Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Prisoner of Canton, Michigan*

The prison.**

The prisoner
 The prison uniform:

 The co-conspirators - and jailers:

Laughing at him.
The collaborator:
She was too easily tempted to betray him.

Still, he dreams.

But the dream is slipping away
But maybe not if fans band together.

Maybe it's not too late for this to become reality.

The Canadian Championship is next week. Make your voices heard.

* The blog at this point doesn't use adsense. As a public service, and for a very reasonable consideration, I have made this space available to a group of concerned ice dance fans, both Canadian and international, in advance of the Canadian Championships.

**This is not the opening image of Skatebuzz's next riveting competion video.


  1. LOL

    I saw some joking about this yesterday in the v/m fsu thread. Is that where you got the idea? It looks like a(some) fan(s) have been agitating about Scott needing to ditch the partner, the coaches, the FD, etc. Too funny.

  2. Yep. The train of thought seems to be: they have been neck-and-neck with D/W this season. Igor and Marina are not serving their interests. Plainly, the programs are at fault. Conclusion, Scott needs to break free of Canton, since of course he agrees with the fans who believe they need a complete creative revamp. It is only the collusion of his training center and his easily-manipulated partner that keep him trapped. Otherwise you better believe Scott would bolt for greener pastures freeing him to explore the void. We all know he's been dying to. After all, it's what fans want and believe. So it's only logical this is also what Scott wants.

  3. Scott was way out of line with his comments on the scoring "kerfuffle." So they should have won the FD. Big deal. Is Scott forgetting that there's an SD too? D/W won fair and square and frankly have been underscored for a while now. He was using the scoring error as a chance to complain about all his frustrations, illustrated in the above photos. You can't win everything and he is so used to winning that he's lashing out like a little baby. I can envision Marina and Igor and Meryl and Charlie encircling him and laughing at the Funny Face dance like it's his own personal little hell (someone should put a picture of that head exploding from Scanners). There have been so many complaints coming out of that camp that I wouldn't be surprised if the judges threw in a nice little cushion at Worlds just so they will shut up. Who knows what Tessa is thinking. She is silent but deadly.