Friday, September 2, 2016

I scrolled around FSU and Goldenskate today, saw things I'd missed.

Incredible lines on Tessa, observed FSU.


My body, my choice means you can make yourself a literal giant on twitter if you want. You go Tessa. #MyInspiration.

Not to mention: The mega-swollen right knee and the right foot as long as the left shin. I think the ISU should recruit judges from the ranks of fsu screen names. Powers of observation don't come more acute.

ETA - speaking of photoshop.

Some months back I saw this image again and this time noticed that Scott's left leg was disintegrating.  Huh. I wondered what/why they'd photoshopped, but moved on w/out scrutinizing the rest of the picture. The bottom of his right leg is also beginning to dematerialize. Today I took another look and noticed the rightward swirls on his t-shirt, on the same plane and matching the leftward swirl on Cassandra's dress. It appears to me that someone got out ye old warp tool to make it seem like Scott's hand was pulling up C's dress a bit. So the bottom line is someone got out the toolbox in order to make this picture more titillating than it actually was, and then made it CH's profile shot. I'm also curious about the hair Scott appears to be touching, because when you go in, the hair is "blowing in the wind" in an odd pattern and seems to be over his hand rather than occupying the same space.