Thursday, April 28, 2011

Still Dickish

Still gross.

Still punks

In her forward to Scott and Tessa's book, the always astute-yet-tactful Tracey Wilson emphasized Scott and Tessa do things for the right reasons. That was interesting - she emphasized motives, not behavior or actions.

Where Scott and Tessa are coming from is where sanctimony lives. We are exceptional. A special case. We're not proud of our approach but we feel it's necessary. Our circumstances are unique.

That's bullshit and is always self-serving. It's down to stubborness and self-absorption, especially when no matter what your private feelings, you sell out on a personal level because it serves your interests. Oh wait - facebook isn't personal - it doesn't count. It's fan crap.

Other options available to Scott and Tessa are to get mature management and manage fan interaction maturely. They prefer be cheese-eating monkeys, smiling in everyone's faces, spitting out canned pageant-style sound-bites, normalizing the most out-of-bounds fan behavior and feigning naivete. Partly because this approach justifies the choices they've made - the overcooked, indecent social media manipulations, lies and calculations. Instead of forthrightly acknowledging that they, like every public figure, need privacy, they pretend they don't - they pretend to be ultra candid while living as the most secretive personalities in sports.

There's not a figure skater on this planet who discloses everything - even those who admit to dating or marriage know how to divert public interest to non-intrusive aspects of their partnership. Not these two. On facebook, Scott is OVERLY sharing of his "personal" life because what's shared is manufactured for the sharing. They're just so much smarter than us.

The pretext is Scott and Tessa belong to Canada. Fans are family. There are no secrets in family.  The medal is Canada's, THEY'RE Canada's. So they make shit up and dish it out to fans on facebook, in their book, in interviews and odd lot media ops, rearranging reality with lies and complete inventions. While the truth is they're more closed than the Mafia.  What Scott and Tessa put out to the public and on facebook is as real as Tony Soprano pretending to be in waste management. 

I don't know what it is - maybe the need to feel 100% in control of not just what's out there, but what people say and think (sorry, IMPOSSIBLE).  What people think of you is none of your business.  To obsess this much over it reveals the self-obsession of children.

They behave with fans so as to justify the necessity of the choices they make - but neither the behavior nor choices are necessary. 


  1. Very entertaining to watch Jessica try this and that on FB to mitigate all these allegations. So she created a "private" page, but still manages to make the "relationship" with Scott center stage. LOL
    It would be so much more believable if both she and Scott stopped trying so hard and so relentlessly to shove it in our faces.

  2. What are you saying - you don't ask your coach to pass on a message to your 'bf' on your public wall for the edification of your 4,000+ facebook fans/friends?

    Who doesn't do third-party SO messaging for an audience of strangers?

  3. It must have been sooo wearisome to think of posting the good wishes on the actual fb walls of the BF and the other special friends. How much more special and personal to send messages through a third party.
    What, you mean there are thousands of fans who will read the message? Never say so! Who would've thunk.

    Ah yes, Jessica being tasteful and tactful as ever.

  4. Do you think Jessica created a new facebook page because she's afraid of this blog?

    Or was it more about garnering some attention for herself during a Worlds competition where she's absent but she can still maneuver to try and kick Tessa out of the limelight next to Scott?

    Either way, she comes across as very self-centered.

  5. Lol this author is an idiot. You do realize how obvious it it is that you write all your own comments don't you?

    Speaking of which, learn how to write. This blog looks like it was done by a ten year old. And your claim that Tessa and Scott are secretly dating is insanity.

  6. ^^^i'd just like to say that im not the blogger, and have been wanting to say for the longest time i think that Scott is only with Jessica still because he cant dump someone who's face was fucked while he was dating her... he's to nice of a guy to do that... she'll always call him out for dumping her for the scar... or atleast he's worried about that...
    give me a break, there is NO way he would still be with her other then that... did anyone else see when Scott and Tessa won Gold at the Olympics and they panned up to his family and Jessica was there with them and she fucking shook her head and looked disgusted with his brother crying cuz he won! i felt the tension from here! I'm not her friend on facebook cuz i think she's a low life, especially with everything she's done to Bryce over the years...really, she is a horrible, horrible person and karma will kick her in the ass one day soon :)

  7. To the person who thinks this blogger writes his/her own comments:

    On what basis do you say that?
    I don't know this blogger but it's very clear he/she has no fear saying exactly what he/she thinks. It's ludicrous to think he/she would resort to talking with him/herself through anonymous comments. This person references him/herself as "Oy Canada" in the blog and I notice Oy Canada has responded to some comments. I don't see how that means that "most comments" are by the blogger.

    Perhaps it's more about your inability to fathom that anyone would agree with anything this blogger writes? Or to fathom that anyone would see things differently than you do? Does calling people names (insane, idiot, bad writer) make this blogger's opinions not worth reading and yours the only ones that count?

    By the way, I was able to come in here and post an anonymous comment with no problem (as did you). I imagine it's been just as easy for anyone else who wished to comment.

  8. To the last poster - Scott is not with Jessica. He's with Tessa. It's not that big a secret.

    To the others - while Jessica is a piece of work for many reasons, she is not the one who makes the decisions. With the obvious exception of a couple of weeks ago, the facebook antics are collaborative. Think of event production as a comparison - Jessica and Scott are the faces of it - others do the prep, scheduling and presentation.

    It's a misconstruction of this to believe she's running the "relationship on facebook" part of it. She's not. Jessica being the personality she is, though, makes a lot of what they've done more problematic than with a different girl.

    As to the byproduct of it seeming as if Jessica is marking her turf every time Scott and Tessa are in the spotlight - the timing is not Jessica's. Skate Canada and the Moirs/Virtues have not had a strong grasp of the big picture of fan perception. Instead of allaying fan suspicions that Scott and Tessa are together, the portrait they create is of a competitive, psycho, jealous girlfriend (Jessica) who wants the world to know she's his real partner and obliterate Tessa. I don't think Skate Canada was aware this impression was being created until after the reaction to the Monaco album.

    Training break is soon upon us. While Jessica's two facebooks are now private, including her walls, the profile picture still makes a statement. We'll be able to see the intentions for the season ahead after training break and a possible new profile pic.

  9. BellaDonna, I don't believe you. You are obviously just another pseud for this blogger. This blogger is clearly just talking to itself since of course, NO ONE believes anything written here and EVERYONE who visits this page thinks the blogger is crazy. Oh, and a bad writer, too.


    (I love this blog. I'm looking forward to lots and lots more bad writing) ♥

  10. well it doesnt really matter if you want to believe me or not...i have this name for a few other things like youtube etc so its not like its anything new for me...expect me to say what i want and be who i am...not this image you have deluded yourself to believe to make yourself feel better cuz heaven forbid anyone really reads this blog...Make an account and then we'll talk, until then stfu because i dont like being told im someone im fucking not bitch.

  11. BellaDonna, I believe that last anon was actually agreeing with you, and believing you, just using sarcasm about what the other anon was saying.

  12. *blush* oh :P my bad - damn computers lol cant tell how someone is really talking to you! lol

  13. BellaDonna, I'm the one who wrote the "I don't believe you" post. It's true, I was just being sarcastic. I'm sorry you misunderstood,I was trying to make fun of the poster who keeps insisting that the blogger is the one posting anonymous comments to him or herself.

    I like this blog and I'm a follower, if only as "anonymous" for now.

    Since this particular entry was about Scott and Jessica's facebook antics, I must say I'm anticipating, with much amusement, their upcoming vacation "sharing." Since they have supposedly made their private pages "more private" I can't wait to see how they will "accidentally" release some photos. My bet is on someone connected to the Moir family.

    These guys have become oh so predictable.

  14. Alma, Cara, Carol and Kate all went to Worlds and not a photo was shared. But we can set our watches by some photos of Danny's wedding recording Jessica's presence. Yo

    This is going to be so delightful for the Virtue/Moir family scrapbook in years ahead. Scott with a strange lady at all the family events, and reported with her in newspapers at the time.

  15. This picture needs to be continually changed to reflect the current "Jess" facebook profile picture. It appears that the objective continues to be the parading and proclaiming of the relationship status with Scott Moir.
    I would say everyone has gotten the message, you think?

    It's actually quite amusing to track the facebook pictures and the ever important advertising of themselves. Family members appear to also love playing their little game, selectively posting public pictures.
    I can't wait for the next installment of "couplehood". We should take bets on which event will be used next to publish the very prcious "relationship" of these self-proclaimed "private" people.
    (Lol, what a joke)