Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How apt. (a/k/a "Who is it for"?)

Canadians are near, and twitter says:

This post is ultimately about double purposes. And double-dealing. And double-gaming. I love how the headline implies that a double dose of fan support is daunting. "Dose" isn't a really positive noun. It's like "suck it up".

But first, here's one part of Scott and Tessa's Canadians preparation:

Looky there with the "you two" in the comments section.

Before focusing on double games, we've all noticed that Scott and Tessa's sham approach has been modified to protect themselves and their child from any (further) future distress stemming from daddy and mommy cuddling up to other men and women all over the internet. Look at that latest up there  - it's swimsuit weather and Scott even has a shirt on.

Still, this is all going be FUN for the kid as it is, just based on what's out there already.

The above remark might be in a none-of-our-business category except for the fact that Scott and Tessa extol family values and talk about their familial relationships. So I believe it's fine for an observer to comment on the potential distress these two role models* are going to cause a little one in the future. EVERY kid is unsettled by this stuff; that's a given. It doesn't matter if mommy is okay with what daddy is doing (or even if it was mommy's idea), or vice versa. 

For example - I was viewing a popular DIY blog the other day where the husband of the DIY couple had a doppelganger present at a book signing. The husband reported that the doppelganger's daughter was distressed by photos of the couple that decorated the signing table because at first glance she thought it was daddy and wondered what daddy was doing with "that lady." "Daddy" wasn't doing anything but smiling at the camera - no pda - but it still created that funny feeling in the pit of her stomach, that insecurity in the child.

I also know that the children of actors can be traumatized when they see their mother or father in even the most G-rated scene with a love interest - even if it's live and on stage and they know it's pretend. I've been told first hand, and I've read accounts from children of well known performers (for example, the children of the old time movie and theatre star Margaret Sullavan have said this). It's universal. No matter how secure everything is at home and between the parents, it doesn't make the child feel safe.

So I'm sure Scott and Tessa's child is going to be fine with the photos of Daddy kissing Jessica Dube and seeming to roll half-naked with her in the sand, Jessica Dube publicly extolling Scott as a boyfriend, and now Scott posing arm in arm or cheesily in suggestive circumstances with Cassandra up there. No worries. The kid will use context clues like a pro. Whatever mommy and daddy say will make it okay. Everyone at Skate Canada has the ability to control others' visceral responses with just words. They learned from Debbi Wilkes.

Failing that, Tessa can always refer to one of her psychology textbooks. I'm sure it's all very healthy.

Still, the new sham style is Scott and Tessa all over. Is screwing over the fans possibly creating a distasteful situation for themselves down the line? How can we protect ourselves and still fuck with the fans?

I know, keep to the platonic mantra in the legitimate media, and rely on that context to encourage the interpretation that otherwise innocuous photos like the one above are "Scott and his girlfriend." Don't do literal boyfriend/girlfriend photos anymore. Platonic in media, Scott in vicinity of the same girl in a variety of locations and times on social media - the fans will do the math, but without the fan context, the photos are meaningless (unlike the Jessica/Scott photos). Or maybe they want to minimize just how assy they were - maybe they want to rebuild their nice kids image and not keep re-domonstrating their gratuitous douchebaggery quite so conspicuously. It could reflect badly on them with people who count somewhere down the line. (There has to be self-interest in it somewhere.)

Scott and Tessa are all about having it both ways. 

And they continue to work it and mind fuck the fans in the legitimate media as well. The short dance? Eh, the original story they came up with was too complicated, so now it's just based on themselves, they say. Two people in love and enjoying themselves, shares Tessa blithely. It's the writer of the piece tasked with the caveat: "based on their long relationship as partners". 

It's okay cause that Cassandra thingie up there is in the hopper, ready to go.  Fans can just WTF with what Scott and Tessa say, as usual, nothing new there.

I do think it's interesting that it's reached such a state that some of their most credulous fans have become cynical about everything out of Scott and Tessa's mouth, and every photo that pops up on social media.

Okay, that's done for the moment. I now want to go back to the idea of preparing for a home town competition. For years home competitions have been where Scott and Tessa have ramped it up past overkill. Jessica in the stands. Holiday spam in facebook. Planning committee meetings.War games. Platoons of locals recruited to Team Sham. All mixed in with Scott and Tessa baiting fans with the potential of their off-ice relationship. Why? After all, it's home. Half the people in the stands know them.

So is that the reason? Could this be for people who know them, not for the fans?

Here's why I'm wondering. Fans can be managed but people who know them - it gets sticky. We don't want anyone thinking Scott and Tessa are too good for the half million people they number among their personal friends and family members. We don't want people thinking Scott and Tessa don't appreciate or have forgotten where they came from. But come competition time, t's hard to sneak in and out of town. Everybody knows you're "home".

Here's what I'm getting at. We can see that Scott and Tessa have used family and friends to manipulate the fans. But have they used the idea of "fans" to manipulate family and friends? After all, they have kept this going to past the point of absurdity. They look like asses. The sham is its own reason for existing at this point. There's no constructive purpose, fan wise. The rationale behind the barrier it creates is contradicted by a lot of what Scott and Tessa do and say. But it keeps on. Yes, ass covering, face saving, and spite are part of it. But what else?

Do they, for their home town communities, want to create the impression of big stars who need a dense barrier between themselves and the general public? Redirect friends and family from wanting facetime or access with Scott and Tessa and instead send them into sham enabling? Use the fan situation as an additional reason Scott and Tessa don't have a lot of time to spend?

If, when Scott and Tessa are home, they convince their friends and (very extended) family that they have so so so much to manage - not just the skating, but the pressure of fan interest, they can use the fan "situation" to shut out the people who want a piece of them. Oh, the fan situation - they can't. They have to practice, they need the bubble, and they can't really get together because of it.

Is the barrier for fans, or do Scott and Tessa just say it's for fans but it's evolved into a pretext to get some breathing distance from people they know? The Cassandra photo is ridiculous. Scott and Tessa don't need to sham for fans in fucking Windsor Mississauga.
But if Scott and Tessa wave the "We need protection from fans!" flag prior to the competition, it could deter some of the gazillion requests and messages they get, and their family gets, for some of their time.

That's why the twitter links "prepare for double dose" was inadvertantly on point. So much preparation by Scott and Tessa when they skate anywhere near their beloved home town communities.The fans there must be so much more rabid than in other parts of Canada. Or maybe it's something else.

Could Scott and Tessa be hypocritical when they get teary about the wonders of London, Ilderton and Windsor? Especially Ilderton, the community that created the unspoiled, genuine kids Scott and Tessa grew up to become? That heart-thump gesture Scott does.The falling over himself about it being his favorite place in the world? After all, they've verbalized similar gratitude and love for Canadian fans. They've talked of Canadian fans as a value add to their career. "All of Canada on the ice with us."  But their behavior shows their real opinion of fans. Scott laid it on thick on his fan facebook and regular facebook in what he said to fans, while his actions were meanspirited, inconsiderate and incredibly insensitive. He'd express everlasting gratitude in legitimate, public formats. On social media he'd work their feelings then stick in the shiv. So he's very practiced in hypocrisy. So's Tessa - nobody is as poised lying through her teeth as that girl. She can even bring tears to her eyes, she's so moved by her own lies.

So do Scott and Tessa really love their friends and family from the home town communities from which they hail? They say they do. But we know what their words are worth.

It would be ironic if some of the friends and acquaintances who so enthusiastically jumped in to help Scott and Tessa fuck over stupid fans were also being diverted, manipulated and played by Scott and Tessa, in the interest of what they want most - to be left alone without owning that they want to be left alone, without being mature about it. They are professional hypocrites. It's like a cheating spouse. They'll never do it to you? Think again. Hypocrisy is their go to. What they say can never be trusted. Sincerity is a persona for them, not a character trait.
*I still love much of what these role models have done. Q. Say, why is Jessica Dube holding a newborn Quinn Moir? A. So the lie will convince more people!

For people who are all about the boundaries they have none - everything is fair game when it's time to dish out the bullshit.  The vulgarity has been breathtaking. Behind it is a freakish yet petty competitive zeal that doesn't know when to grow up. It's a self-obsession that believes if there IS a boundary to the sham, people might notice and conclude the wrong things. It's self-dealing - there are no boundaries in the vulgarity and disrespect with which they'll treat people behind closed doors (a/k/a social media). In legit media, where they want to be shiny and sweet, butter wouldn't melt in their mouths. (This is why I respect Tanith and Evan. Tanith Belbin didn't run one situation on social media and a different one in the legitimate media. She was the same with both. There was no "This is good enough for fans but I certainly don't want to be tarnished by it. I don't want to deal with it down the line. I just want fans to choke on it NOW.")


  1. Folks I am Going to Make A Comment Here...What is Your Opinion??? I think Tessa is and always has been the mastermind behind all of the lies. She seems so kaniving, manipulative,and tries to use her studies in Psychology to manipulate the fans. Ie (Tessa Scott Fan Interview COR)I think Scott sensed & senses that both He and his Family are getting the blame. When He said about Tessa, How Tessa is totally not as innocent as everyone might think...He meantIMHO So She could portray Carmen, but also He is sick of everyone thinking it is Him that manipulates everyone. Anyway I Am Officially Done With V/M. Way Too Much Drama.I am Now Fixated On Marc-Andre Servant. I Know I Know...He Looks Like Scott, But Way Hotter. Better Face, Better Body, and Big Feet As Well...

    1. A lot of fans are peeling off and finding other skaters to focus on primarily - that's how fans work. Fans are wired for fandom, and when the cycle of fandom for one subject is played out, they move on to another. All this stuff Tessa and Scott pulled was so grandiose and they made it so personal. It's not about them. Fandoms are really about using a subject to create communities that have something in common. All personality based fandoms are alike. The evidence is everywhere. It's never even fun for a fan to have an encounter with the subject of their fandom unless they can share the encounter either publicly or in private. If they can't share, it's less exciting.

      Yes, I do believe that if Tessa didn't insist on it, she and Scott would be open. At least to a point. I think it's reached the point now where they imagine they'd be taking people down with them. Fans can't take anyone down but I don't think Skate Canada should have been neck deep in this. They ought not to have been anywhere near it. As long as Scott and Tessa are eligible, Skate Canada is implicated in any reveal because it's not just fans that read the blog. I think one thing it's accomplished is to make some people in the skating community more aware of how the directors exploited their positions for their own self-interest over that of the organization's. The sham was a platform for Debbi, Bill, etc. It made them gatekeepers, the ones who controlled the narrative, and fed their hunger for the spotlight. Meantime the organization's financial ship was sinking. The political favoritism that existed internally during the sham, the unearned perks doled out, the resources diverted to this, are also something the "skating community" became more aware of, and it was, as Bill Thompson might say, a negative. I don't think they're ready to own up to anything. They never will - the directors. They'll just go away - like Thompson.

      I don't think Scott intended to imply Tessa was conniving when he said she wasn't too sweet and innocent to play Carmen. I think it was as face value as it seemed - he was saying she can handle the role. It's just self-serving that he was saying this about her when it served their purposes before to basically paint her as nothing but a sweet well mannered girl who lived with mommy and focused only on school.

    2. I don't see Tessa as some type of cackling conniver. I do, though, see her as somebody who is very fixed, very stubborn, and cannot be dislodged from an opinion or course of action once she's decided upon it and is convinced of her reasoning, and any effort to move her just makes her dig in more. Stubborn. That's not an unusual character trait. She can also tune out (the bubble), which makes it even less likely she'll entertain ideas that challenge what she has already decided is right for her. As bright as she is, she seems to me to be someone who might benefit from entertaining as many new ideas as she can, and outside the freaking academic environment. Emotional and psychological intelligence doesn't seem to be something she applies outside of a skating context. Weirdly, she seems to use two sets of rules - one for how she manages skating, the other for how she manages off ice where the public is concerned.

      It's gotten to a point when Prince William and Kate Middleton are less comfortable hiding aspects of their personal lives than Tessa Virtue. Tessa Virtue doesn't even want people to know they're married. William and Kate reportedly were relieved the news of the pregnancy had to come out early, as they found hiding stressful. Tessa finds the truth stressful. I think that's extremely strange. Truth and exposure aren't the same things. Truth and no privacy aren't the same things.

      I do think she is extraordinarily myopic. It's fine to be ruthlessly self-critical. It's ridiculous to imagine everyone else is judging you anywhere close to how you're judging yourself, and you should never base decisions on a misconception so off base. She's way too solipsistic in this area.

      I am disconcerted by her style when lying. Scott is Scott - he mugs, he rolls his eyes, he shifts around. He mumbles stuff. Sometimes he just seems to shut down, set his jaw and spit out whatever the message is - who knows if it's a mood, nothing at all, or if it's a mood, what's creating it. Tessa, OTOH, is a high achiever in lying. She's going for an A grade. She emotes her lies. She goes out of her way to embellish when it's not necessary. I've always found this amazing for a girl who is meant to be so genuine, how she seeks out opportunities to reinforce falsehoods, embellish the details of the crap she and Scott have sold the public. There was a time when she never let an opportunity go by to clarify the absolute lie that she and Scott have separate lives. What was that FOR? What would happen if she left a pronoun unpoliced? Isn't it better to be a little bit of a clumsy liar than someone who lies so smoothly, so earnestly, that it's impossible to distinguish from her demeanor when she might be telling the truth? Isn't that what corruption is? Why corrupt the real things about yourself? Why pervert it? They did that all over in the name of protecting it. When that happens, we're in Orwellian territory. I sometimes think Tessa would be better off studying philosophy than psychology. Psychology is about the inner life, and I think she could benefit more from the bigger picture that studying philosophy provides. At least in some areas for sure.

      According to some journalists who did articles during their book promotion, Tessa's eyes filled with tears when she talked about the rift that happened between her and Scott - the not talking for months. As we all know, not only were they talking, they were living together and made public appearances on network television and in London. Maybe the journalists were Rosie de Manno-ing and indulging in a histrionic writing style and Tessa's eyes weren't really filling with tears. Sure as hell hope so.

    3. Even for those who bought into the sham, Tessa's non stop efforts to control what people thought were as annoying as fuck. She had zero sense of humor that she could allow herself to show. She talked down to fans unbelieveably. The George Clooney bullshit accomplished a couple of things - it changed the conversation from their off-ice behavior - the source of whatever relationship speculation there was - and pretended the relationship speculation stemmed from their on ice performances. That was calculated and self-serving. Then she claims to have these fantasies herself, when she sees a man and woman perform. That's gaslighting.

      I think one of the reasons she is able to sustain the sham and is so insistent on it is as good as she is her ability to keep things OUT. Her priorities are her skating. The skating is important to her. She has done the personal math and thinks people knowing she and Scott are together will impact her ability to train and compete and focus - it will ramp up the stress level. Or at least this is the reason they've shared with others. I think it's bullshit because they drop it like it's hot when teasing it or hinting at it can make them money. It's also bullshit because whenever fans make out that they are tired of the whole thing, Scott AND Tessa try to get them worked up again, Tessa as much as anyone. If she were sincere about not wanting stress, about not wanting prying eyes, she and Scott would be relieved when fans wearied of the personal life games. Instead they try to get fans riled up again.

      So, hypcrisy. It's not about privacy and stress, but whether they've re-examined their reasons, who knows. I think the blog is onto something when it speculates that the whole fame game is a useful barrier against the demands of the people in their communities that are needy for their time and attention. And I also believe it's about money in some way.

  2. But it is possible that everywhere they go there's a photographer photographing them and puts them on internet?? fortunately, who want to remain confidential! now is cassandra the woman to hate??
    good job to be hated by a lot of people!!!! I just hope that poor child did not plunder a trauma seeing these pictures of parents with alleged fake partners! you also ask him how all the fans because mom and dad can not be together, at least we are not the only ones who think so! sorry for the english!

    1. I don't think anybody hates Cassandra. She's not really known. Jessica had the Bryce thing going on, and the huge mess of a soap opera that Skate Canada cooked up around the "triangle." Jessica is also self serving and self-involved, and in love with the camera lens, and all of that translated as icky in every photograph with Scott. It was palpable. He's with a girlfriend he hates was how it boiled down with one faction, with the other agitating that it was opposite day - forget the icky weird pictures - they're adorable and bubbly in person.

      Of course the child is going to be icked out by the photos of Scott and Tessa with fake partners. How would Tessa like it? How would Scott like it? They can't control how their kid will react - a child is a child and as the blog said up above, my experience is little kids don't like it no matter how justifiable the circumstances are. Will the kid be rolling their eyes and shrugging it off at age 14 or so? Maybe. It will still be gross, and it was all not needed. The fact that they wanted it to be as overdone and in our face as it was, past what the need called for, is also gross.

    2. but tessa is not jealous to go scott a boat trip with a beautiful girl? their love is so strong that it does not provide the slightest betrayal? and if this girl really wants to scott? and vice versa scott lets her weave in costume with ryan? I'd be super jealous in their place! considered to be the father / mother of their son! I'm shocked!

    3. Tessa isn't in the camera frame, doesn't mean she's not there. That's first. Second, it's a photo of people on a boat. That's all it is. It's not a boat trip "with" these two people. It's like models posing in a clothes catalogue. Models in catalogues aren't really together doing what they pretend to be doing. It's a location and a photo shoot. Tessa was in a swimsuit in a photo with two guys. Again, there's what is in the frame and what isn't in the frame. What isn't in the frame is real life. What's in the camera frame is not.

      I don't think that Tessa needs to worry about Jessica or Cassandra or any other girl "wanting" Scott. Not only do I doubt either girl would go there (even if Scott weren't married), but I wouldn't want to be there when the girl gave it a shot. Scott has a huge temper and his relationship with Tessa is practically his religion.

      If Tessa were jealous or uncomfortable; she'd pull the plug, and Scott would ditch it all tomorrow. He's the one who only cares about the two of them and to hell with what anyone else thinks. She's the one who is affected by the environment and feels she needs extreme measures to protect her sensibilities - except when she drops it all to toy with and manipulate fans.

      I'm not understanding some people's interest in these people wearing bathing suits around each other. Did you see the photos of the Langlois Hay wedding? Everybody was in bathing suits most of the time and only the older ladies wore one piece. Everybody else it was a bikini - that's what you wear in your twenties. You don't wear a burka just because it's mixed company - who does that? And you pose for photos too. Look at the photos of the skaters who hit the lake in Michigan to go boating or swimming, get themselves up to Muskoka for a group weekend, or go down to Florida. Most of the time the photos are of men and women who are friends but not romantically involved, and they're all in normal swim wear (bikinis for girls, long swim shorts for guys).

    4. I just re-read what you said - that is everywhere they go there's a photographer following them?

      Scott isn't going anywhere with Cassandra. When he is in photos with her, he's not doing anything with her. He's there to be photographed with her. In other words, your idea is backwards. They are somewhere because they are having a photo taken. The photo is the point.

    5. you're right! it could be that tessa / scott when there is one or the other is with ryan / cassandra, after all you do not see in the photo. are of great photos from the catalog you see them actually being together, but what else? could be two fellow foreign friends, relatives, etc. .. I give you reason but I think Tessa is a very nice girl and also scott is not to be thrown away! are still young and beautiful could also fall in love with an other person or the other person we could try! I do not see much scott seen temperamentally how to weave out with another man! scott?? but we are mad! believe that for the World Cup in london the child will be there? I'm curious to find out!

    6. however I do not know if it's just me, but i don't recognize scott in the foto with scott for now!! I think it's much younger, look at her arms and her hair!

    7. If I understand your remarks up above, yes, I think that Scott is less tempermentally suited to deal with Tessa being linked to some other guy than Tessa is when Scott shams. But I don't think that Tessa was ever "threatened" by Jessica, and don't forget that Bryce was part of the equation. Although both are still young, they are each other's life mates and have been for a long time, and as Tessa once said - anyone who is around them knows this. Nobody who wanted a relationship with either one of them would try to get between them.

      I don't think their child is going to be revealed in London so when the child is present the public isn't going to know it.

    8. Sorry for my bad english! you got right!! I also believe that there will be the World Championships in London but sooner or later will come out can not hide forever, now how old is he/she?

    9. Not OC, but the little one is just turning 2 now.

    10. 2 YEARS???????? but where they keep it in a cave?

    11. Why a cave? Seriously, do fans think they need to hide their kid? From whom?

      I think fans believe if Tessa and Scott bring the kid out for air a million snoops will post a photo on line. That's not what happens, as we all know. There aren't all that many people jonesing for the thrill of exposing them to nameless people on the internet - why would they? They are cautious where fans are. And Scott and Tessa have a family circle that is truly enormous, and a community circle beyond that, only a few of whom have an internet presence no matter how close they actually are to Scott and Tessa. If one of those was minding the child and seen by fans, how would fans know whose kid it was? The child just has to stay out of camera range of fans in any kind of photo that can put Scott/Tessa and the child together.

    12. if they don't put the child in a cave why you said that the child there will be not at wc in london? like you said the child may be at the world cup in london in the arms of a person who no one knows and possibly not a parent, will surely have the baby sitter! But behind all these lies that have been created tessa and scott there will surely be something underneath! I do not know what, but definitely something that compels them to do this else!

  3. Marc-Andre @ 1:53. OMG

    I agree with Blogger. Tessa does talk down to the fans. Prime Example . P.J. Kwong's interview about Loads of Fans calling their Funny Face Routine Romantic. It seemed Tessa took offense to the fans implying that, you can see from the video Scott had to save Her from Her statements...

  4. "sham approach has been modified to protect themselves and their child from any (further) future distress from of your daddy and mommy cuddling up to other men and women all over the internet. Look at that latest up there - it's swimsuit weather and Scott even has a shirt on."

    "For people who are all about the boundaries they have none - everything goes when it comes to dishing out the bullshit. The vulgarity has been breathtaking."

    I'm not sure I totally agree that Scott and Tessa are now being more careful about the implications of these type of photos. And I do agree they've dished out vulgarity. I don't think they have any problems cuddling up to any alleged boyfriend/girlfriend just to mess with fans.

    When you think about Tessa posing in her bikini with Ryan Semple and another guy --- as a married woman I cannot fathom getting within skin-contact range with some guy friends while in a bikini. Maybe that's prudish, but if Tessa really is in a committed/married relationship with Scott her behavior disgusts me. She certainly doesn't seem to care about any suggestive implications anyone might get.

    That's why I just wouldn't be shocked to see photos of Scott frolicking on the beach with the new girlfriend. Both Scott and Tessa have shown they really don't care if their posing is suggestive, in fact, they want the fans to come to the conclusion they're sleeping with whoever is the latest alleged boyfriend/girlfriend, so what's to keep him from a new set of "beach honeymoon" type photos? He had no problems lip-kissing the previous "girlfriend" for the benefit of the camera, I don't see why he would have any qualms this time. I'm thinking it's just a matter of time before they're released, probably just in time for Worlds.

    1. Well, I don't agree with the boundaries you've laid out - there are a million group shots out there of girls in their bikinis on spring break, or on a couples vacation, everyone's arms around everyone. There are a million photos of skaters in that scenario. There are photos of Gordeeva in a bikini squished into a hot spring with Sergei and other skaters. Tessa and Scott are of course, each unseen components of these scenarios. Tessa doesn't disappear when sham photos are taken - neither does Scott.

      If you're a dancer, athlete, skater, swimmer, bodies aren't a big deal. Tessa's photo of her in her swimsuit, arms slung around two guys (and standing closer to the guy who isn't Ryan) - could be Tessa with two previously unknown Virtue siblings. So IOW, I don't think your frame of reference can be fairly applied to what Scott and Tessa are doing in the more recent sham photos. It's more than obvious they're not going to go the Jessica route again, overtly feigning intimate involvement. Just look at photos from the other skaters at any beach - there are a million of them out there. Just because you're in a small swimsuit in contact with someone else in a small swimsuit doesn't mean you've breached some marital boundary. It means you're young and can wear a small swimsuit, nothing more. And that's exactly what Scott and Tessa are counting on when it comes to the long internet life of these latest sham outings. That out of context, they insinuate nothing (due respect to your perspective, but I completely disagree with it. It's not reality).

    2. "there are a million group shots out there of girls in their bikinis on spring break, or on a couples vacation, everyone's arms around everyone. There are a million photos of skaters in that scenario."

      Since it's no big deal and so normal (and I agree with that), then there's no reason not to be expecting the requisite arms-around-each-other photos from Scott and Cassandra, don't you think?

    3. No I don't. The prior discussion was about whether or not it's appropriate for married or committed people to actually touch members of the opposite sex while wearing a small bathing suit. Whether in real life, this is too suggestive or crosses boundaries. I say in real life it does not cross boundaries, is not inappropriate, not by miles, and to think it does is simply not reality because people in those circumstances pose together platonically all the time. Tessa's photo with Ryan also had another man in it. People only took it as romantic (as we were intended to take it) because it was Ryan Semple, whom she displayed next to her at Skate Canada, who tweeted a photo of himself from his bed in "Canton" and who accepted comments about Tessa from people who tweeted him. The photo itself is a girl posing platonically with two guys.

      But when it comes to Cassandra and Scott, we're not talking about real life, we're talking about photos and shamming. And context. When we look at the photos of Scott and Cassandra we'll also be remembering the photos of Scott and Jessica where they did pose so as to suggest an intimate relationship not simply because of the poses but the cheesy tone, facial expressions and environment. Arms-around-each-other, just the two of them, is a stronger message after all the Jessica stuff. If he puts his arms around Cassandra Holbin it will be platonic and appropriate in real life terms but strongly suggestive of romance in SHAM terms, and it's the latter that they want to avoid. They want the photos to be open to interpretation, depending on who is looking at them.

      I don't believe Scott thinks he behaved inappropriately with Jessica by "kissing" her for the camera with his lips sealed tight and one hand gripping a water bottle, hanging at his side, or clutching another friend, or "holding hands" with as much of his palm apart from her hand as he could make it, or with her sitting on his knee while he holds her more stiffly than her dad, Alexander Bilodeu or Cody Hay did (there's a photo from the Dominican of a huge group of the crowd there posing in the lobby. Jessica is perched on Scott's knee and Scott's arms are both akimbo, conspicuously held out away from her). What Scott was actually doing with Jessica wasn't any different than models do either - even more benign, if you like. But what we were intended to GET from the photo was the idea that these two were intimately involved.

      THAT is what they are avoiding with Cassandra. What Scott actually DID with Jessica was platonic and inoccuous. What the photos SUGGESTED about his relationship with Jessica was not. That's the distinction. He's appropriate with both women in terms of what he's actually doing. He's inappropriate with Jessica in terms of what he's suggesting, considering his commitment to Tessa, his love for Tessa, and the fact that he's a parent. That was the disgusting part. What the photos were saying, not what they were literally doing.

  5. you perpetuating this brings and keeps fans.

    I've studied psychology, its easy to see her applying it in interviews. I don't think she understands how easy she is to read in them - Scott is damn near an open book.

    It is also easy enough to see how you are applying it in your blog once the eyes are open and one really sees all this for what it really is.

    there is no way i am wrong - ask me and i will know - mind you, even if i get the answer right you could say i am wrong and thus "debunk" me...oh the glory to be god of the brave enough and ask me something you know i, a no one, should know?

    1. Are you the one who claims this blog is part of the sham? Claims Scott and Tessa are controlling the blog?

      I'm aware that the blog perpetuates things just by existing, and at times is an asset to the sham but it's not coordinated. It's simply that other forums have lost interest in Scott and Tessa's relationship games and the blog keeps on, so it becomes a convenient outlet to disseminate whatever game the sham is running. The blog is about the only remaining place that validates what they're doing. To them, it rubber stamps their self-importance.

      Look at Cassandra Holbin. Her "new" facebook name was Brooke Cassandra. Fans found that facebook and the Scott photo days ago and reported it here. Her facebook name stayed the same despite that. I went and got the photo only today; hours later she piously changes her facebook name again - but only after the photo hits the blog. AFTER the fact. She didn't bother changing it so the blog wouldn't get the photo in the first place. She changed it AFTER. They are such fucking poseurs.

      Of course Tessa's attempts to manipulate fans are lowest common denominator - she uses newspaper style section psychology. Everything they do, they're looking in the mirror. They're acting out their idea of themselves, although that idea no longer applies.

      However, although the blog is critical, I don't want to engage. In the first place, this is an amateur blog. The purpose is to chronicle their public relations and call them out. The purpose is not to affect what they do. To the extent they've reacted - that's on them. It's ass covering. And they ain't ass covering with fans. It's more the Skate Canada skating community and other skaters. It's - whoops, we don't want certain people we're shortchanging asking questions. We don't want our ass hanging out. We don't want a legitimate outlet to be able to go into our facebook archives and see how crappy we've been. We need to hide the timeline.

      That's them playing. If the blog tries to push buttons with the goal of getting a reaction, the blog loses its point and becomes part of the problem. Has Team Sham tried to MAKE the blog part of the problem - use it to get photos out? Sure. But that's on them, not the blog.

  6. Blogger, I noticed in a comment above, you referred to Scott feeling his relationship with Tessa was his "religion". I found this very interesting and it got me thinking about how unhealthy this has become for their relationship. They have been together their entire lives, meaning they have only "been" with each other. They have created this completely private vs. public persona for themselves and now can't seem to get out of it. I just can't imagine this hasn't provided untold damage to their relationship long term.

    Do you think they even can separate "Tessa & Scott" from Tessa and Scott? Meaning can they separate their public "sham" personas from their real life personas. They have basically been working this "sham" since they were teenagers and I know at 15/16 this would have made me totally neurotic.

    Anyone feeling that their relationship with their S/O is their religion is inherently unhealthy and seriously unstable. Those are just my two cents. Carry on. ;)

    1. It was just an expression to convey his commitment and intensity.

      Of course they can separate Tessa & Scott from "Tessa & Scott". That's one reason the sham exists - that was one of its points. It has now become corrupted and nasty beyond description, but that's due to misplaced snobbery ("misplaced" is the least we can say about it), a kind of provincial arrogance, and God knows what else they're unwilling to examine because the entire crowd just resonates with immaturity, pettiness and entitlement. You know the expression "first world problems"? Although Tessa and Scott don't come from what we'd think of as a cosmopolitan or sophisticated environment, the stuff that preoccupies them, the stuff they get hung up on, is stuff you can only worry about when you're incredibly privileged, and most fundamental real world challenges don't touch you. They have only Tessa and Scott challenges. They can't get over themselves. That's okay for their private life, for their public life it's mean, unethical, manipulative and cold. They can't relate on any level to the people they are scamming. It's an abstraction to them. And as I've been wondering about, there seems to be an entrenched need in the community Scott comes from to demonstrate their superiority to everyone else. To do that, they need somebody less than they are, and that's the public. Look at how Scott won't even admit to rooting for the Detroit Red Wings and hides what he's wearing if it's a non-Canadian sports Jersey. What kind of short leash is he kept on by the folks at home? How dare he demonstrate a need for anything but them and where they come from, or a connection to a wider world.

      We have no idea how unhealthy this has been for their private relationship, if at all.

      I do know that when you are a public figure and your public persona is based on a con, that sooner or later you're going to pay for it. That's how the truth works. I do believe that with the Jessica scam, from 2009 to 2010, they were unspeakably vulgar with the methods they employed to convince us Scott and Jessica were together - all the more so because those measures weren't needed to convince the public Scott and Tessa were together. You know who needed them? Debbi & Co., to stay busy. Ilderton & Co., to feel one up on strangers, to reaffirm ownership of Scott and Tessa. The barrier seems to be for them as much as for Scott and Tessa. As long as Tessa and Scott are not public, they don't belong to anyone but them. They're a bunch of easily threatened, insecure, boorish provincial minds. Provincial is the mentality - nothing to do with location.

      I think Tessa and Scott have this bubble around them and they live inside it not only to protect themselves from the outside world, but also to protect themselves from really thinking about or considering their behavior, the choices they've made in the public realm. I don't think they look at it. But it's the nature of this stuff to come back and get you. It will them, for sure. I just don't think in the personal way you imply. Their real relationship isn't our business - what they've done to conceal it is.