Friday, January 18, 2013

ice,, tumblr, twitter

Nobody on icenetwork is interested in them. Shouldn't Barb get on that? Womp up some pseudonyms and start clutching pearls? isn't backlashing is because it's more of a resource site where you go to understand ice dance as a sport, visit for informed analysis and intelligent event previews, as well where to read articles and interviews not found anywhere else. And also because ice dance is this web page's focus, and they remember what Scott has forgotten, which is that he and Tessa skated to Hip Hip Chin Chin in 2011, and it was sexy. Ass grabs and side boob stroking and everything.

Nobody on twitter cares, although the media is on twitter hyping up our backlash. One person seems to be having a backlash against Scott Moir's backlash bullshit, but that doesn't count:
Big Carmen fans.