Monday, March 14, 2011

Psych!! (Remembering Monaco)

Remember this?
I'm trying to picture Meryl Davis/Charlie White feted by a formally attired party consisting of prince, family and relevant connections. Meryl and Charlie POSING WITH THEIR MEDALS. I'm trying to picture Tanith donning a cocktail dress and joining in the official photograph over there in the forefront alongside Mrs. White. Asinine, right? Tanith has shammed in her lifetime but on such an occasion with her real boyfriend, it would be tacky to stick her in the photograph.

Monaco is hard to forget. First, at Worlds, Scott mentions that next, he and Tessa are going on a romantic retreat to Monaco. Don't get your knickers twisted fans, they've already denied they are romantically involved, but haha, let's just let that sink in while adding cryptically - "Seriously, we're going to Monaco."

As intended by Team Virtue Moir, newly formed on line communities of Tessa and Scott shippers were now hoping, wondering and imagining about this trip, and of course, keeping an eye on the facebooks set up expressly for them to keep an eye on. In short order, Alma Moir presents on her facebook wall a public album called "After Torino - Our Trip To Monaco!"


I've seen shams before, but never fans intentionally baited, their hopes raised on purpose, the better to slap them down. That's how this sting was executed. Scott set the bait, Alma snapped the trap shut.

As presented in Alma's album, fans might conclude the trip's purpose was for Scott and Jessica to stand around with different parent groupings all dressed up for an occasion in which Tessa was participating, but seldom seen. Why? She's Scott's partner, they both were there, fans knew it, and knew the dressy clothes involved Tessa too. The album was public to the fans - did Alma & Co. think fans weren't as interested in seeing Tessa as they were Jessica? Why elbow Tessa out of the frame?

This is yet another instance of everyone running this lacking sense. They had to belatedly shovel in a few extra photos of Tessa as fans were beginning to think she had been dragged along only as a human medal stand.

Like all prior and subsequent albums, the album was only pretending to share something. It's actual purpose was to display Jessica and the "relationship."

Team Virtue Moir typically ignores the collateral implications of what they've set up, and habitually ignores good sense. Which I guess is to be expected seeing everyone involved believes the public has the collective IQ of lint and deserves equivalent respect. When it comes to IQ, I think they're in no position to judge.


  1. I'm not even sure what conspiracy theory you're trying to put forth here. You have so many ridiculous "points" made on this blog that I've totally given up trying to figure out what you're trying to insinuate...

  2. That's funny, because I just came and quickly skimmed it and I know exactly what this blogger is trying to insinuate.

  3. Whether s/he means to be cryptic or means to be clear, it's obvious the blogger is not doing a very good job either way.

  4. I happen to think that whether you like what this blogger says or not, he/she is being quite clear.

  5. I honestly can't tell what the blogger is saying, so I don't know if I like it or not! Is s/he trying to say that the Dube/Moir relationship is a scam engineered by SC to hide a Virtue/Moir relationship? If so, why is the blogger treating SC as the villains rather than V/M themselves? And the whole thread of backwards "evidence" about a Virtue pregnancy being the reason why V/M haven't been skating this year is just ludicrous.

  6. You make some very interesting points. This entry especially interested me because Scott's "we're going to Monaco" announcement at last years' Worlds' press conference seemed to come out of left field. Scott and Tessa had been under intense scrutiny since winning the Olympics, and besides repeatedly saying there were not dating, they had also been careful to not mention any SO's names. It didn't fit what they had been saying up to that point for Scott to coyly, and deliberately, give an impression of a romantic retreat. Reading this entry reminded me how I felt at that time about this entire set-up.

    I never cared who was dating whom, but when the Monaco pictures made an appearance on a public wall on FB, it felt very much as if this were by design, to mock the fans who were gushing over V/M.

    This was when I really began taking notice of what they (the V/M camp and Jessica) were doing on FB, and going back to review what they had done before, to see if it had always been so pretentious and crass. I've seen enough to agree that their FB activities regarding Jessica/Scott have generally been tasteless and have lacked good judgment.

  7. Wow, you're correct. Jessica being in that picture is tacky tacky tacky!

    The way the picture is posed, with everyone in a little semi-circle, makes Jessica look front and center, with the feted Olympians looking smaller, more insignificant over there in the back (most especially Scott's gold-medal partner, Tessa).

    Whoever thought it was a good idea to take Jessica to this official presentation with the Prince and pose her in the official photos is an idiot.