Friday, January 11, 2013

Hurry before tickets are gone

Let me see if I have understood the format. The orchestra will play "musical masterpieces" from figure skating programs while images of the skaters who used the music will be projected onto a screen. As the music plays, Debbi Wilkes is going to talk and share her colorful insights about something. Skate Canada is charging money for this. The seats will be filled by prison inmates on a mandatory field trip plus a smattering of folks deceived into attending by scheming spouses planning to collect the life insurance after their partner offs themselves.

As if we didn't know it already - this confirms that there was no "glitch" with skatebug during Skate Canada.

Second, it looks as if she's been thwarted in plans to carry on the act during Canadians (please God), and this is her make do. It's very Debbi. "Canada Skates to the Orchestra" with no skating to the orchestra. Debbi talking to the orchestra. It's live action skatebuzz.

Having aced business development while serving as a Skate Canada director, Debbi appears to be in the middle of building a unique post-Sochi performance niche for herself. It's ingenious. The Hershey Center must need to clear both pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic from the vicinity on the night, and what better way to guarantee a ghost town for blocks around. I know if I were in Mississauga I'd want to put at least five miles between me and the Hershey Center just in case Debbi had an exterior sound system set up.


  1. Does Debbi still have the title of Business Development? What does this have to do with Business Development?

    1. Yes that's still her title, but nothing she's ever done while with Skate Canada had anything to do with business development. She doesn't develop business. It's a courtesy title to cover her gorging herself at the trough, so to speak. Debbi is a crony who has landed a patronage job and she's taking everything she can get while it lasts, most especially personal media exposure.