Saturday, January 19, 2013

livejournal - Way to the Stars

This is a Russian language fan group for Scott and Tessa, so when I visit I have to use a Russian translation tool (and understand that riding and rentals = skating). Maybe the backlash is lost in translation because from reading it since prior to 2010 I know that some of these ladies had their faith in God restored when Scott and Tessa decided on a frankly sexual Carmen expressed with contemporary movement.

Currently, one of the members has posted links to the the two backlash articles. There are 16 comments. The comments immediately and diplomatically ignored the articles and began wishing Scott and Tessa all the best at Canadians and can't wait to seeing them. Down near the bottom somebody mentioned they're not big fans of the connecting moves into the diagonal steps, and another poster shared a link to an article.

Fans suck. I hear ya Scott.

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