Sunday, March 20, 2011

Examples of People Who Take Less Than a Year to Diagnose Compartment Syndrome

Fake Doctors
Grey's Anatomy 2007 - "Great Expectations"
Others familiar with compartment syndrome because of their jobs
  • The folks at this revolutionfitness blog writing about ballet ... in 2006:
  • Washington College Assistant Athletic Director Cyndy Baker (SHE IS NOT EVEN A DOCTOR)
A quote:
"Common among athletes is exertional compartment syndrome which occurs when there is an increase in tissue pressure that obstructs the neurovascular network in the leg,” says Baker. “The condition typically causes exercise-induced pain, swelling and, in severe cases, disability in the leg. It is most common among athletes who participate in sports with repetitive movements such as running, biking and swimming. Treatment for the condition includes rest, ice and the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. However, in severe cases where symptoms persist, a fasciotomy, which is a surgical procedure that cuts muscle fascia to allow the muscle to expand, may be performed to relive the built-up tissue pressure in the leg.”
  • Washington College then-junior lacrosse player Brooke Paulshock who diagnosed herself with compartment syndrome, twice.  When pain continued after her first surgery, she never said  "Maybe you're being a baby.  You're nineteen years old - suck it up."  She figured she needed another surgery.
  • Television viewer Ellen416 from's Grey's Anatomy forum.  In 2007 she missed some "Great Expections" dialogue about Dr. Yang's patient and asked "Was this compartment syndrome?"
  • The folks at google, wiki and wikipedia since at least 2003.

People who are slow:

  •  Skate Canada's Sports Medicine Team.
Even when Tessa Virtue had had compartment syndrome surgery already, Team Virtue Moir claim she and and everyone else reacted for a year with Huh Duh when her pain persisted.  Tessa says she told herself "Maybe you're being a baby.  You're 21 years old, suck it up."
(She was 20 but this team is casual, factwise.)

Why so stupid Skate Canada?  Even Confucious said one sign of intelligence is to know what you don't know.  Instead of fumbling in the dark with stuff you are incompetent to manage, such as public relations and athletes' legs, why not consult people who have proved they know what they're doing.  At minimum, reach out to folks who can google.

It's also possible Team Virtue Moir is making shit up.  Maybe they told a cover story to explain the surgical timing.  A story that like most of their stories was an instant WTF and made Canadian Sports Medicine look like Malpractice 'R Us.  Perhaps due to habitual confidence that the public is no different than a bunch of three year olds who don't know anything about anything.

"Great Expectations" re-aired on 3-20-2011.

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