Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scott's got himself another brain trust

No doubt Ms. Holbin Hilborn (thanks, below) is a lovely girl. But in her as yet brief run as Scott's social media girlfriend, she has had three public facebook names.

Cassandra Holbin Hilborn
Brooke Cassandra, and, as of yesterday
Cass Brook

That last one is just sad.

You know how you get privacy without hurting your brain thinking up facebook name changes? Switch out your public cover photos. But no. When her facebook is found, she waits til the photos of interest are posted on the blog, and then creates a new screen name to demonstrate that she and Scott are all about the privacy and they never intended the photo to get put here, but she leaves the photo public.

"She" of course meaning "the sham."

It seems as if it would be more convincing if she'd just switch out her publicly visible cover photo to one that doesn't feature Scott, but these people are pretty fucking lazy in the bullshit department. They half ass everything.

As this will go on awhile (just wait til London Worlds!), I want to help out with some proposed facebook names courtesy of the numerous name generators on the web (hip hop, gangsta, pop star, pirate, Mafia, vampire, Mexican wrestler and Star Wars). Just plug in Ms. Holbin's Hilborn's three facebook names and get:

Coco Lipps
Miss Tricky
Candy the Spy
Nicola the Hammer
Rosa Scarface
Vampire Madeline the Immortal
Butt Ugly Elanor Cutty
Pirate Azriel the Black
Iron Deficient Bella
Casho Holin, and
El Sombrero Misterioso

Any time.

P.S., as this season wears on it becomes ever clearer that Scott shut down his fan facebook because he knew Sham V.2 was coming and thought it was a good time to hide out.


  1. Her last name is Hilborn...

  2. Thanks! Must get the spelling right seeing as they are so reluctant to be identified.

    She's one of the Fanshawe/Medway/UWO crowd. Scott's "buddies" who spent years hyping up Jessica/Scott on facebook.

    The blog has spent a few posts speculating that the sham has become fodder to make their friends/family feel needed, and as a surrogate for the time Scott himself can rarely spend with them. By pulling a girl from the center of the old crowd, they can help out ("you two are so cute!" even more easily than they did with Jessica.

  3. I can almost hear Cass Brooke whining, "Nooo, leave me aloooone!" as she makes another half assed attempt at hiding her Facebook.

    1. Fucking over the fans is a bonding experience for the old gang. And Scott buys more time for himself because he's got them involved as surrogates. Similar to how it works with neighbors/community. They're involved, but these activities are also buffers between him and them.

    2. Nothing says good old fashioned fun like fucking over the fans! Cass really needs to replace her sister with Scott in trunks in her profile pic if she really wants us to believe that he loves her as much as he loved Jessica.

    3. Nothing says "attention whore" more than acting self important enough to change your name so those pesky fans can't find you. Ever hear of privacy settings? You know you can block people from adding you. But common sense is not part of the sham.

    4. It's a pose, for God's sake. She's not trying to hide, she's trying to LOOK like she's trying to hide. Big difference. It's all a scam.

  4. the thought that she's trying to be accessible to the people who might be looking for her in her REAL fucking life doesnt justify anything?...

    if she blocks it all off AGAIN, someone who she might have gone to elementary school for one year with who thinks about her wont be able to find her...what is so hard to understand about that?

    Yes, She did block it all off once already, did you know that?

    1. 4:07

      Really? She must stay accessible with a cover photo featuring Scott?
      Agreed, she has a right to do anything with her page, including post a photo with Scott Moir.

      But - The public has the right to view, and discuss, anything that's in the public domain.

      What is so hard to understand about that?

    2. nothing is hard to understand about what you are clearly dont get what the fuck i was saying...

    3. Ranting anon - you are not being logical. Are you seriously martyring this woman because fans found her facebook after Scott’s movember page was set up and baited with the express purpose of LEADIng fans to her facebook and getting her brand new profile picture spread around the fandom?

      That profile photo was hosted on instagram and tumblr and God knows where else, people had found her facebook and she still kept it open. She blocked her facebook after the photo was put on the blog because then the job was complete - the photo had found its target audience everywhere.

      She opened it again when it was time to sham again. And she’s shamming now - the cover photo is still there, still public.

      She’s not changing her facebook name so fans can’t find her but her friends can. That makes no sense.

      Ever heard of privacy settings? She’s not using them cause Canadians is coming up and they want the photo public. Instagram is ignoring it so far, so is tumblr, so is the addicted page, so there’s not the same number of people taking over for her facebook. Her facebook has to stay on the job.

      Your righteousness on her behalf is a waste of time and it’s foolish. If a girl finds it a challenge to balance shamming with Scott Moir and actual, real life use of facebook, maybe she shouldn’t volunteer her profile picture, her photo albums and her cover photo as the latest vehicle to fuck with her old buddy’s fans, bait them, and help run his latest romantic charade. Oh the humanity – fans found her facebook!

      That was the point!

      BTW, if her friends want to find her she’s big as life in a gazillion facebook albums belonging to Scott’s Fanshawe and Medway buddies, going back years. Many of these buddies, btw, are sham enablers of long standing when it was Jessica. Holbin's sister is on facebook.

      All she needs to do to be “private” is work her privacy settings and presto – privacy restored and the people she wants to find her will be able to find her still. But she can’t go private at the moment. She’s working.

    4. Anon, are you under the impression Cassandra Holbin was held at gunpoint and forced to use her REAL LIFE facebook as sham central, and now the poor dear is in a pickle as she struggles to balance using her facebook to peddle bullshit to strangers while ALSO making it available to real life long lost first grade classmates while also maintaining her privacy? That's horrible!

      Or maybe she didn't think things through. Do you know how hard it is to fake out a bunch of Scott's stupid fans with facebook, then run and hide, while also keeping it accessible to REAL LIFE? So so hard! People are so unfair!

      OTOH we can decide they're not stone cold idiots and they know what they're doing. She knows what a privacy setting is, she can be found by anyone from her REAL life and be protected from curious fans with a couple of clicks.

      There's no need to use pseudonyms with the magical ability to clue in first graders from 18 years ago but totally stump fans who just visited her facebook yesterday.

      If Jessica Dube could do it this better, I think Holbin can step it up.

      How about - put up a profile picture. Use her real name. Put up a non-sham cover photo. Everything else is private. Presto! Mission accomplished.

      What's the problem with that - fans will be able to check out her name and profile pic and see absolutely nothing?

      They don't want fans to see nothing. They want fans to see the pic and the name change is all about trying to convince fans they're seeing a private picture. She's changing her name but fans still find her.

      The amount of garbage these people dump on fans is unbelieveable. They fuck em over and then scapegoat them at the same time.

  5. Off topic but wow The music better be good

    1. I just want to say that I posted the above but did not post the below....I am not attempting to spam or anything. Not sure why the poster below copied my link.

    2. Hah - I was going to do a post about that. (A short one). Maybe still should.

  6. Scott has to get rid of His Belly. He could have better abs like Andrew Poje...He needs to stop drinking every Saturday Night @ Cowboys Ranch.

    1. Do you actually know that he's at Cowboys every Saturday night or are you just assuming so since he was spotted there once. He looks to be in pretty good shape to me. His Carmen outfit doesn't hide much!