Monday, January 14, 2013

Scott Moir Says

That this was a syrupy sweet piece of dreck.
Don't feel bad about liking it or anything.


  1. I think VM have confused the fans' falling in love with programs like Mahler and UofC with the fans not wanting anything different. That's VM's perceptiion problem because the majority of fans are excited to see them branch out.

    1. They haven't confused anything, IMO. What they say seldom reflects their honest feelings - their feelings aren't for fans.

      They just like to put everything on fans when it serves their purpose.

      They are hyping up this fd - which needs no hype - and I guess they want to convey that they're defying expectations and breaking out of the box fans have put them in. Don't own anything - always put it on fans.

      A better way to have put it would be something like: "Tessa and I haven't done a program like this in a free dance before (they have been sexy and fierce in ods, which is convenient for them to ignore). We're really happy fans have embraced it. The fans seem really excited, which we love, because we're excited by the program."

      That would be the truth. Which is never good enough. For one thing, they always need to be the only ones who "get it", and to be that, somebody has to be in the role of the person who doesn't, and that's fans.

      Fans can be anything they say fans are, because as I've emphasized many times, fans have no representation in the media.

      You know what also sucks? There's been debate for years on the message boards between fans who claim Scott and Tessa do nothing but glop, and fans who make the more discerning argument that Scott and Tessa have shown stunning versatility in the rhythms they've mastered in their programs, and combined in their free dances. The man/woman component is not only fundamental to most dance, but also, theme and acting is really beside the point in dance - it's secondary to rhythm, tempo, steps, choreography, musicality - all areas where VM have been peerless for years.

      But right now, it serves Scott and Tessa's purpose to spit on the fans - again - and make fans who have understood that and stood up for VM all these years, feel like idiots.

      Go ahead VM, act as if you agree that your past programs have been one dimensional slop. Do that, and perpetuate the amateur hour fallacies about what ice dance actually is.

      Even though Scott and Tessa, especially, have been at the forefront of understanding what dance is and bringing it into ice dance. Forget that. It doesn't fit this season's pre-Canadians memo.

      That memo always has the element of insulting their fans. They hide behind that. I guess it's a them or us deal, and they're resorting to the time worn tactic of blaming the victim for everything.

      Fans have been manipulated, hustled, conned, baited, stung. If Scott and Tessa started treating them with any decency, then it might look as if Scott and Tessa were the problem. They need to continue to act as if fans (their audience) are a burden and an obstacle.