Thursday, January 19, 2012


P.J. Kwong reports Jessica Dube has withdrawn from ladies singles at Canadians due to sudden onset tendonitis in her toe-pick leg.
I will miss Jessica's non-tendonitis jump technique in singles.

Well that's a shame.

Any moment now, I suppose she'll withdraw from the pairs competition too, since you need that toe pick for the split twist.

No? She's gonna gut it out? What a trooper.

I have to confess, when Jessica withdrew from singles, and since she spent most of her last singles competition on her ass, I thought - well, of course. She's not really training her singles skating, she was just saving face since she swore she split from Bryce due to her renewed "spark" for singles skating. And now she's over it. She had pretended it was singles skating prompting her decision - that she had no idea she'd soon have Sebastien in the bag. She certainly couldn't be all "screw singles" right away once she had a new partner. That would make her look all manipulative and stuff. She had to keep up her singles for a bit, just for form's sake. So when she withdrew from Canadians I was like - yeah, she's done.

How bad do I feel now? I had no idea a reason would actually be produced, that reason being singles skating situational tendonitis. It's kind of like the jump flu virus she suddenly came down with last year the day of her Canadians singles lp. Remember that? Her eyes were clear, her skin tone was normal, she spun like a top, spirals were smooth and steady, footwork decent and she sourpussed like a pro. But when it came to the lutz, salchow, flip - jump flu.

Here's her chance to make up for it and darn the luck - she's hit with singles foot. When she toes in for a lutz or flip in her singles program - ouch, ouch OUCH!!! When she toes in for her split double twist in pairs, everything's fine. Well, except for her being a 24 year old world bronze medalist backsliding to a double twist.

Although fans of her singles skating will be disappointed, at least her case of singles foot will not be a roadblock when she climbs the podium to receive her bronze medal in pairs.


  1. Is there a point when the wheels come right off this whole narrative? Maybe it's just that I'm now aware of what's really going on, but the crediblity-stretching-ness seems to growing exponentially each month. Like you said a few posts ago, it's not like they're grateful that fans have been polite, or like they're laying low hoping they can get away with their plans with minimum embarrassment. This crew really want to see how far they can go with it, don't they? Ick

  2. Is eveyone else like me??? Just getting sick of all the lies and Bullshit. I think it has run its course. Meaning Jessica's health issues. She wasn't healthy enough to compete in Singles, but didn't feel a thing when she performed with Sebastien??? How stupid do they think the FANS really are?( Or just that nieve)...... Don't even get me started on Tessa and Scott. They are down and out because of what Scott said at the GPF's... Enough already. Like enough. It is turning people off of the sport, more than it is turning people on to it... Scott's ego is way too big to practice what he preaches... Just get over the fact that you are the 2nd place team now... It is probablly why Roots dropped them. Too many lies yo keep up with... Next. That is why everyone is rooting for W/P now. You can only decieve for so long. Can you say curtain Call. They should have retired after the Olympics...On Top ( Barely)

  3. Why did Roots drop them? It was never explained.

  4. I don't agree that the lying is turning people off to the sport, or that Scott's ego is too big, or that everyone is rooting for W/P because of any lies, nor that V/M should have retired after the Olympics.

    I do agree with the blog that the lies have crossed the line into an outright hoax and that there are questionable things going on at Skate Canada; that there is massive ego, incompetence and egregious handling of V/M by Skate Canada that has also crossed the line into corruption.

    But I still love the ice-dance team of V/M, I'm not turned off to the sport (I'm just turned off to Skate Canada as a Federation), and although I like W/P very well I don't root for or against W/P because of anything to do with V/M's public personas. For Scott and Tessa's sake, I hope they put an end to all the lying sooner rather than later and that everything turns out well for them. I hope they don't retire anytime soon and they stay in as amateur competitors for years to come - they are a rare and beautiful talent and have much to offer their sport.

    I could care less about Skate Canada, and rather hope they would be the ones to some day face some serious accountability.