Monday, January 30, 2012

Zachary Donohue shouldn't know more than William Thompson, CEO, Skate Canada

I mean no offense to FSU but it is entertainment, which includes for the participants. It's not some official representative body of some larger group called "The Fans".  They're some fans.

Still, it's interesting, the thread William Thompson felt required a response and those he ignored. And btw, great sense of humor on the guy. You never want people taking themselves too seriously.

Guys, you're in the lexicon

Don't know who they think Radcliffe is really with, but it's not a gay thing. There are too many mainstream celebrity and historical examples of now-established gay men with beards to reach for a couple of figure skaters.

The "Scott and Jessica" message has trailblazed by inflating simple misdirection into a massive public hoax simply to disguise a legitimate heterosexual relationship.

As Scott and Tessa won an Olympic gold medal, it's easy to assume they'd be remembered as ice dancers. But figure skating isn't mainstream, especially not in Canada. There were fans at Canadians who weren't sure who they were.

Perhaps among the general public his legacy is going to be "Scott Moir and Jessica Dube" =  shorthand for fake relationship to hide real straight romantic relationship. "Are they on the level or is it a Dube/Moir deal?"

It would be ironic but sort of fitting if Scott ended up more associated with Jessica's name than Tessa's. I'm sure everybody would love that.
*If Skate Canada hadn't made a botch of their public relations and marketing of these two, as well as an overblown nightmare of the sham itself, there would be less chance of his and Tessa's skating accomplishments sliding into niche obscurity while "Scott Moir/Jessica Dube" was common usage.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Because, like China, the U.S.A. is a great figure skating nation

A reaction to the U.S. nationals by a discerning fan:

By the way, I've enjoyed watching "In the Tweet Seat" and "AT&T Athlete's Lounge" videos on icenetwork

from the Hilton HHonors Skate America Grand Prix

and Prudential United States Figure Skating Championships
also sponsored by Alka Seltzer Plus and Smuckers and supplied by United Airlines, Main Event Merchandise Group, and Event Video Company.
Doing so makes me totally pumped to venture over to Skatebuzz, check out Debbi's interviews,

  and maybe eat some KozyShack pudding. ;)
Proud sponsor of Skate Canada

Yes indeed. Still, it must be kind of handy to have a global hospitality company and an international airline as corporate partners.

OTOH, after a hard workout ... mmm, pudding.

Thoughts, William Thompson, Skate Canada CEO, former Olympic judge and member of fsu for many years?