Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Record Straight

Lately, more than ever, Facebook Jessica is eager for the world to understand the sort of person she is.

To save her time rescuing stray puppies, consoling orphans, spreading happiness and cheerfully enduring inconvenience, let’s stipulate that if you x-ray’d Jessica Dube you’d find a basketful of:

Bluebells                         Stars                                Hearts
Bluebirds                        Butterflies                      Dew Drops**
Rainbows                       Cupcakes                         Snowflakes
Lollipops                        Birthdays                        Kisses
Angels                             Christmas                       Ribbons, and
Fairies                             Kittens*                           Smiles***
Sparkles                         Dreams


You're welcome Jessica.
*Bunnies may substitute for Kittens
**or Bubbles
***and Grandma


  1. Don't forget to add lots of:
    "My BF, Scott Moir"

  2. Not as of yesterday...

  3. Hmmm, yes, but knowing Jessica, who knows what that means. For all we know, she's rearranging her photos so as to have her precious association with the popular ice dancer more front and center than ever.
    (I'll believe it's not so only if there is indeed some kind of undeniable evidence that such an association is no longer. For now, I don't think it means a thing.)