Friday, January 18, 2013

FSU:: Great Skate Debate

The Great Skate Debate section of FSU is where all the high-minded, skating centric discussion happens. Full confession, I only looked at the first two and most active pages of discussion, each page having just under approx. 30 threads in my browser view. Maybe the Virtue Moir backlash chat is on page 3, because nobody's talking about them in the first nearly sixty threads.

Topics that beat out Virtue Moir:

  • Jamie Sale is still having a baby!
  • Tim Goebel has a podcast!
  • Ever want to know where Alexei Yagudin hangs out on social media? Here you go!
  • Dube Wolfe retire
  • Belgiums Dancing with the Stars

and many more.


  1. Hmm, so neither the TrashCan nor GreatSkateDebate sections of FSU are talking about these things Scott and Tessa give to understand are all over the internet. No fans clamoring for syrupy programs? No fans confusing the programs with real life? No hating on Tessa for being just like evil Carmen in real life? So disappointed, i was looking forward to reading all about it...since up to now I had not seeing any of it, as Scott and Tessa and all reporters are claiming.

  2. We should all e-mail that reporter and ask him to provide prrof...It's time they have their feet held to the fire. They can't get away with saying things willy-nilly anymore...