Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's Wrong With This Picture? Nothing. Just Ask Skate Canada.

Skate Canada:  We're Stupid
(since 2006)

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  1. I just have to say that I like this blog. Some disturbing revelations, but you back everything up well. I seriously cannot believe how Virtue/Moir and the rest in this photo/inner circle and the rest of the federation can keep pushing this BS forward with a straight face.

    Question (and forgive me as it's not directly about the Dube and Moir sham): The two guys (Maxim C and Sean S,) on the right, are they shamming too? The short guy (Sean S) is my favorite skater and it's disrespectful to himself and especially fans that he or anyone else would play along with this tastless crap. It's a silly question I know, but if the guy's posing with the ultimate sham fest, I am guessing that he's hiding behind a fake facebook relationship too? At first I thought that it would be kind of perplexing to see one same-gender relationship covered up by another (fake) same-gender relationship. But then, hey, they probably just took a page out of the book of Dube and Moir! I'm just a fan and these are only "ideas", so if you know anything on the contrary or you may think I'm onto something, feel free to tell (or even imply) if you wish. Don't mean to be a nosy fangirl or to be off topic, but I'm curious and I just had to ask.