Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What date and time did this "book signing" take place?

I'm backdating and sliding this in behind the more recent posts.

Here is Debbi explaining that she's in line to get Scott and Tessa's new book. Signed. That's how she says it. Each word its own sentence because, you know, we need help. Words is hard. So, yet another screen cap from Debbi's infamous tete a tete with Scott and Tessa at the Hershey Centre during Western Challenge, Dec. 2010.

Michael Scott of The Office waiting to get Scott and Tessa's new book. Signed.
So Debbi stands in line along with the camera that lives with her, because you know, she's not there for a pre-arranged interview. She's in line and the camera just happened to be there when it was her turn to approach the table. After telling Scott and Tessa what to write when they sign it, she wields the large microphone she has with her at all times and begins to chat with them.

The book signing above, we're told, is the concourse of the Hershey Center, and while in line Debbi shares that a big event is happening - almost as big as what's happening on ice in the arena. Scott and Tessa are signing. Very exciting says Debbi.

Yep. You can see the fans tripping over themselves up above - one in volunteer blue, another dude carrying volunteer blue, and a lady in the back looking at something she's holding. And Debs. All that's missing is a scrum. Falling down on the job, Barb?

A bunch of fans attended Western Challenge - one or two saw Scott in the corridor. What I want to know is when did this signing happen. Fans in attendance - those who reported from the arena - all seem to have missed it. Between what events? What day? What time of day? Anybody there for it?


  1. That is rather curious, now that you mention it. I remember the various reports from this Challenge, in Dec. 2010, and I never saw any references to a book-signing. Maybe it was just for 10 minutes, to give Debbi the opportunity to stand in line with her microphone. Hahaha

    (Debbi is just so so very busy as Marketing Director. Awww, look at her, helping to sell a book. Skate Canada must be so proud of her.)

  2. Don't think it's books they're selling at this "book signing."

    It could be legit - genuinely have been open to the general public (fans) attending Western Challenge, and the fans that didn't see this book signing, never saw Tessa, and only saw Scott could have just been around at the wrong times.

    Until someone comes up with the date and time and a first hand account, it's interesting to wonder if this were a made-for-Skatebuzz piece of stagecraft. It would cover a few agendas. One, despite saying "can't wait til next week - jtaime" on Jessica's wall, Scott would rather have Tessa with him, especially then, and here's a pretext. Two, Debbi gets to pop up a la "TWO programs!" and "We LOVE Lawrence & Swiegers!" to confirm that Tessa and Scott are super duper eager to compete at the upcoming Canadians. They want it more than anything, next to Tessa's good health, and Debbi is confident they'll be there on the ice or in the arena.

    And three, this "big event" gives the impression that a whole bunch of skating fans - line-ups of them - saw Tessa Virtue in person in December 2010, and fairly up close. Of course, I don't see any fans up there - I see what appears to be volunteers, Debbi, and perhaps venue personnel. But most fans will figure other fans saw her, how she looked, and from more than one angle, up close.

    But up above, in that clip, the only people seeing her work for Skate Canada, and the only angle real fans are getting are via a camera lens.

  3. I remember this interview, definitely thought the "in the lineup" thing was weird.

    I have another Debbi story to share, my "first exposure" to her. I had completely forgotten about this...a few months after the Olympics there was some sort of official event where TS were sitting on stools and being asked questions and the video was posted online. The one with the "how'd you learn how to be so polised with media, wait! I know, it was your parents." But there was also a story about Scott meeting some NHL players in the elevator at the Olympic Village. And I don't know if she herself didn't get it or if it was just her regular "translating for the stupids" thing, but the way she framed it, it sounded like the punchline was that Scott didn't recognize the players (how embarrassing!) when in fact the punchline was that he was cheeky enough to pretend that he didn't recognize them. And at the time I didn't even know who this lady was, but I was like ?!?! she was so excited to share this anecdote that she got the timing completely wrong.