Wednesday, January 9, 2013

That's out of the way

This press release:

I don't have much of an issue at this point with Mike Slipchuk, but I hope he lays it on just as thick when other skaters retire:

“Jessica has been a fixture on the international figure skating scene, representing Canada for over a decade. Her strong will, desire and work ethic helped her overcome serious obstacles and challenges, while competing in two Olympics and winning a world bronze medal,” said Mike Slipchuk, High Performance Director, Skate Canada. “Though Jessica and S├ębastien were only together as a pair team for a short period, they had a tremendous 2011-2012 season, winning the silver at our national championships, and representing Canada at the world Championships. It’s always encouraging to see our national team athletes choosing to stay involved in the sport in some capacity. We look forward to their future contributions to figure skating in new roles.”

I think it's Bryce Davison's work ethic, coupled with their personal relationship, that carried her through some serious obstacles and challenges, not a few of them self-inflicted, and it all fell apart when she switched to a partner who lacked Bryce's Jessica-focus, zeal and incentive.

That said, the press release is at first glance well done and not uninteresting (free car for four years)?

Scott Moir and Marina Zoueva are conspicuously not thanked. Perhaps despite her cheery messages after the Langlois/Hay wedding, there's bad blood between the now ex-lovebirds.


  1. GOOD RIDDANCE! - so nice she thanked the fans...fucking little cunt

  2. "Her strong will, desire and work ethic"

    Everyone knew this would be part of the spin but it's still hilarious to see this in print. Yeah right. Anyone believing this? They make Jessica sound like a saint. *rolleyes*

    I for one was always intrigued by her potential as a skater. She has lovely lines and glide across the ice. However, over the years I realized she would never be something great, like her potential hinted. She had a terrible attitude and horrible work ethic and I'm not sorry to see her out of the game. Like the previous comment says - good riddance!

    1. Yes, she had a terrible attitude and a work ethic in opposite to Bryce's and she accomplished what she did thanks to native talent and despite herself. That's an extremely generous send-off by Slipchuk. I expect him to extend himself just as generously to other Skate Canada future retirees who were not as coddled, excused, cosseted, babysat, covered for, spun and enabled as Jessica.

  3. Wolfe hopes to pursue a career in firefighting down the road..... HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  4. Somebody's gotta do it.

  5. Interesting that SC's article about this retirement took so long to get posted. According to the article, both Jessica and Sebastien have been seriously pursuing their off-ice lives for some time now. They've already passed the initial coaching certification requirements and are already coaching, Jessica already moved to Montreal and started school, etc. This is no sudden decision made in the last few weeks. It took this long for Skate Canada to figure out how to spin it so Jessica looks good? Why go through all the motions of saying they're preparing for Nationals and signing up for Nationals? It's obvious they have not been "preparing" for Nationals since many months ago and they've known for a long time they were not going to be there.