Friday, January 18, 2013

No backlash there, but they do have this thread:
The responses are less than Canadian-centric and even less so Virtue-Moir centric (Underhill & Martini and Kurt Browning are pulling in some votes) - although VM's Latin FD from 2011 got a couple of nods and someone did vote for their Carmen.

If this backlash has managed to breach internet server walls and filter its way to Scott and Tessa's pure, delicate, internet-free ears, it should be a whole lot easier to find. I shouldn't be having to visit every single damn skating site on the web with any type of activity on it and then peel through layers of back discussion to see if it might be there.

Oh well - onward! Maybe tumblr is all upset with them! Or maybe or the icenetwork discussion board! It's gotta be on the internets somewhere. Unfiltered.

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