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Examples of People Who Take Less Than a Year to Diagnose Compartment Syndrome

Fake Doctors
Grey's Anatomy 2007 - "Great Expectations"
Others familiar with compartment syndrome because of their jobs
  • The folks at this revolutionfitness blog writing about ballet ... in 2006:
  • Washington College Assistant Athletic Director Cyndy Baker (SHE IS NOT EVEN A DOCTOR)
A quote:
"Common among athletes is exertional compartment syndrome which occurs when there is an increase in tissue pressure that obstructs the neurovascular network in the leg,” says Baker. “The condition typically causes exercise-induced pain, swelling and, in severe cases, disability in the leg. It is most common among athletes who participate in sports with repetitive movements such as running, biking and swimming. Treatment for the condition includes rest, ice and the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. However, in severe cases where symptoms persist, a fasciotomy, which is a surgical procedure that cuts muscle fascia to allow the muscle to expand, may be performed to relive the built-up tissue pressure in the leg.”
  • Washington College then-junior lacrosse player Brooke Paulshock who diagnosed herself with compartment syndrome, twice.  When pain continued after her first surgery, she never said  "Maybe you're being a baby.  You're nineteen years old - suck it up."  She figured she needed another surgery.
  • Television viewer Ellen416 from's Grey's Anatomy forum.  In 2007 she missed some "Great Expections" dialogue about Dr. Yang's patient and asked "Was this compartment syndrome?"
  • The folks at google, wiki and wikipedia since at least 2003.

People who are slow:

  •  Skate Canada's Sports Medicine Team.
Even when Tessa Virtue had had compartment syndrome surgery already, Team Virtue Moir claim she and and everyone else reacted for a year with Huh Duh when her pain persisted.  Tessa says she told herself "Maybe you're being a baby.  You're 21 years old, suck it up."
(She was 20 but this team is casual, factwise.)

Why so stupid Skate Canada?  Even Confucious said one sign of intelligence is to know what you don't know.  Instead of fumbling in the dark with stuff you are incompetent to manage, such as public relations and athletes' legs, why not consult people who have proved they know what they're doing.  At minimum, reach out to folks who can google.

It's also possible Team Virtue Moir is making shit up.  Maybe they told a cover story to explain the surgical timing.  A story that like most of their stories was an instant WTF and made Canadian Sports Medicine look like Malpractice 'R Us.  Perhaps due to habitual confidence that the public is no different than a bunch of three year olds who don't know anything about anything.

"Great Expectations" re-aired on 3-20-2011.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh - She's Good Enough To Shove In OUR Face

But you spare yourselves.
D&D are done.  Dube dumped Davison.  What about a hometown girl from the syncro team for the job?

Psych!! (Remembering Monaco)

Remember this?
I'm trying to picture Meryl Davis/Charlie White feted by a formally attired party consisting of prince, family and relevant connections. Meryl and Charlie POSING WITH THEIR MEDALS. I'm trying to picture Tanith donning a cocktail dress and joining in the official photograph over there in the forefront alongside Mrs. White. Asinine, right? Tanith has shammed in her lifetime but on such an occasion with her real boyfriend, it would be tacky to stick her in the photograph.

Monaco is hard to forget. First, at Worlds, Scott mentions that next, he and Tessa are going on a romantic retreat to Monaco. Don't get your knickers twisted fans, they've already denied they are romantically involved, but haha, let's just let that sink in while adding cryptically - "Seriously, we're going to Monaco."

As intended by Team Virtue Moir, newly formed on line communities of Tessa and Scott shippers were now hoping, wondering and imagining about this trip, and of course, keeping an eye on the facebooks set up expressly for them to keep an eye on. In short order, Alma Moir presents on her facebook wall a public album called "After Torino - Our Trip To Monaco!"


I've seen shams before, but never fans intentionally baited, their hopes raised on purpose, the better to slap them down. That's how this sting was executed. Scott set the bait, Alma snapped the trap shut.

As presented in Alma's album, fans might conclude the trip's purpose was for Scott and Jessica to stand around with different parent groupings all dressed up for an occasion in which Tessa was participating, but seldom seen. Why? She's Scott's partner, they both were there, fans knew it, and knew the dressy clothes involved Tessa too. The album was public to the fans - did Alma & Co. think fans weren't as interested in seeing Tessa as they were Jessica? Why elbow Tessa out of the frame?

This is yet another instance of everyone running this lacking sense. They had to belatedly shovel in a few extra photos of Tessa as fans were beginning to think she had been dragged along only as a human medal stand.

Like all prior and subsequent albums, the album was only pretending to share something. It's actual purpose was to display Jessica and the "relationship."

Team Virtue Moir typically ignores the collateral implications of what they've set up, and habitually ignores good sense. Which I guess is to be expected seeing everyone involved believes the public has the collective IQ of lint and deserves equivalent respect. When it comes to IQ, I think they're in no position to judge.

Jessica Deployed As Cross and Garlic

Who Is the Vampire?  It's Us.
Characteristic Enthusiasm When Not The Focal Point

I just can't see Tanith Belbin in the lead horse and buggy displayed alongside Jacquie White during an Ann Arbor parade honoring Meryl and Charlie's silver medals. That would be ridiculous. But then, Tanith is a real girlfriend. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Scott Must Be So Proud Right Now

It's no secret Virtue/Moir fans get queasy over photos of Scott and Jessica, whether they buy it as on the level or not. There are fans who try to force themselves to like Jessica Dube and "support" the "relationship" yet can't help wanting to vomit.

Even in photos Scott and Jessica don't fit. They are, one, an affront to intuition. And two, the mental gymnastics needed to make sense of it wears people out even before the weirdness, inconsistencies and contradictions in the behavior of all concerned come into play.

This unease is about Jessica. Not disappointment from fans led to believe Scott Moir is "dating" a girl who isn't Tessa Virtue.  Fedor Andreev didn't get this reaction. Other sham romances don't either, not even from disappointed shippers.

Skate Canada/the skating community has used every rationale under the sun to explain Jessica except any that hold her accountable for anything. Skate Canada, which sets up, then punks fans on a regular basis, behaves immaturely itself, perhaps that's why it misses the obvious with Jessica that is gut level clear to many fans.

Back when this recently concluded Olympic cycle began, somebody decided the cute pairs girl would match up neatly with the precocious ice dance boy for the consumption of internet fans, and protect the actual personal lives of each team from the stress of too much scrutiny. The arrangement was so matchy matchy and cutesy it had the self-congratulatory Skate Canada stamp all over it. But, when setting this in motion, it was overlooked how flaunting the "relationship" online in aggressive photo bombing spams make both Scott and Jessica look like assholes in regard to Bryce.  

No wonder when some fans claim they've seen Scott and Jessica crassly canoodling in front of Bryce, lots of people buy it. Sure. Look at all of the OTT facebook albums such as the icky Dominican photo shoot where the skaters' families and friends instantly add enthusiastic comments.

It was Bryce's idea for Jessica to skate singles during his rehabilitation and he hobbled on crutches to Western Challenge, his family in tow, to cheer on Jessica's miserable outing there. He put on pressed slacks and tie to support her Nationals appearance; traveling distances both times, and, as usual, was taken for granted, most of all by his erstwhile partner. Meantime it's announced via press release and a video interview with Jessica that "boyfriend Scott Moir" would choreograph Jessica's short. You can't make this shit up. Well, normal people can't. For the pr geniuses at Skate Canada, when Bryce has a crippling season-ending injury and must move back home with his parents at age 25 it's a no brainer -  an opportunity to advertise Jessica and Scott!

Who raised these people?

Here, behavior is pretended that would never be considered if this situation were real, but lots of fans think it is and don't feel so great about it.

Anyone as obtuse as those managing this circus shouldn't ever have anything to do with public relations. 

Now that Jessica has blindsided Bryce during his injury after he's stood by her during her frequent injuries, resistant work ethic, aversion to taking responsibility, moodiness, absent learning curve and unwillingness to undertake anything outside her limited comfort zone, fans on different skating boards are assuming it's because Jessica never enjoyed skating with Bryce after the "triangle" with Scott Moir they were led to believe existed.

Many fans don't understand that training habits affect the personal relationship between skating partners more than vice versa. To fans, Bryce must have made himself a burden on poor Jessica. Jessica's chronic bailing in performance is due to "the triangle with Scott Moir" and Bryce being a poor loser at love. Or it was the face slash. Or she's an introvert. She's special, beyond the criticism leveled at other underachieving figure skaters.

Jessica Dube does not have a confidence problem. She's spoiled. A starfish in a small French-Canadian bowl who wants the perks without the work. She's an archtypical case of reliance on natural talent and hoping things will play differently in performance than in training, shrugging when it does not, offloading responsibility to things beyond her control while everyone tries to cheer her up for how she's disappointed them. 

Jessica was a flub-prone junior with promising basics - power and flow across the ice, good with jumps and throws. It was easy to imagine the flubs and mental walkabouts as junior level growing pains.When she ended her first partnership, new partners came to try out with her, and Bryce was the one who relocated, went to school online, learned a new language, joined her training centre. Jessica believes this is how things should always work and even after Bryce surpassed her as a skater and performer while coddling her, she resisted the realities.

Katia Gordeeva was and is an introvert and at 23 she was a married mother with two Olympic gold medals. Jessica Dube at 23 is coddled, humored, excused at every turn, jollied along and brightly encouraged like she's a fucking six-year-old, whether in the KissNCry or on her facebook wall and photo albums.

The reality is Olympics were over and she was out of excuses. If she wanted to continue to contend she'd have to work harder and Jessica Dube is not interested. She trained new features all summer and punked out at the first competition intended to unveil them.  Naturally, she had a wrist issue that needed Bryce's attention. Look what happens when you make Jessica do something she doesn't want to do. She'll destroy a beautiful program like Carmen. She'll fall out of a sit spin. Two-foot the first of a double axel sequence and stare while Bryce does the second without even feigning an attempt at the second one herself.

Look what happens when Jessica has to work hard all summer and learn new stuff. Look what happens when Bryce gets injured and Jessica gets to play dilettante for a season. It's an opportunity to opt out and play dilettante for life.

Jessica Dube doesn't like doing something if she can't do it perfectly the first time and calls this being a perfectionist. Tatiana Volosozhar, a million times the pairs skater Jessica is, takes forever to learn a new throw, lift or spin. She perseveres til she gets it. That's real life.

Jessica's complacent self-absorption while explaining her decision to end her partnership with Bryce chilled even her fans. Particularly measured against the praise Bryce has always heaped upon her even when she was the one letting him down. Her remarks lacked empathy, grace, awareness and class. There was minimal acknowledgment of Bryce's experience. Yet Bryce will still absorb criticism from Jessica supporters who think the problem is he poorly managed Jessica's involvement with a famous male ice dancer.

I can't wait for the resumption of the sham now that Jessica has ditched Bryce and talks of his injury as a positive instigator of change in her life. Bryce is left to train alone and continue his recovery with an iffy athletic future while Jessica basks in the disproportionate fan attention and endorsement that comes from being seen as the romantic choice of a popular Canadian Olympic ice dance champion.  Hey, if Scott Moir loves her, right? We can't judge - maybe it only looks like Bryce is the good guy and Jessica is the problem.

Bryce is the better skater, better performer, the loyal partner. Bryce provided unending support towards Jessica, and wrongly assumed the majority of responsibility for the face slash. If there's any justice he will find a terrific partner and achieve new heights, but it seldom works that way in figure skating. Skate Canada can be counted on to fund Jessica's singles training despite her age and being sixth at best in Canada; she'll receive assignments she doesn't deserve despite her only landing a two footed triple lutz at Nationals. Because it's Skate Canada which created the monster (in the literary sense) that is Jessica Dube, and persisted even after the writing was on the wall.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jessica didn't quit because she wanted to change

She quit Bryce because she didn't want to change. She wants to skate at Contre Coeur, wear triangle skirts, never leave Quebec, never bother to learn something she can't get the first time - too much like work. She'd run through her face slash allowance last year and her ability to coast as well.  This past season Skate Canada put the hammer down and sent Jessica and Bryce to Arizona and new training centers to raise their game. In their single competition of 2010-2011, Jessica bailed on every new thing she'd trained for months. Jessica isn't insecure, she's lazy and willful. Anyone who believes Scott Moir is really with or ever has been with this woman is as willful as she. Bearding is not just for gays. For years it's been for straights who don't want to deal with public speculation and intrusion into their real relationships.
Jessica Dube Does Not Like Change

In Memorium: Dube and Davison

The Way They Were

Jessica 2-footed the first double axel in time to do the second. 
 But why sweat it? Bryce finishes alone while Jessica
takes a leisurely set up to the next segment. 

Junior Worlds.
Junior Worlds

"With the injury to Bryce, I really had to look at my life, and what I wanted to do. It forced me to focus my time on skating singles, and found I really enjoyed it.”
 "In the last couple months I've been doing singles and doing other stuff. I had a lot of things change in my life and I really enjoyed it that way. I found some kind of spark again inside of me and I didn't really want to lose that. It's really bad timing with the injury, but I needed something to remind me of how I enjoy skating. I guess the injury made me realize that and that there was a lot of other things in life I wanted to change like go back to school and maybe do singles again and it made me make that decision."
"There was just something about returning to single skating that really helped me to find a spark inside again, and I want to continue pursuing singles even if I do return to pair skating."
Jessica Dube

Got that?  Jessica needed something to remind her of how she enjoyed skating, and Bryce's injury was just what she needed.





What's Wrong With This Picture? Nothing. Just Ask Skate Canada.

Skate Canada:  We're Stupid
(since 2006)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Male/female.  Male arm round female shoulder.  Couple.

Female arms round male torso. Couple.

You'd think we get enough of this in Canada.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Here Is Cynthia's "BF" Jay

Jay is the one with short hair.
Jay and Cynthia appear to be as serious as Jessica and Scott:

Maybe not as serious as Scott.

We'll soon join Jay, Scott, Cynthia and Jessica in Santa Monica and Los Angeles at the time of the 2009 ISU World Figure Skating Championships.

Scott will keep you company til we're back:
You sit alone among men, women, kids and most seagulls.