Monday, January 30, 2012

Zachary Donohue shouldn't know more than William Thompson, CEO, Skate Canada

I mean no offense to FSU but it is entertainment, which includes for the participants. It's not some official representative body of some larger group called "The Fans".  They're some fans.

Still, it's interesting, the thread William Thompson felt required a response and those he ignored. And btw, great sense of humor on the guy. You never want people taking themselves too seriously.


  1. LOL good catch

    I hope Kaitlyn Weaver's profile pic means that the Skate Canada "platonic control freaks" haven't infiltrated their lives too much, such a beautiful normal couple, please stay that way Kaitlyn and Andrew!!

  2. I didn't even bother looking at Andrew's before, is that a wedding picture?!? Not necessarily, but it could be. A hilarious scenario is if the icenetwork article wasn't really done with their explicit consent and now they're like, screw you SC.

  3. It has been obvious from the beginning that Kaitlyn moved there for Andrew, the way she was so gung-ho about becoming a Canadian, and Kaitlyn's mom insisting they were "just friends" at the citizenship ceremony. JUST FRIENDS live together, spend Christmas with each other's families, and travel all over going shopping.

  4. Hubbell and Donohue are cute. I really hope they last a long time.

    Are Caydee Denney and John Coughlin dating? He seems really affectionate with her.

  5. I love Madi and Zack too, on and off the ice. They seem completely engulfed in each other, and their skating benefits from it. The combo of Andrew and Zack over at DSC is super eye candy.