Tanith who was public with Evan Lysacek on both platforms. It's separate tactics completely.

      So I ask - why does the internet need tactics? Do they honestly give a shit what the internet thinks about them? I really don't think they do. Therefore, they won't clean up the internet mess after they reveal, or after their hand is forced, because they don't care what they internet thinks.

      Given my best guess, I think they'll just leave the mess there. They won't care.

      And that, of course, circles back to this - if they didn't care, WHY DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE?

    21. I guess they're lucky because at the end of the day nobody is going to bring this picture of Cassandra to a press conference and say "this was 3 years after your wedding" anymore than they are going to press DW about their 10-time use of their twizzles over the last 5 years.

      I do worry that when this comes out, the internet will trot out the old poor Tessa/circus monkey being led around by Scott/no mind of her own meme. Poor Tessa, they'll say her husband convinced her this was necessary to protect their privacy, all the while banging these chicks while she did physio. The poor thing never was the same after Mahler. He should have just let her retire but he used competing as an excuse to keep up pretenses with these fake women, etc etc. Just conflating all of their issues with Tessa and mixing them up with the sham. I shouldn't care, because VM bring this on themselves, but as a fan it will be tiresome to read.

    22. Here's the thing, that's going to happen and they don't give a shit what the internet says. Or what their kid will read on the web. They intend to raise their kid to look down and dismiss all of that. Good luck, but that's what they intend.

      Their choice, but again, it goes back to - since they don't give a fuck about the internet, and they don't - what are they doing on it??? Why is Scott kissing women on it? For WHAT? To score points against people who know he's married to Tessa? Him kissing chicks doesn't change that fact.

      The bottom line is the UBERest fans on the internet believe he's not with Tessa, so why is he running around kissing other women? Those fans don't need convincing.

      It's so gross because there IS no reason.

    23. I have often wondered what the Virtue side has thought of all this....I mean, how can they honestly support her daughter in all this shamming?! Her father always struck me as an articulate, intelligent man and not because he's a lawyer, but he does come off as that. It's obvious that Tessa shares that in common with her dad. If he advised her to go down this route, then it's despicable. Why subject oneself to lies and living under a veil of hypocrisy? What would be the big deal if you just confessed that you were an item, that you had a child? The make it seem that it would affect their endorsement deals, which they have a very prominent ones to speak of, or career. Just can't fathom that her family would advise this path. Makes no sense....unless I'm missing the bigger picture.

    24. 8:33 here again....typo: I meant they have very few prominent ones to speak of

    25. I'm 11:48, and yes, 10:32 had it exactly right: "I took "clearing the air" to mean only revealing that they are married and have a child, while saying nothing of the sham. Revealing the entire sham gets a lot more messy. Up to this point, now that he's kissed Cassandra on camera, a lot of the other stuff could've been swept under the rug"

      If they said they were married with a child now, they'd either have to not address the sham material at all - but the entire figure skating fandom would eat them for lunch over this, and it would soon be accepted as fact that he was cheating- that would last mixed in with their legacy to some degree. Or they'd have to somehow partially explain it -but they couldn't possibly address recent kissing photos because what on earth could they say without sounding verifiably insane?? NONE of this was even remotely necessary, as OC says above.

      10:32, by "leaking", did you mean someone non-media posting proof of some kind? Because I agree the media isn't going to do a damn thing at this point, even if there is an odd journalist still out of the loop. But I have wondered if at some point, someone gets fed up - similar reaction to what you've said you had OC, except they take it in a very different unconstructive direction. I don't think this Heather girl actually knows them, but there are lots of unstable people out there. Why on earth this camp doesn't just lay low....they've pushed their luck for far too long. (The drunk driver analogy you've used before is a great one, OC)

      8:33, if you're missing the bigger picture, we're all right there with you :)

    26. Oh and thanks for your answer to my original question OC!

    27. This is 10:32. By leaking I was thinking of a tabloid like TMZ. I know Tessa and Scott aren't very huge stars, but I think this is ripe for the picking: Olympics are coming up and the good-looking couple defending their title, especially who happen to be rivals of the Americans, is not a bad story. TMZ reports on minor celebrities so I don't think Tessa and Scott are a stretch. The storyline is easily spoon-fed because all of the photos are archived right here. As you pointed out it can be twisted in many ways to suggest more outrageous things like Scott cheating (or the baby's father really being David, or Scott being gay, or any number of things). There's a huge lot of people who know connected on social media, all the "investigation" needs to be is a couple of tweets and see if anyone will bite and give them some quotes. Or, perhaps, one of their rivals or someone acting on their behalf will offer to be the "anonymous source close to the couple" who gets quoted. Someone might even have some cell phone pics of the kid.

      It just doesn't seem that hard at all for this to come out, since they can't claim to have a personal hold on every single person that knows, which includes colleagues, people who work at the rink, neighbors, drunken frat type childhood friends, jealous students of the Moirs whose careers never picked up... I know people don't want to lose their access, but as VM's career winds down, that might not be such a concern anymore.

      If the backstory is really so innocuous (boy and girl fall in love, marry, and conceive) then why can't they see that what they are doing could potentially be so detrimental?

    28. Well, I think TMZ would actually have to run with somebody who at least tangentially knew what they were talking about and could prove it BUT

      I've been thinking about why this latest photo is so gross. It's because if you look at the chronology of the photos, Scott and Jessica began shamming by back and forthing on their facebooks. Then it was each other's "dates" at each other's family weddings. Nothing untoward in those photos. Then a bunch of pro forma looking photos with arms around each other (LA). Then about a year later the Dominican photo shoot, then lip kissing.

      With Cassandra it started out about a year ago with side by side profile pictures and group shots. Clearly she was the new "girlfriend" but the photos didn't vary from very basic "here we are, a couple" photos. We got the point. He's at a wedding as her "date" (so the photo says), they're posing sbs on a beach, on "Valentine's Day" she kisses him on the cheek.

      What more do we need from either one of them (Jessica/Scott or Cassandra/Scott). There is no possible argument we need more.

      And yet, after starting out with basic couple/date type pictures where everybody understands the point, Scott decides to kiss these ladies on the lips.

      For all the world it looks like after a year of shamming with girls he doesn't know all that well (he knew Jessica mostly through Bryce) he decides he may as well get something out of it and suddenly on the lips is on the table. Otherwise why not start out that way? How come it begins with regular smiley "couple" stuff we all know what it means, but then after a period of acquaintance suddenly the entire sham feels the need to have him advance to lip kissing. Do these fish kisses really enhance the plausibility of the sham? The sham doesn't NEED to be freaking plausible - it just needs to be what it is if there's any need at all - we aren't together, I have a girlfriend. The end. Say that and the wall is up. So okay, follow tradition and throw a few pics on social media. However, with both girls he didn't start kissing them on the lips until he "knew" them awhile. That starts to look fishy. So I can see a "poor Tessa, Scott is using this as an excuse to get his rocks off" story going around, because however much in love he is with her, the timing is weird.

    29. I don't think Toddler Moir is going to miss that point in the chronology either. Oh, all of a sudden it's important to kiss on the lips after you've known the girls awhile? Interesting!

    30. Haha I never thought about the timing. Oh that Scott, he's so chaste, it takes him years to even kiss the girlfriend! He couldn't possibly have fathered a child.

    31. So right oc. The timelines look bad. You gotta also wonder about his family and friends egging this on. They're taking the pictures - they're getting off on this. Did the initial side-by-side posing also become tame to the enabling crowd around Scott and so they encourage ever more inappropriate posings? That's what it looks like to me.

      Either way, Scott doesn't come out of this with any self-respect. Whether it's a tinge of infidelity - *he* gets off on pushing the boundaries and ever-more touchy-feely opportunities...or that he gives in to the enabler friends/family who egg this on because it's just easier than having balls and saying no.

      The rationalizations have to be monumental for him to still sleep at night. (Gag)

    32. Building on 6:50's comment - this appears to be taken at the concert, so unlikely that Alma and her camera are around. So a bunch of friends - is this some sort of weird game of chicken, the friends egging Scott on because it "doesn't mean anything (dude)"? And considering his past sham coping, he's probably had a few drinks.

    33. Was the Dominican honeymoon shoot 2010? For some reason, I thought it was 2009? Just when you think you have it figured out, it gets worse.

    34. The Dominican was 2009,about 5 months after the beginning of more intimate-looking poses (LA). There was another lip-kissing picture in 2010 (beach in Mexico, his brothers wedding).

      I wouldn't be surprised there are way more gross pictures than have been released, with the way Moirville includes the fake GF in everything. You know everyone has cameras and Scott doesn't seem to have any qualms posing with his "date" and smooching for the benefit of friends and fans.

    35. Sorry, correction. The swimsuit lip-kiss picture, Scott's brother's wedding, was in 2011, not '10.

    36. I don't think he needs friends egging him on - he's kissed Jessica in the Dominican, and on top of that the photo shoot. He repeated the performance in Mexico, this time with fewer clothes.

      With Cassandra, he began with simple couple shots - wedding, concert, sbs, very clear message that was perfectly good enough for a year (Cassandra got on twitter in August 2012).

      Now it's a year later and he's kissing Cassandra.

      I'm going to do a post on it in the interests of maybe prying Scott of the cross an earlier blog post nailed him on and in the interest of balancing what has been a Moirville centric perspective on all of this. Because who's to say Scott's attitude isn't "If I'm going to be stuck doing something like this, may as well get something out of it." I don't mean cheating - clearly he is scrupulously observing boundares (the fish mouths, the dainty eyebrow raise, the conscious body language). But you don't need to be actually DOING something to get off on this sort of thing.

      It's just striking that after a year of shamming he's suddenly like - let's kick it up a notch! It's certainly not necessary to 'convince' whoever they pretend to be shamming for. Those that believe the truth about him and Tessa - they're married - aren't going to be convinced by these types of photos, and further, even if he heated them up more, those people would still know the truth and just hold him more in contempt.

      The people who buy into the sham, buy into the sham. They don't need kissing photos a year after the sham started.

      So one can interpret this as Scott - not sham Scott, Married to Tessa Scott, waits until he's comfortable with the girl and then decides to take it to the next level, all within the parameter of the sham, and mostly for ego reasons. He's been with the same woman for years, why not live a little as long as he's got to sham - is that how it is, Scott?

    37. "So one can interpret this as Scott - not sham Scott, Married to Tessa Scott, waits until he's comfortable with the girl and then decides to take it to the next level, all within the parameter of the sham, and mostly for ego reasons. He's been with the same woman for years, why not live a little as long as he's got to sham - is that how it is, Scott?"

      Do you really think this could be true OC, or is this just a hypothetical thought experiment? Obviously as fans we don't know what they're really like, but this just doesn't add up with the rest of how he acts...with Tessa and with his dedication to skating. It's just an emotional reaction on my part, I suppose, but I very much prefer the cross theory.

      One thing I was thinking is - how many people in the skating world know they are married, but DON'T know them well enough to know he wouldn't cheat [assuming he isn't]. The JD thing was less complicated, his peers won't know who this woman is.

  10. Does anyone follow anxiousclown? Would love to know what is being said to PJ

    1. @skatingpj have you seen this? Will ask your opinion again after Sochi.

      @anxiousclown hadn't seen it. ..Thanks for sharing. ..

      @skatingpj They say they're not on social media but they r v. proactive there. Skating media often pretends to be unaware and

      @skatingpj and fans are portrayed as intrusive and boundary breaching, which is completely unfair.

      @anxiousclown I think social media involvement depends on the skaters ..another fan contacted me to say that the young woman is not Tessa

      @anxiousclown for the record - I don't pretend to be unaware- I ask skaters and respect their answer-am mostly interested in on

    2. Thanks! "I don't pretend to be unaware" How are we supposed to take that exactly? Good for this twitterer, time to call these people out!

    3. I found PJ's whole answer to be odd. She doesn't pretend to be unaware and initially thought it was a photo of Scott and Tessa?

    4. I don't know if you take requests OC, but I think you should do a post just on PJ. She's been asking for it lately.

    5. Also someone should tweet this to her

      But she didn't just not check it, she's known all along. Oh, but wait, she's not a journalist, she's a "storyteller". And figure skating fans have no voice (except here :D)

  11. OT - oc, you said in another entry that during Nationals in London 2010, right before the Olympics, many out-of-towners got an earful from the locals regarding Tessa and Scott's real status. Do you know if the same thing happened during Worlds this last March? The place was crawling with people who know. Did they talk?

  12. So where did Tessa have this baby? Canada (London/Ilderton)? The US (Detroit)? Where is it being raised?

    1. I love this angle - tell me the dirt or I won't believe you!

      I don't know why that's supposed to be an incentive, but it's not.

  13. OMG stop stalking these poor people! Don't you have a life? a career? a family? SOMETHING TO DO other than stalk these peoples lives?

    I don't blame Scott for being ultra paranoid about being filmed or even watched--not when he has a whole blog devoted to stalking him and Tessa.

    Jesus, this blog contains enough material for another Psycho movie..

    1. Okay anon at 8:27 have a good point - but then why would Scott agree to do the documentary?

    2. And why does he continually release photos with his "girlfriend"? Does he want her to get stalked too, so she doesn't feel left out?

    3. But whenever fans move onto other things, 8:27, Scott and Tessa come up and rattle the cage.

      They're doing a reality show so I think Scott is managing okay despite the nonexistent stalking from this blog and how poor poor them are yet again so besieged and beset by their supporters and fans.

    4. @8:46 & 9:19 what kind of victim blaming bs is that

    5. 9:30
      It's not on the fans that VM are doing a documentary or that above-social-media Scott is on social media only in the role of BF to the social media honey.

    6. Anon here at 8:46 pm - I may not believe or agree with everything that the blog has stated but I think you would have to be really naive to think that Scott and Tessa are victims. And this blog has at least started the conversation that Skate Canada as a sport organization has failed on many levels and that Davis/White have been overscored by the ISU...And if everything was so on the up and up with V/M, then why when V/M had their stoppage at this year's 4CCs FD - did the nasty tweets come out of the woodwork?

    7. You know we could also speculate that Cassandra was jealous that Jessica got flashier pictures when she shammed, so Scott manned up and gave her one of her own. These girls have to get something out of it.

  14. Oh I am so sick of this. I love how in the group photo he's hugging the other girl and not touching Cass. I guess we're meant to assume he's grabbing her ass.

    The talk of "is Scott cheating" - the reason most of us believe V/M are married begins with how they act around each other - assuming they still act that way this fall (which they will because they are married), the cheating scenario makes no more sense than saying they're completely platonic to begin with. But this girl does not seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer - when do the lines get blurry for her?

    1. I don't think the girl has opportunities for the lines to "get blurry" if she were of that mind, and we don't know that she is. Where the lines get blurry is in the taste department but as usual we're the scapegoat for that. That's supposed to be the only level at which we can understand this, but even a cursory look at these people on social media reveals it's them.

      It's funny, many of these people who participate in the sham are actually star struck themselves. They have fan sensibilities. They stan REAL people that they actually know. Look at some of the output from the UWO girls. Look at Cassandra's reaction to being on "the big screen." Look at how she's dramatized her girlfriend storyline.

  15. "I wonder this: if who you are or pretend to be for the public doesn't matter, and won't matter to Toddler Moir (who at some point we may see competing in novice claiming to have been cloned in a petri dish)"

    Speaking of Toddler Moir's future, let's say she enjoys skating and has inherited Tessa and Scott's talent. I have a sickening feeling that the very same people who worked so hard to exclude her in order to ensure their own exposure would have no qualms about once again latching on in the same gross way if it meant they got another 15 minutes in the spotlight later on down the road.

    1. I've been doing a little reading about sports p.r., and one sports p.r. guy who has been through it mentioned that childhood friend male groupies are more trouble than female groupies. Figure skating is hardly a marquee, big business sport but I do believe that when people get famous many friends who stay behind end up hangers-on and, basically, groupies. That includes family members, at least among people in the entertainment industry. I don't have direct awareness of that happening in the sports/entertainment branch of the entertainment business, but it stands to reason. There are family members, friends and community members who perform actual functions, and there are people in those categories who are basically groupies and conduct themselves that way. And it certainly appears to me that much of Moirville, including the cast of the current sham, have cast themselves in the groupie category. That's how they act. Look how the UWO girls behave when they're not pretending fans are crazy. They act like groupies. Groupies are fans with access. How is Moirville different than groupies? Obviously, it's not unusual for some groupies (childhood friends) to have started out with an authentic relationship with the person who became prominent, but interest in sustaining that relationship later in life continues because the friend is famous.

      To prove to themselves they're not groupies they have to stigmatize another group, and looks like that's us.

  16. oc, you need to use this somewhere
    this cute pic was made after the discussion of DWs newest interview
    'DW can explain a relationship between man and woman' became 'DW can explain a relationships between them and kellogs' and then this pic born

    1. That's really funny. I personally think they are really beating the Kelloggs thing into the ground on twitter. It looks inane at this point, like the cheapest SEO on the web.

    2. They've announced their program music - "My Fair Lady" sd and "Schererezade" fd as everyone predicted. The fd costumes sound as if they're going to be calling back to Bollywood.

      Charlie says one of the exciting things about a new season is coming up with new lifts. How would he know?

      But this confirms that one of the things Derek Hough did is work out new shapes and pseudo-new mechanics that are really the same thing - keep the centers of gravity close to each other's and use many points of support.

    3. lol schez is going to be a giant mess and my fair lady seems to suit v/m more than d/w (even though v/m already did an audrey hepburn movie. funny face and my fair lady basically have the same themes - they're both about the pygmalion myth)

    4. If it's not a mess that'll be a departure from their programs since Phantom, but the problem is the judges will score it as if all the non-specific vague shit they'll say about the program is true. The programs actually don't matter. Part of me pictures My Fair Lady as Giselle Swats Away a Bat (Die Fleudermaus apparently means the bat) but a bigger part of me thinks Marina has to be slightly more clever than to go to that well a third year in a row.

      I think they are banking more on the new non-skating ways they climb into and out of their lifts, with new silhouettes.

      No mention of twizzles.


    5. 11:55, may I ask where this discussion is taking place, or is it private? Sounds like fun, that's all.

  17. 9:21

    It's on twitter, but all the accounts are locked (you need to ask for a follow).

    There was pretty much nothing more on discussion, just the 2 sentences I wrote

  18. you know what, OC, sometimes I really think that you actually are Scott Moir, you get tired of this twisted, toxic, crazy... thing that's going on and that's why you need to pour it out somewhere, aka this blog :/ :/ :/

  19. The jury is still out on whether they are married. They could be. I don't know. Plus it's none of my business. However, the whole hoopla on them having a baby is not possible. Only because I checked myself...from YouTube and based on competitions and shows they have done through time from Olympics 2010 till 2011 itself. Ps. i am a mom of three so I know what I'm talking about...

    All Skate L.A. (Check out 2010 cast) -Date:Oct.2-3, 2010 (1:09or 3:19 mark photos of T&S)

    Skate Canada International 2010-Date:Oct.29-31,2010
    (T&S interview while at Skate Canada International competition 2010 - they stated that they were not competing at this event)

    4CC 2011-Feb.15-20,2011
    (T&S withdrew after FD stop)

    Worlds FS 2011-Apr.25-May1,2011
    (This is where Tessa is supposed to have delivered a child prior to competing because it was here people have pointed put that she looked "fat")

    If even supposed that Tessa was pregnant in October (say, 3months and not show), she would have been at least show up as 7 months pregnant at 4CC 2011.

    I rest my case.