Monday, March 14, 2011

Jessica Deployed As Cross and Garlic

Who Is the Vampire?  It's Us.
Characteristic Enthusiasm When Not The Focal Point

I just can't see Tanith Belbin in the lead horse and buggy displayed alongside Jacquie White during an Ann Arbor parade honoring Meryl and Charlie's silver medals. That would be ridiculous. But then, Tanith is a real girlfriend. 


  1. I could understand one's SO attending these kinds of festivities. But to be prominently displayed beside Mom?

    Then to go to all that trouble, just to have the special presence of the girlfriend go completely unacknowledged by both the families (she didn't get to sit in the special front row seats with the Moms and Dads) and the devoted boyfriend himself ("All the special people in my life to thank...blah blah blah..." Oops, I guess Jessica didn't qualify, in spite of making a special trip to Ilderton to ride in the buggy with the future mother-in-law).

    Oh, I get it. She was there for the fans. Apparently not for Scott.

  2. THIS day was when I realized that they'd reached new levels of utter ridiculousness. Apparently, they were no longer content just to pose Jessica and Scott in photos in exotic locations (including Monaco), but they stuck the girl and her blasé attitude in the front of the buggy JUST SO ALL THE FANS would see her. Too bad her "boyfriend" didn't really give her the time of day in his speech, when he thanked everyone else he'd ever met, come into contact with, or casually passed by at one time or another.

    THIS was when I fully realized that Jessica/Scott was beyond any fake romance I'd seen before. Because any other fake romance wouldn't be this idiotic or handled this arrogantly.