Friday, June 30, 2017

I'm trying to keep to at least one post per month until things heat up skating-wise.

Back April, new website coming "soon" is promised. ^


^Screen cap from last night. They're consistent. When it's fan-related, "soon" to them has always been: "Somewhere along the time space continium, but probably never."

Manifesto seems to be their new sports management company. Maybe they got tired of golf. Sportsbox, their previous management firm, had them golfing all over Canada (Sportsbox mostly represented golfers.).

When listing the athletes it represents, Manifesto lists them separately, and also provided this gem in Scott's bio:
After countless unforgettable moments with Tessa, the pair decided to take some personal time to seek new challenges off the ice for the first time since they began their ice dancing careers together.
You can practically see the "time APART" screaming at you from this blurb, but it's not there. Just strenuously implied in the wording.

The photo heading Tessa's bio:

She's also positioned top left on the "Athletes" page.

The photo heading Scott's:

He's somewhere lower down, numerous athletes away
from Tessa.

I'm not feeling Scott's longer hair as a sustainable thing, but clearly they're playing the game, aesthetics-wise. I miss the days when they were the best, knew they were the best, and fuck everybody else. They said as much, many times. Then in the last Olympic cycle they realized it didn't matter if they were the best, and it's been pandering ever since.