Thursday, June 21, 2012

They could learn from Tessa and Scott

While participating in the network broadcast for Vancouver 2010, Sale and Pelletier kept up their profile as happily married Canadian sweethearts.

That June came this announcement:
"We've had an incredible partnership for the past 12 years and we look forward to that mutual respect and commitment continuing both on the ice and as we parent our son," Sale said in a statement.
"While [divorce] is always a difficult decision, we still share two of the most important parts of our lives in common, and for that reason we wanted it to be amicable and by mutual agreement."
This release cued the in-the-know on figure skating message boards to re-affirm that Tessa Virtue and David Pelletier were doing it. Virtue/Pelletier had been spotted in the same confirming circumstances fans always "spot" rumored skating duos: to wit: in the vicinity of a major competition holding hands, gazing at each other, and kissing.*
(I must circle back and see if a poster who, with amazing quickness, managed to acquire the inside scoop on Igor's dismissal from Canton** was among the fortunate who "spotted" David/Tessa and/or other rumored skating couples. The same posters always get lucky in the same way on repeated occasions- or they always have a friend or friends who are both fortunately placed and blessed with wonderful timing.)

As promised, Sale & Pelletier carried on with their skating partnership; David tweeting his appreciation when Sale chipped in on Battle of the Blades (and David and his partner won).

And today Jamie makes this announcement:

Never mind that for a second I thought she and David
 had both married Craig.That WOULD be magical.

That's how you do it. Omit the part about your dating life. Skip explaining why you waited almost two years before mentioning you were separated. With the Olympic obligation out of the way, report a divorce is decided upon, carry on as usual with no further comment, until you announce wedding bells to someone else on the actual day you actually married him.

Throughout David and Jamie continued to be accessible in the media and on twitter; they referenced each other in the warmest tones, undaunted by the fact that they had not shared why they had divorced, nor let us know who they were currently dating.

In keeping with fan convention, no fan got lucky and reported seeing Sale/Simpson schmoopying their way across Paris or Vancouver, and that's because that duo, unlike Virtue/Pelletier, actually exists (although I expect some posters to now say they saw them and just neglected to mention it at the time).

(It's just amazing. Tessa Virtue, that attention whore, parades right out there so everybody knows the rumors are true, while that shy and retiring Jamie Sale manages to keep her actual wedding secret until she blindsides everyone on twitter. Thank heavens Jamie had already met her own new best friend, BOTB co-star Craig, prior to Tessa shamelessly stealing Jamie's man. I'm sure he was a comfort.)

So there you have it. Sale and Pelletier presented as your basic married skating sweethearts during Vancouver, then afterwards transitioning into the solid tradition of divorced skating partners who remain the warmest friends.While it was clear in hindsight that they'd actually been separated while broadcasting from Vancouver, their popularity as a team remained more or less what it had been. Go figure.

Consider if they had followed the Tessa and Scott blueprint:
  •  David Pelletier and Jamie Sale marry. What a love story.
  • They get divorced, but don't say anything publicly, so the media has to make like they're still married and as far as fans go, fans think they're still married. Sometimes fans hint one or the other is cheating, but other fans claim recent sightings of them holding hands, gazing at each other and kissing*. Things are just fine.
  • Jamie up and marries Craig Simpson but in interviews and for fan interaction purposes makes like she's still married to David Pelletier, so even though she is now Mrs. Craig Simpson, she and David, the media, and other figure skaters have to pretend she's still married to David. Maybe they'll come clean when they're totally, completely retired, but the longer they can put it off and avoid dealing with it, the better. The kid is little- it doesn't affect their child. And fans get pissed at anyone who insinuates there is ever trouble in paradise between David and Jamie. If Jamie has kids with Craig, she doesn't acknowledge it and the media plays along.
Wouldn't that have been smarter? Beats me why they didn't go in that direction. It's got to be better than having the public actually know who you're actually married to.

(Scott's going to be 25 years old in September. I wonder if he'd ever dreamed he'd be lying about Tessa at age 25 and still pretending to have been in a five-year relationship with Jessica Dube.)

It's so confusing what a whole lot of nothing Sale and Pelletier have said to the public while remaining accessible, outspoken public personalities and performers and while the public knows the gist of everything one might say the public should know. How do they do it? They remain familiar faces and media personalities, like virtual family members, yet I don't know the details of how Jamie's childbirth went so it's difficult to feel like I know her***, and I don't know either when she and David fell out of love and she and Craig in, so how can I relate? .

I wouldn't fuck with these people. They don't want to tell us the inside story of their marriage and divorce, complete with scrapbook photos in book form or albums dedicated to facebook spam - I'm okay with that. They don't want to explain who they're currently dating and how it impacts their continued professional partnership nor do they give us the scoop on future private sector plans? Hey it's their business - they seem to be managing okay! Jamie didn't waste energy - she just announced her new status as soon as the ceremony concluded -  I can do the math. She was probably dating the guy after they were paired on BOTB and, unbeknownst to us, she and David were already separated. I don't need it spoon fed. And despite not spamming us with photos and stories and other details, they still feel entitled to be in the public eye. Why, those .... oh right. That's okay.
*on the lips

**The scoop per this poster: the "kids" (skaters) had no idea. They were shocked! There's a lot of stuff this poster has managed to learn and could share, particularly about Marina, but for now consider one eyebrow raised. There are agendas at work. Stay tuned.*

**I don't want to know her! I don't like her, but that's beside the point!

*I always ALWAYS wonder how this shit is taken with a straight face. Especially as the second another poster has a question, the response is hostile and testy.


  1. Am I remembering correctly that Jamie and David denied their personal relationshIp while they were competing. They then tacitly acknowledged it without formally announcing it around the time of the Olympics (I remember David getting angry at Jamie for a mistake she made on the ice while competing. She didn't appreciate his outburst/blame and the next day David joked to the media that he slept on the sofa last night.

    Then out of the blue came the wedding announcement and picture that they had married in Banff.

  2. "Jamie ups and marries Craig Simpson but in interviews and for fan interaction purposes she makes like she's still married to David Pelletier, so even though she is now Mrs. Craig Simpson, she and David, the media, and other figure skaters have to pretend she's still married to David"

    Wow, as if I didn't already realize how weird this whole thing is...I feel like I just screen out a lot of the "coverage" now, because I am so convinced, but then I forget how many people are involved in the pretending (and how simultaneously huge and mundane the "news" is) it's so f***** bizarre!!! and yet, I can't see how it's not true now. Once you see it, there's no going back

    1. Skate Canada will read your comment and go "Why is that weird?"

      I can see their point. Skate Canada's concept of public relations is that whatever the truth is, say the opposite. That's about as basic a policy as they've got, from the titles they give the directors to their forecast for various competitions to what they promote or insinuate about their figure skaters' romantic status.

  3. Great post. I'm not Jamie's biggest fan but people need to stop shitting all over her. As you predicted, the tales of Jamie/Craig (and all the other husbands that Jamie has stolen) are now coming out of the woodwork on FSU.

    And seriously, who the fuck started that rumour about Tessa and David? And why is it still being repeated all over the goddamn place?

  4. "I'm not Jamie's biggest fan but people need to stop shitting all over her."

    Ikr. I'm sure no one is the devil or the saint in this case. Unfortunately, it's part of life - separating/divorcing/remarrying. Sometimes it takes longer to figure things out.

    "And seriously, who the fuck started that rumour about Tessa and David? And why is it still being repeated all over the goddamn place?"

    IMO, Tessa was left open to all sorts of nasty rumours. She was the one with the swinging single life while Scott was in the "serious" relationship. Isn't that what they wanted to portray? I personally think the Tessa-David rumour is disgusting but do they care? Tessa was just fine with tweets going out to the public practically announcing she was sleeping with Fedor Andreev, then Ryan Semple. Their level of "disgust" seems to be different than the fans'.

    1. Tessa, Scott and Pelletier could have quashed that rumor at any time and they never did. All Pelletier had to do was show up at an event in the company of a family friend in roughly his age group, the fan-verse would have tagged her as the gf and that would be that. Or Virtue/Moir could have dug up another Semple - the sports world is full of single guys - and had her photographed somewhere with him. The fact that they didn't indictes that the Pelletier rumor was useful to them. It was fake, and if it ever got too unseemly, it could be easily disproved. Meantime, let's have people speculate about Tessa and someone other than Scott. Because if people continued to speculate about Tessa and Scott, then, then ...

      I've got nothing. And neither did they. This thing has been its own reason for being for years (the sham).

    2. "Tessa, Scott and Pelletier could have quashed that rumor at any time and they never did."

      I've been seeing the old rumors about Tessa and Pelletier all over the place. Will Tessa, Scott and Pelletier finally do something to quash them? I can't even begin to express how disgusting I think it is that V/M and Co. sit back and do nothing while Tessa is continuously the subject of crude gossip. I know public figures get gossiped about all the time, but when it's this persistent regarding a specific relationship and the people involved can easily do something about it...Why don't they?

    3. I don't think they give a shit about anything people say, as long as it's not true. They can always demonstrate none of it - the Pelletier stuff - was for real when the time comes. The true stuff, that's harder to spin, IMO.

      However, care or don't care. Don't bat your eyes and say something is "hurtful" when it's your own lying and scamming that has created a climate for these stories. What the hell was the Bryce/Jessica Triangle sur La Glace thing but hurtful, and everyone did that on purpose - people assumed Scott busted up Bryce and Jessica and stabbed his best friend in the back. (If you notice, though, the piece never says he broke them up, never mentions when DD "broke up" and when Scott and Jessica supposedly started up, nor explains why Bryce would be hurt about his pal dating his ex, as that, while icky, happens all the time in life.)

      Basically, they can shut up talking about hurtful rumors. Why shouldn't people spread the false story that Tessa busted up S&P? Tessa and Scott spread false stories about themselves left and right, and every bit as aggressively, none more militantly than Tessa. That Menage thing was a fake story painting all three in a pretty sordid light and you better believe that was cleared with, and likely brainstormed with, Team VM.

      The Pelletier/Tessa rumor is a piss off because it just shows again how common it is for fans to lie through their teeth, then everybody runs with it. Lies are easy. Truth is trickier, because people are aware they don't know the WHOLE truth, and if they start lying, they might show their ass. Stuff that's totally made up is like proving a negative - it can't really be disproved. Fans like to stick it to other fans who get on their nerves, they like to upset other fans or "rival" fans, and they like to shit stir. And like attention. Hence Tessa/Pelletier. But that piece they did said a whole lot of nothing. It raised the Pelletier deal in the lead-in but didn't really close the door on it except to call it a rumor, and then have Tessa/Scott lament the general existence of hurtful rumors and put on their game, plucky faces. These two, the two biggest rumor-floggers and liars of them all when it comes to themselves and their private lives.

  5. Well the DP rumours did get intense and Tessa did state in an ET Canada interview that she was not the reason for the S/P's break-up....

  6. Anon 6:47

    Yes, they finally did allow some kind of backdoor denial of the rumor that Tessa was dating Pelletier. But isn't it strange that when they finally addressed it, it was in the context of denying that Tessa had been the reason for the S/P breakup. That particular part of the rumors stung. If I remember correctly, in that ET interview Tessa said that some things people said were "hurtful."

    So it "hurt" that people would say she was involved in the S/P breakup, but I agree with oycanada that otherwise they didn't mind the rumors because those were useful to them. As VM's social media habits would indicate, they don't object to anyone believing that they're sleeping with some SO (as long as it's not each other). Rumors that Tessa and David Pelletier were doing it? Eh. But rumors of being the "other woman?" *That* one was addressed.

  7. I'm thinking you guys were reading different news that me. I knew David and Jamie had separated and were divorced LONG before she publically was with Craig Simpson. And David was divorced after starting up with Tessa, but after he and Jamie had announced they had separated. So there really was no "lying to the public that they were still married". Maybe you were just out of the loop.

    1. David Pelletier was never involved with Tessa. Tessa is married to Scott. The Tessa and David lies, promoted energetically by one particular fixated fan who spams forums under multiple screen names, had a whole lot more prominence on the web than Craig/Jamie. Jamie herself didn't promote her relationship with Craig Simpson, which is the point of the post.

  8. I realize this is a VERY LATE posting, but I have to say this in case anyone finds this again.
    Since when is it "OUR" business to basically demand that anyone inform us of their marital status?
    Just because they are (were) public figures during their skating career, they are now back to private citizens and fully deserve all the privacy that any of us have.
    I have been a die hard fan of Figure Skating for many years, but that does NOT give me, you or anyone else the right to be their judge and jury in their lives. They have NOT done anything criminal and in fact, they have joined the majority of married people in their age group to have fallen in love, married and then divorced. In my era, when you married it was for life. When things got tough, you worked at them and stayed together. The one exception is if you became a victim of abuse whether physical or mental. NO ONE needs to be dealt that hand!! Today it seems that when people get married and the first disagreement they have, they run to get a divorce. It takes time to really get to know someone. You will never truly know someone until you are married and live with them and that can often take a year or two before they both adjust to the new relationship they have. Finding someone to marry is easy, the hard part is making it work and to be able to hold onto that spouse unto death do you part. There is more to a marriage than the physical part. Hell, you don't need to be married to have sex, wild animals have that one figured out. But to have a true marriage is a total commitment.
    So as to when Sale and Pelltier called it quits is no ones business but theirs!!! Sure I thought they were a perfect couple but unless you lived their life, you will never know why they split. I just hope they both find true happiness and more than that, the son they have together NEVER gets caught up in the crossfire. Children often become a weapon for a jilted spouse. They use the child in their anger against the former spouse and that is wrong. That child did not ask to be born, but being that he is here on earth, BOTH parents have an obligation to make sure that child knows he is loved and wanted by both parents and not just the one who so-called won custody.
    My parents divorced when I was 10 years old, but I still saw my Dad EVERYDAY of the week, 52 weeks a year. My parents elected to stay close to one another in location so that we could see Dadall the time and he was also included in many of the decisions regarding my brother or myself. When it came to school meetings, my Dad was there also to meet with the teachers. If we had to have something medical done, Dad was always there waiting with my Mom to speak with the doctors. One parent never carried the burden alone. They both shared equally in our care no matter how minute or large the problem was. I truly thank my parents for how they continued to raise us after their divorce and quite seriously, if anyone gets a divorce with children involved, I only hope and pray they do as well as my parents did.

    1. I'm fairly new to this blog and this whole world, but I agree with your sentiments about what divorce should be and from what I've read it seems like JS & DP do have that kind of parenting partnership with their child. But, this whole blog has made me question everything I know about how things are presented in the media and to the public, so who really knows for sure?