Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jessica didn't quit because she wanted to change

She quit Bryce because she didn't want to change. She wants to skate at Contre Coeur, wear triangle skirts, never leave Quebec, never bother to learn something she can't get the first time - too much like work. She'd run through her face slash allowance last year and her ability to coast as well.  This past season Skate Canada put the hammer down and sent Jessica and Bryce to Arizona and new training centers to raise their game. In their single competition of 2010-2011, Jessica bailed on every new thing she'd trained for months. Jessica isn't insecure, she's lazy and willful. Anyone who believes Scott Moir is really with or ever has been with this woman is as willful as she. Bearding is not just for gays. For years it's been for straights who don't want to deal with public speculation and intrusion into their real relationships.
Jessica Dube Does Not Like Change

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