Sunday, April 17, 2011

Virtue/Moir Camp Gutless as Jessica Calls Their Bluff

Jessica is keen to remind everyone Scott is her "bf" in the past few days, isn't she? After months of restricting the old sham albums, she's unrestricted three of them at once and sought opportunities to reference her and Scott as "we". 

Jessica understands the benefits of being Scott's "official gf", particularly now.  It's not so much fun for Scott.  Unlike all times in the past, I don't believe her recent facebook conduct is coordinated with the Virtue/Moir camp.

A lot of fans could see this coming, knew dealing with Jessica would cause problems for Scott and Tessa in the end.  But what do fans know?

Camp Virtue/Moir's previous reasonable-enough comfort level with Jessica was down to one person - Bryce Davison. Although the public "relationship" creates a positively indecent impression of how Bryce is being treated, Bryce and his family are dear to the Moirs/Virtues and the Western Ontario figure skating world in general. He could be counted on to influence Jessica's conduct.

But Jessica no longer needs her "I need Bryce" act. She doesn't need Bryce cuing public and press to respond sympathetically to subpar performances and myriad "ailments".  She doesn't need him cheering her on so she has cover while making new arrangements for her future. And she's got a new Olympic cycle to build herself back into contention with someone else, in a partnership she dominates.

Jessica is a textbook narcissistic personality and always has been. Maybe Virtue/Moir Co. should familiarize themselves with what that is.

This is Jessica

This season and last Jessica tired of the tedious one way street of her sham obligations. Now she's unprivated her photos to remind people of her connection to Scott, recruiting him by association to endorse her recent decisions.

Jessica is fighting hard to shut down criticism. She'll insist people who don't want to support her do support her. They won't be able to stay silent or disappear, she will aggressively reach out, call on them, demand they respond to her. Her making certain photos public is part of this.

Virtue/Moir had no Plan B nor put together an exit strategy. They find her annoying but felt in control, thanks to Bryce.

Now, they are retrenching from some fan push back on the sham and 4CCs and Jessica's turned the tables. Public relations wise, Scott and Tessa have always been wimps and Jessica has been - her whole life - a lowest common denominator operator. Remember that, and Jessica's predictable. When she finds your Achilles, she sees leverage and behaves to take advantage. Scott and Tessa's Achilles are their (and particularly Tessa's) willingness to say and do almost anything other than cop to the truth of their relationship, especially after digging themselves into an even deeper hole this season. No doubt Jessica's relishing the upper hand after the indignities she was made to suffer during their Olympic year.

I didn't know any of this in specificity was going to happen, but I knew Virtue/Moir better watch out. Jessica's social media aggression is distasteful considering she's ditched an injured partner, claimed to be newly dedicated to singles, and turns out to have poached the partner of a teen-age "little sister" but she'll brazen through because when it comes to moral stands in this situation, Scott and Tessa are gutless.

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  1. I have always been of the opinion that Jessica has hugely benefited from being associated with Mr. Scott Moir. It doesn't look like he, or the Moir's, for that matter, mind in the least.

    Jessica may have just landed a new skating partner, but the biggest feather in her cap is Scott and she's not averse to making sure the whole world is aware of that fact.