Saturday, January 12, 2013

Make up your minds

 From the latest article on Virtue/Moir.
Most of the choreography happened at the Arctic Edge ice rink in Canton, Mich., just outside Detroit, where the couple trains. In Canton, Virtue lives in an apartment with her mother, and Moir lives in his own place nearby. They return to their parents’ homes in the London area on weekends, a weekly pilgrimage to escape Canton’s insular skating world.

Canton's insular skating world? They found a reporter who'd swallow that one?

Canton doesn't give a fuck about figure skating and neither does Ann Arbor or Detroit. They can walk out of that rink and nobody knows who the hell they are. What an insult to the Detroit area. Unlike, say, Ilderton, most people in Canton have other stuff on their minds besides what's going on in the rink at Arctic Edge.

But they lie to this reporter and say they flee each weekend to Canada, to places like Ilderton, because God knows "insular skating world" can't describe Ilderton or London. What a relief to spend time where it's not all about skating!

This is just more putting up a front to the Canadian fans. Canadian fans are the ones they lie to and manipulate the most on social media, so the idea is to kiss ass and flatter Canadian fans as much as possible in legit media. They are con artists - or wannabes.

Tessa has said she and Scott are only allowed in the States 180 days out of the year - that's less than six months out of the year - but she "lives" in Canton instead of say, across the border, and Canadian Kate Virtue does as well? Mommy got a visa to live with her 23 year old during weekdays in Canton, MI even though the girl claims to return home every weekend? What the hell for?

They are such liars. The question is, do they dupe the reporter or is the reporter a pal who is helping them out?

I think they choose the reporter they can manipulate. Do Scott and Tessa have to hunt for eager journalists who are thrilled to get the coup of face time with Olympic champions, so eager they will write lies in the first person or be so excited about the opportunity they're easily manipulated? Or seek journalists outside the "skating journalism" pool? Because established skating journalists don't write about Scott and Tessa in the journalist's own voice. They report what Scott and Tessa say, instead of reporting those lies as independently verified facts. That's how they get around reporting on a couple who lie as often as they breathe air.

Another thing - Tessa and Scott rarely make themselves available for in person interviews, even with established outlets, but one of the "journalists" they granted an audience with last year was so green he apparently saw the opportunity as a career maker since he tweeted about it as it was taking place and linked to it on twitter constantly afterwards. That was an interesting choice of interviewer for them, but I guess he fit their criteria.

These two darling figure skaters couldn't be making a habit of seeking out the "journalist" they can manipulate, could they? That would be so unlike them.

If mommy lives with her why do they return to their parents' homes on weekends. Mommy is her parent and already lives with her, according to her. Mommy can't stay behind "in Canton" unless her visa is more leniant than her daughter's, so the two of them are always, always together, is that it? In Canton, and then they spend the weekend together too, in Canada.

Scott's own place nearby is indeed very nearby - whichever side of the bed they share he prefers.

I enjoyed Tessa lamenting that people associate her personality with that of Carmen now. Who does that, Tessa? Where? Is that another fake problem like the Clooney problem? Is she still insulting people with the idea that they can't tell the difference between performance and off-ice?

She mourns that it's always the negative things that stick with you.

Yes. And let's pretend this is really happening. People associate her with Carmen, just like they got her and Scott on ice all mixed up with real life, just how it happens with George Clooney. People are idiots like that. When Michelle Kwan skated Salome at age 15 people thought of her as a lethal seductress afterwards.

Skating fans. The worst.

In her mind she may be getting a bad rap from imaginary people who associate her with Carmen now, or, like the Clooney crap, she's totally making it up (that would be more like her) but why complain? It's better than if she were getting a universal bad rap from all the lying and manipulating she actually does do to the skating public (and apparently to credulous journalists cherry picked by her and Scott for gullability). That complaint took gall.

The Virtue and Moir families have produced two outrageously entitled little mini divas. In the same interview that Tessa is whinging about a made up problem - people associate her personality with Carmen - she's forcing more complete lies into the public domain (including that one). And she has the balls to adopt a pose of being misunderstood? She wants to be misunderstood. That's the whole fucking point.

It seems to me her psychology education hasn't done much for her if it hasn't taught her to understand the difference between what she feels about something, and facts. Someone who routinely confuses the two is a diva.

There's no doubt people who love her would object to that characterization and object to describing Scott that way as well, but if you insist on making decisions based on how you feel about something, whether or not it's founded in reality, and if you believe because of your feelings it's your right to lie and manipulate people, and then turn around and profit from your lying, you're a brat. And that's the nicest word for it.

P.S. there's someone who visits the comments section and insists this blog is a publicity arm of Scott and Tessa themselves, that it's doing Scott and Tessa's bidding. If this person sincerely believes that, it's ridiculous. But, at the same time, Scott and Tessa know they get new assholes ripped every time they produce swill like this article, so it's difficult not to think these lies are bait. A bid for attention, negative attention. They do need something to point to (other than shit Tessa makes up and lies about) to justify all the lying they do.

It's entirely backwards - they lie huge, then the blog reacts, and then they can point to the blog as evidence that they need to lie (look how closely the blog picks at them!) - but hey, we're talking about the skating fandom and based on how Tessa and Scott have lied to the fandom throughout their public history, they don't worry much about lack of logic being an obstacle when they set out to work fans over.

I have noticed that this time the places that usually get all worked up when there's a new interview are a whole lot more quiet. It's nice when people who have supported someone wholeheartedly suddenly wake up to the possibility that the person they support don't give a shit and and actually can't stand them. In Scott and Tessa's case, their current, primary interest in their supporters is in shifting responsibility for their bullshit from themselves onto their supporters. That's the only purpose of this article.

All the negative stuff Scott and Tessa claim to believe about the public, that justifies the hoax in their minds, is clearly stuff they want to be true. It's not a challenge they faced. It's an excuse they were seeking. An excuse for what? There's a side of them tired of being perfect little role models and it feels good to treat the great unwashed like trash on the down low, to work them over, and, by implication (Tessa's stories about how her performances are wrongly associated with who she is in real life) - blame them, insult them, treat them as stupid? Are Scott and Tessa that insecure that they require a scapegoat onto whom they can exorcise their resentments? They have to put on a good kid face to everyone else - let's invent the Evil Public so Scott and Tessa can get their frustrations out on a bunch of strangers, act out on the internet, and feel justified.

Or are Scott and Tessa just that arrogant, just that spoiled, that indecent, self-obsessed, and completely lacking in any understanding of what it means to be compassionate or empathetic because, if it's not personal to them, they are incapable of getting it?

It used to look as if this sham turned a couple of very nice people into people who did some very mean things. But now it looks as if this is just who they are. The sham isn't a bungle - it's a mirror. The whole charade of privacy and the barrier is a made up situation they hide behind because the solution they've invented excuses them taking all the negative shit inside them out on fans, and apparently they have a lot of nastiness built up inside them that needs an outlet, and, as fans are powerless, fans are universally resented and at the bottom of the totem pole, fans get the shit kicked out of them by Scott and Tessa.

What they're doing is pretty cold, so there's that too.


  1. I saw a comment on FSU that this was a "very well written article." Lol. It was about complaining and whinging throughout -- they wish to push the boundaries in spite of fans' wishes (whine), their FD has reignited an obsession with their private lives (really? where? And more whinging). The fictional Carmen has been linked to Tessa's real life (really? where? More whinging). They need to go home to escape Canton (whine).

    But my favorite part is about Tessa living with her Mom and then Scott and Tessa needing to run home every weekend. Yeah right. Tessa's an adult, but Kate needed to move away from home to be with her, across the border - what for? To hold her hand? Tessa can't make it on her own in-between-weekends from the parents' home that is only a couple hours away? And oh yeah, escape Canton by running home to Mom and Dad? *rolleyes* Yeah, that sounds real for two people in their mid-twenties.

    I'm trying to find anything in this article that is not a bunch of b.s.

    1. The article was one big lie at the expense of fans, of course. They can never stop insulting fans, treating them with contempt, refusing to offer even elementary respect. Every word out of their mouths when it comes to the public is a whine, or it's patronizing, or it's displaying an insulting level of condescension from a couple of undereducated people without the right to feel that way about anybody. A lot of idiots have won Olympic gold, you know. It's too bad these two are turning out to be two more of those - entitled, spoiled, self-obsessed and allergic to accountability. They'd rather turn it around on strangers. Why is that? They're spoiled, that's why is that. That's the real message behind their talk of being "unique.'

      Of all of their programs, I have never seen the fandom more excited than they were about this Carmen, about what was happening on the ice. The classic music, the eternal dynamics of the man/woman relationship, the contemporary movement, the spectacular final lift. It was ALL about the skating for the fans. The skating.

      Little did fans know how inconvenient Scott and Tessa would find this intense interest in their skating. We're supposed to be interested in THEM. In their personal life. How else is the seven year scam they've worked on the public justified?

      So Tessa presents her victimhood. Did we know people associate her with Carmen and it hurts her feelings? She's a liar and she knows she's lying. That's manipulation. Did we know that the program is sexy and apparently nobody can focus on the skating?

      Fuck you both.

      It's funny, Jennifer Swan (a major contributor to the Carmen choreography) is quoted here and she belongs to a completely different article. She seems to have no idea she is supposed to treat the public reading this article as if they're mentally challenged. She's forthright and specific about the goals and the process. She's direct - she's not aiming for several fathoms below the lowest common denominator. Was she not clued in to the purpose of this article?

      With articles like these, it is Tessa and Scott themselves who are trying to shift the focus from the skating to the two of them as personalities, complete with the Tessa burdened by how fans confuse her with her on ice performances.

      Fuck you, Tessa, for real. I am so fucking sick of the two of them, who have made a complete debacle of their public persona, their public narrative, their relationship with fans, all due to their insular mindset, arrogance and complete lack of all common sense, continuing to try and shift it all onto the fans.

      Fuck you. It's the two of you who made a huge fucking mistake, who executed an illogical, overblown, arrogant and instinctively meanspirited hoax on the public in order to protect your very special reality, and all you can do is continue to sling mud at the fans who have tolerated this from you far more than you deserve. Where did they get the entitlement to treat people like garbage? WHERE did they get the idea that they aren't responsible for how they're perceived, that's it all OUR fault? They accept no responsiblity ever.

    2. "Did we know that the program is sexy and apparently nobody can focus on the skating?"


      I really want to enjoy their skating next weekend at Nationals. I hope they shut up about all this crap so that it doesn't interfere with my enjoyment of this wonderful Carmen FD. It's about the skating, did they forget that somehow?

      And no Tessa, in spite of my enthusiasm for your skating and especially your two programs this season, I am not and never have been confused about the on-ice and off-ice personas.

    3. They'll never shut up. They're too busy pandering to the folks at home who apparently need reassurance every time Scott and Tessa open their mouths, people who will never feel good unless there's somebody they can be one up on.

    4. I like how fans are apparently sophisticated enough to grasp Carmen's psychology in a 4 minute ice dance program but too stupid to understand that the chick wearing white boots and blades with her black fishnets is only playing a part.

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  2. The only person I saw who made a big deal of Tessa not being so sweet and innocent and being totally up to playing Carmen was Scott himself at Skate Canada. Not a single fan ran with that and said Tessa was like Carmen.

    I think you're right. It's just like when they said that stuff about George Clooney.

    The reporter sure feels sorry for them, though.

    1. Exactly. It was Scott, and Scott alone, who said Tessa wasn't too sweet and innocent for Carmen, and if people thought so, they didn't know her at all.

      As you say, not a single fan ran with that. But here they are, pretending that fans are mixing up on and of ice.

      The more they do that, the more horrible they seem. It's not even the lies that are horrible. It's the insult that's horrible. It's the blame game - they made a mess, by God, and fans will take the blame. You don't expect them to be accountable, do you? They're Scott and Tessa!

      They seem frighteningly amoral and narcisstic. Everything they do in public is based on mind fucking and the old "turn it around" standby that is the narcissist go-to. A narcissist has no frame of reference but their own feelings and perceived needs.

      With every interview, Scott and Tessa make the case that they are self-involved to a degree that rises to the level of narcissism. Otherwise, they would simply change the subject and refocus. Move on. Talk skating. There's no need to make everything they've done before add up. Refocus. Be intelligent. Take a cue from Jennifer Swan. Talk about what you're actually doing. Don't talk about stuff you've made up, with the purpose of making fans feel like they're stupid pieces of shit.

      The very people they have manipulated and lied to, they insist on insulting simply to get themselves off the hook.

      Of course it's George Clooney all over again. The arrogance is something to see.

    2. "Talk about what you're actually doing. Don't talk about stuff you've made up, with the purpose of making fans feel like they're stupid pieces of shit."

      Like you've said, they do this mostly when it's a competition in Canada, for Canadian fans. I think not only do they like making the fans feel stupid and to blame for Tessa and Scott's poor besieged feelings, they're also trying to set the scene for any plans they've cooked up as far as having the new girlfriend/boyfriend around at the competition venues.

    3. Well, I do do some thinking aloud on this blog. The hostility and meanness that comes through in interviews like this latest really makes you wonder about these two. They are so FIXED on an approach that is super nasty. They refuse to modify in any meaningful way. Any modification is for their own benefit, not to soften their treatment of the fans. The absolute only glimpse of humanity from either of them was when Scott was called out on the whole "profile picture" scam and he provided a candid of him and Tessa (two, in fact) and from then on his fanpage profile shots were him and Tessa. But he never behaved as if that was an attitude (more considerate, less manipulative) that could apply to other fan outreach. He and Tessa just continued working the same scams in the same way HARDER. All the modifications were for their benefit, not to treat fans more decently. There's nothing improved on that score. And they don't seem to have noticed the fandom quieting down and backing off at all. The fans get no credit. In fact, Scott and Tessa work hard to get fans to behave badly, by baiting and stinging fans. And if fans don't take the bait, Scott and Tessa ignore that fact and make shit up about them - like this Tessa-is-like-Carmen crap.

      Are they damaged? Are they idiot savants of some sort - skating geniuses, geniuses of their relationship with each other, but absolutely whacked in every other way?

      Lately I've been looking at the Ilderton/London situation and the eight gazillion people from there who claim a connection with Scott and Tessa and like to have that validated maybe more often than either Scott or Tessa (mostly Scott) can put out. He can pull together an event such as a "road trip" to Detroit for his old buddies, take them to the locker room, have them meet Babcock, but he really can't be part of the whole community - he never was in the same way his parents are - not since he and Tessa hit elite level. They moved on. They were international. It's a conundrum because I'm sure they need the touchstone of their home town, but it's very different than the ways their home town community "needs" them, and the expectations, and yes, the entitlements their home town feels towards them.

      I do feel Scott does most of that wrangling and covers his lack of availability with charm, but I can't help wondering sometimes if fans are Scott and Tessa's scapegoat for the home town situation they have no way of dealing with - the posessiveness and neediness and entitlements of their hometown skating community, their old buddies/friends, and everyone who knew them when.

      Make no mistake, these people may not go on the internet and gossip their heads off about Scott and Tessa, but they sure do a whole lot of talk on a community level. Scott and Tessa's business is the town's business - all of Scott and Tessa's business, not just their skating business. It's all swept under the "family, community, hometown" umbrella but obviously there's more to it. Scott and Tessa are that town's credential, and the credential - social and otherwise - of many people living there.

      How fun is that, really?

    4. I am beginning to believe that it's really the enormous, extensive community of their hometowns that demonstrates the behavior Scott and Tessa implicitly put on fans, and Scott and Tessa's terribly unfair treatment of fans is classic displacement. This hometown issue is never going to go away while Scott and Tessa are eligible. I do wonder if their stress actually comes from there.

      In their small community, the ownership, the I want a piece of you, the "acknowledge me", the competing bids for pieces of their time, reassurance they haven't changed/moved on, that at heart Scott and Tessa are still like them - is never ending. Prove it and prove it again. It's not fans. It's THOSE folks.
      Scott and Tessa can't do shit about it - they can't confront it. They can only wrangle it (with help from their immediate families).

      I've seen enough to feel a big schism between who these people represent themselves to be and the childish, often bitchy, needy and busybody way they actually talk about Scott and Tessa, the entitlement they feel to be part of their lives and to chew over their personal businesss, like they're community property.

      Scott and Tessa belong to that town and that town is always seeking reassurance and affirmation that Scott and Tessa agree.

    5. Take, for example, the bizarre split between how Scott/Tessa talk about Meryl/Charlie and their training center, and how their nearest and dearest talk about it. Is the Ilderton/London/Points Beyond skating community threatened by/competitive with, Scott and Tessa's close attachment to their American skating partners, their Russian-Canadian coach, and their attachment to Michigan? Are Scott and Tessa called upon to repeatedly declare their greater love for London/Ilderton? Look at the ridiculous diss of Canton in this article. Talk about projection. Flee to Ilderton and London to escape Canton's skating insularity? Insecure much, Ilderton?

      Does Ilderton likewise believe that the "skating fandom" are the real pests - need to believe it - while their own constant .02 is welcome and valuable and they're entitled to give it unasked?

      Back to the weird hostility and competitive feeling even some Moirs seem to feel towards Michigan and Arctic Edge (and Marina and D/W) - Patrick Chan seems to have a similar affinity for Americans and America as Scott/Tessa, but he's not called upon to validate Canada every time he opens his mouth the way Scott and Tessa seem to be. Chan seems to feel pretty free to speak his mind. And Both Scott and Tessa love him. Maybe they have more in common than they admit and what Chan says is how Scott and Tessa feel but can never ever ever admit.

      Whatever stresss can arise by being considered the personal property of hundreds and hundreds of people who actually know you and your family (versus hundreds/thousands of anonymous, predictable fans), it is extremely unfair to scapegoat fans for it.

    6. It does make sense they would feel enormous pressure from their home towns. You'd think it would make it all so much worse to pick a sham girlfriend from among the hometown crowd. Goodness, talk about a whole group of people feeling they're a part of your business, as it's been obvious this particular group of friends has a proprietary stake in this "relationship."

    7. Picking a home town "girlfriend" is like chum to the sharks, so to speak. It's like flinging red meat over your shoulder and running.

      Their problem is being trapped. They are obviously not set up to set anyone straight or have come to Jesus meetings and hurt the feelings of people they know, and alienate them. The ambivalence must be huge. They can avoid only so much - at other times they - or mostly Scott - has to pay homage and demonstrate he's the same guy and these are still the people who count the most. As I speculated in another post - apart from a shared history that moves further into the past with every year that goes by, what do Scott and Tessa have in common with the home crowd anymore? Even skating isn't enough. Stuff like the sham enhances the status of these people and make them involved without requiring a whole lot of actual time from Scott (although I'm still dying for a full body, stand up shot of Scott and CH side by side. In a bunch of photos I've seen, either the rest of the Medway/Fanshawe group is petite, or she's quite a tall girl - taller than Scott.) The sham also validates their proprietary interest in Scott/Tessa. The real relationship is only known by "insiders".

      (That's not strictly or even loosely true, but it's not official and not on the record.)


    8. The people who are overinvested don't just include his peers, it's the whole gang connected to that particular skating "community" and it's enormous. People Alma's age and older, on down to their own age. They all know Scott and Tessa's business and they all talk about it. Everybody's got stories, everybody owns a piece of it, a lot of people are big on the unsolicited advice and comments. It's like Scott and Tessa are both community members and celebrities. As community members they can't blend in, but they're expected to be accessible, humble, unchanged, and just as attached to home as ever. But as celebrities, they have to accept everyone they know being an expert on their lives and not being shy about sharing their expertise loudly.

      I was initially very puzzled as to the bitchiness from older Moirs & Co. when Meryl/Charlie won Worlds in 2011. It seemed personal. WTF? Then when Meryl/Charlie won GPF, one of the Moir associates got even more personal and called Meryl "10" (as a sarcastic slap at the score she and Charlie got). They insulted her and Charlie's skating.

      OTOH you've got Scott and Tessa, who, no matter what the speculation is on the internet, truly trust Meryl and Charlie. It's a real friendship. These are people who really "get it". They're there when needed and mind their business when they're not. There's lots and lots of mutual trust and gratitude.

      So why does the Ilderton crew run them down - and in public? Are they jealous? Are they jealous of what Scott and Tessa have said about them - the understanding, the fact that D/W always have their backs, what a relief it is to be in any kind of stressful situation and know Meryl/Charlie are there?

      It comes off like jealousy. It's not the petty crap about their skating, although they indulge in that too. To me it comes across as jealousy and being possessive. Meryl/Charlie aren't "one of us.".

      Scott and Tessa's "secret" (not much of a secret in the non-internet realm) also belongs to "us" - the hometown community. If the world knew it, Scott and Tessa would belong to the world. They belong to Ilderton! Keeping certain things down low help keeps it that way.

      When I was writing the post above, my slams at Scott and Tessa stemmed from the gap between their claimed rationale for the sham, and how they sham. As their rationale disappears, you'd think they'd lighten up, but the sham is as rotten as it ever was. When you apply logic tests to what they say, and then look at what they do, there's a gap. When you apply logic tests to what they say and what is actually true (the insular Canton skating community, people now associate Tessa's personality with Carmen's), there's a larger gap. So something has to account for that gap, and at this point, with their re-animation of some of their most spiteful and unfair verbal manipulations, it's easy to think - well, the gap is what it is with lot of people - they're assholes. They're not just acting like assholes due to a conflation of circumstances and the accumulation of past decisions - they are flat out spoiled, narcissistic douchebags, and there you go.

      But OTOH, I look, as I said, at how Ilderton represents itself and what a bunch of busybodies, catty, often boorish collection they can be, and how the Moirs are the most prominant family in the town, and all the small town personal politics that arise from that, and it ain't so sweet. If your beloved hometown heroes truly love and respect their training mates, for instance, you ought to show respect to that. If you don't, then your claim on Scott and Tessa is more about your ego needs than true affection for them, and I think there's a ton of both in that town and nearby.

  3. Tessa & Scott are just Nasty People. Why don't they just Retire? I feel like taking a shower after everytime I watch them. So Fake!!!

  4. I wish the Crowd will turn their backs on them @ 2013 Worlds, literally and figuratively after the way they have played with their fans over the years. It finally caught up to them. GOOD!!!

  5. I was reading a profile of Alec Baldwin recently. He's crazy, but the part that resonated was he came from a very large family. There's more than the brothers who came along after him and had mediocre careers - there's an extended family. With economic hardship, illnesses, etc., there was a point when Alec Baldwin was, as the article put it "The river out of which everyone drank."

    Get a famous person in your life, suddenly people latch on. Even family.

    The media always plays it as a fantastic asset that Scott and Tessa hail from enormous families who are so supportive and so interested in skating, and so many home town friends who never left home town. But even back in 2010 some of that sounded suffocating to me and not the ideal environment to enjoy a marriage, for example. If they had a giant family and community in Toronto, or in a larger, diverse place with a lot going on, it might be fun. Coming from a town where they're the biggest thing from it feels claustrophobic. I'm sure it's comforting to some of these people to sustain this idea of the barrier Scott and Tessa, training in Michigan, not on twitter or facebook, able to go under the radar at will - must erect against "fans". When "fans" are the problem there's no need to look at yourself as anything but a plus. Maybe it's time they did.

  6. oh my god!!! you do not know how I laughed! tessa who lives with his mother?? and the poor husband has left him alone in london? I do not think so! scott who lives alone? and to prepare food every day, wash and clean the house? scott! poor fellow! and the child lives in Ilderton / london and visit him over the weekend? or live in one of the two houses? or tessa /her and scott who live with their mother-in-law! and they don't go to bed toghether?? ahahahahahaha!! but journalists should inform themselves first in order to verify the answers! incompetent!

  7. Scott washes and cleans better than most.

    The 'journalist' doesn't know there's a child, that they're married, and obviously knows nothing but what VM and Skate Canada have said about how fans responded to Carmen. Or, the journalist knows and was willing to lie without covering their own ass (as other journalists do when they simply tell us what Scott and Tessa say).

    Were some fans silly about Carmen? Yes - I can think of one online fan that was extremely ridiculous about what they're doing on the ice. The end. That fan is mostly ignored by the rest.

    As Tessa tells it, Kate must just scootch over when Ryan or David or Fedor come to call.

    The journalist really showed their ass with the 'insular Canton skating world' line, and how Scott and Tessa at 25-23 go home to their parents' homes (not their place in London or to their own Canadian homes. They are living precisely as would middle-school junior figure skaters, only with a bit more supervision and parental oversight).

    This one was about as good as the "lip bump" story they told after the Olympics.

    If they go home to London and Ilderton every single weekend it is because they have a child. The end.

    Verify the answers? Did a single journalist bother to verify whether or not Scott and Tessa were in each other's presence during the time they claim to have neither seen each other, spoken, nor communicated in any way? They were on television during that time! Did the journalist who reported the asinine lip bump story google any images of Virtue Moir before writing about how awkward it was when his lip by mistake grazed hers?

    These people aren't journalists, they are publicists.

    oc, not logged in

    1. "As Tessa tells it, Kate must just scootch over when Ryan or David or Fedor come to call."

      I find it all kinds of weird that Tessa doesn't mind giving out this suggestion, but she apparently will die of distress and embarrassment if anyone thinks she and Scott are living together.

      And the whole idea that they live in their parents' homes every single weekend is just laughable. I think when people read this stuff they suspend reality - oh, it's Tessa and Scott, their unique uniqueness makes them different from all the other young adults of their culture - and so both reader and some journalists don't question anything, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.