Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Way They Were

Jessica 2-footed the first double axel in time to do the second. 
 But why sweat it? Bryce finishes alone while Jessica
takes a leisurely set up to the next segment. 

Junior Worlds.
Junior Worlds

"With the injury to Bryce, I really had to look at my life, and what I wanted to do. It forced me to focus my time on skating singles, and found I really enjoyed it.”
 "In the last couple months I've been doing singles and doing other stuff. I had a lot of things change in my life and I really enjoyed it that way. I found some kind of spark again inside of me and I didn't really want to lose that. It's really bad timing with the injury, but I needed something to remind me of how I enjoy skating. I guess the injury made me realize that and that there was a lot of other things in life I wanted to change like go back to school and maybe do singles again and it made me make that decision."
"There was just something about returning to single skating that really helped me to find a spark inside again, and I want to continue pursuing singles even if I do return to pair skating."
Jessica Dube

Got that?  Jessica needed something to remind her of how she enjoyed skating, and Bryce's injury was just what she needed.





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  1. I was so (only partially) shocked when I found out about their split I almost fell (on a sit-spin).