Monday, April 25, 2011

Idle Observations

Tessa wearing Tiffany's Key Pendant, January 2009

Jessica With Tiffany Key Pendant December 2009
Courtesy Alma Moir's Public Facebook Wall Album
"Moir Rock Band Xmas 09!!"

Thank you Jessica.  We SEE it.

Contrecoeur Party 2009
(Pictured:  Adeline Canac and Maxim Coia)

Trophy Eric Bompard, October 2009
Early December 2010

Courtesy Jessica Dube's Public Facebook Wall Album
"Xmas 2010!"
 Scott's Turn

Short End of the Stick From Day One


  1. When i saw those gifts Scott got i was like omg who gets a guy a purse? even if it is for toiletries i think that is just the gayest gift you can give a guy and it really says i dont know who you are too...even his face says fail.