Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blame Game on Blast

What's better for Milton - Scott and Tessa are lying to him or he has no problem lying to us?

Normally, the two-time world champions are so five-senses into the theme and character of their program that it sets the skating public to confusing fact and fiction about the nature of Virtue and Moir’s own relationship, which remains deeply loving, intensely protective and, sadly for the dreamers, platonic.

What a hack. Stick a wig on him and call him DiManno.

Who, Milton? WHO is confusing things? Produce one - one fucking shred of evidence that fans are confused, other than this blog. One.

I think fans are the only thing public figures and press can say any fucking thing they want about without bothering to back it up. Fans are mostly women of a certain age, too, and that's partly why the Miltons and the Scott and Tessas are so comfortable mocking them.

All the fans who defend Scott and Tessa against the one place on the entire internet - this blog - that says they are together are wasting their breath. Scott and Tessa are still telling the world that - at best - they are so fucking brilliant the skating public is unable to tell fact from fiction OR the public is just that stupid.

You are ALL the blog, people. You've wasted your time pm-ing Scott (when he had facebook) and parading your belief in his and Tessa's integrity and truthiness all over the web where you hope he'll see it and know most fans believe them. They're ignoring you. They don't want fan support. They want to portray themselves as beseiged figure skaters whose fans refuse to accept reality. That, or, more likely, they're doing the usual with the press, which is typical misogyny. Fans are a bunch of sex and romance-starved fraus who live vicariously on the internet and are too easily suckered by Tessa and Scott's play acting.

So what are they being when they lie about fans? Arrogant or misogynistic and insulting? I vote for both. 

Carmen is the most widely praised program - on line and off - Virtue and Moir have ever performed, so naturally they're in the media posing as misunderstood victims of narrow minded people who just don't get it.

They have gone all in with this latest media bout:

  • Fans are deluded and confused and simultanously
  • hostile and judgmental towards their brave new direction
  • Scott referred to himself (25) and Tessa (23) as "kids".
  • Scott boasted about not being on social media. Himself and Tessa, the biggest purveyors of lies and cons on social media the sports world has ever witnessed.

Ilderton! Good job!

I'd like to note for the record that I posted the blog entry two down, the one that takes them apart for lying about legions of fans simply because they can get away with it, pointing out that they are pushing fans into an adversarial position so they can present themselves as martyred and risk-taking, prior to the latest 1-2 from Milton and IFpress, in which they demonstrate every single thing they are accused of doing in that entry.

Aren't they just wonderful to walk into a Canadians  parading their pretend martyr complex and whining about lack of fan appreciation, when they've made it all UP. They're about to skate for the unworthy. What artists.

Do they feel inauthentic? They were the youngest Olympic gold medalists in ice dance, they were the first North American Olympic champions, they had all the talent anyone could want very young, they found the ideal coaching situation, they have enjoyed consistent support from home and are widely admired as figure skaters in the international skating community and audiences love them.

Why do they need to pretend they're so unappreciated and put upon? They can't self-motivate? They need an obstacle and they choose the most powerless faction in the figure skating world - the public?


  1. Ok, so Scott and Tessa have a specific agenda - not excusing them - that revolves around what they believe they're protecting. But what about these reporters? How can they be so stupid?

    I'm disgusted with all of them.

    1. Fans are the lowest of the low. Reporters just want an angle, sound bites and theme.

      There is no due diligence when it comes to saying shit about fans. IF press ought to have pulled some quotes from the web because they (or was it Milton) outright said "most of it from the internet" and IMO in order to say that you have to back it up. The internet isn't this vast swamp they're pretending it is. All of the Scott and Tessa talk takes place on a short list of web sites. Which one of these web pages has the backlash? What thread? There's a facebook for VM - it's not there. It's not on the Virtue Moir threads on goldenskate or fsu. It's not on twitter or tumblr. It's not even on this blog, which loves Carmen. Where is it?

      They're just liars and that includes the media. A bunch of women fans is the one universal dumping ground, believe me. They have no demographic value, they're dismissed as sexless and sex starved and easily shocked. The media has about as much interest in them as the skaters or this game wouldn't be going on as long as it has.

  2. oc, from one of your comments in the previous blog entry:

    "Does anyone believe for a single second that Scott and Tessa believe what they're saying about fans? Please don't for a single second delude yourselves that they don't know they're lying."

    This. A million times this.

    1. I don't want to tout the blog's horn but I do want to make one major point here.

      The blog knows for a fact that Scott and Tessa are liars. They're together. They're a couple.

      Fans have proof for themselves that Scott and Tessa are liars about other things.

      The rift. Unless you think a television broadcast, a personal appearance in London, and the commentator's reports during Canadians 2009 are all made up. They lied. We know they lied. There's proof they lied.

      And this. Every fan knows how Carmen is adored on line. Scott and Tessa have chosen to lie about it only because there is no platorm for fans to talk back. There's none. Scott, of course, has disappeared his fan page so nobody can go there to assure him they love Carmen.

      He doesn't give a shit about you! You are all wasting your breath. I don't mean to say - don't be fans! Go ahead and be fans. But it means nothing to them. Your fandom has to be for your own sake. There's nothing reciprocal (i.e. - fans support, skaters are happy to have the support).

  3. I know it's not going to happen even if hell freezes over, but I just wish they would shut up and freaking skate. I am so tired of all of this.

    1. It used to seem as if Scott and Tessa were amongst fools. The perfect doofus storm - Wilkes, Thompson, MacDonald, Dube and their own sheltered, hyper self-aware and hyper-protective personalities made them susceptible.

      And now it looks as if they were well matched with this group. What they all have in common is an entirely unearned belief in their superiority to the ordinary person, and a boatload of entitlement along with it. Every word out of Scott and Tessa's mouth is an insult to the dignity and humanity of the public. They obviously believe the public has none.

  4. At some point in time, I wish sooner than later, there will be a reckoning for all these lies.

    Such shortsighted antics. I don't see how their legacy does not end up tarnished because of a lack of integrity.

    1. Anybody who thinks they don't lie - Scott and Tessa are lying straight in your face right now, exactly where you can see them do it, and they're not flinching because none of you can call him out and you don't have a forum to push back. He know you know he's lying. So does she. They are putting it straight in your face. Ha ha I have the power to do this and you can't do jackshit about it!

      But no they tell the truth about everything else. The rift.

      Oh wait (that was a Milton specialty too - the rift).

      But they can't be hiding a marriage and baby.

      For real? Does anybody not think Scott and Tessa won't lie about that and so much more?

      I used to think this wouldn't have much of a half life down the line, that they were caught in bungle, and there would be too much noise if they came clean.

      It's now obvious the whole thing is a whole lot more cold-blooded than that, and they enjoy having an 'other', a scapegoat. And that other is us. And all their video making, gift giving, ticket-buying well wishing fans and supporters. So yes, it will come back and bite them. I think people will of course accept their relationship and their status when it comes out - what's not to accept? They will at face value be okay - privacy blah blah blah.

      But, Scott and Tessa best not offer up a single public opinion about anything, anywhere, anytime in their public life once their status is known, because it will be jammed back down their throats. That's where it will live on. People who have no standing about anything ever anywhere when they're not wearing skates. They can't have an opinion about anyone, any outcome, any decision, any set of circumstances.

  5. I'm so majorly ticked-off at the insistence on the story that fans confuse what's real and that fans ship them (subtext: fans are so dumb). I think they all sound so immature to mention this at all. You're right, the only place that says they're a couple is this place and anyone who reads anything here will realize right away this has nothing to do with confusing fact and fiction. In all other VM threads other places NO ONE says they're a couple nor thinks the on-ice characters are real nor wishes they skated Mahler the rest of their lives.

    Sorry, I know I basically repeated what's already been said. I'm just so mad!!

    1. I wonder if Steve Milton has email. It would be interesting to find out if he honestly believes Scott and Tessa aren't together - in which case they've used a professional writer old enough to be their dad and put his reputation on the line.

      Or if he knows they're not. If he knows they're not, he'd never say so, but would he, a supposed journalist, be willing to repeat that they're not together in response to an inquiry? People can hang onto emails, after all. Down the line, it would be nice to find out what this journalist is - a dupe or a scam artist.

    2. If he knows they're not- what, a couple? Isn't that what Milton does assert, that they're not a couple?

    3. Yes, but is he being duped by them, or does he know better and he's lying for them?

  6. Is it just me or are the two articles very poorly written? The LFP one especially - it goes from major criticsm to "overwhelmingly positive" and then back to a major internet backlash. WTF?

    And those quotes about social media. Wow. Just wow. You could write a doctoral thesis on the social media output of this crew. I also wonder where the journalists are in all this - it's time they were clued in or they got raked over the coals for being so unprofessional knowingly.

    1. It's figure skating - there's no such thing as a journalistic standard because nobody who writes about it knows anything about it. There's just the skating and the fans, and figure skating fans are not respected. The demographic is held in universal disdain. Who is going to rake them over the coals? There's nobody among the media ranks - outside those with intimate ties to Skate Canada - who know better.

      Scott and Tessa can continue to self-mythologize. The bullshit they are shoveling about themselves and the web is nonsense. They get it through a filter? What filter Tessa? You're not breathing it through your skin. It's not telepathy. It's filtered to you via your eyes or your ears. What have you read? What have you heard and WHO has told you? Nobody can just get an idea or a sense or an impression without it coming from somewhere specific. If not the source, then they received this impression from something.


      They couldn't answer any of those questions.

      Once again, look how comfortably they lie. Tessa first gets out there with people associating her with the character of Carmen. That's a joke. Then she adds plaintively that it's always the negative that sticks with you. But she's very vague about where she got the idea people are associating her with Carmen.

      She's lying.

      Scott says that he and Tessa aren't on the internet, they are the only "kids" who aren't on social media.

      That's because they are using social media to con the fans and if they were on it, they would be confronted.

      Lots and lots of sterling character in these Olympic champions.

  7. So Tessa & Scott avoid the internet, but somehow they've managed to see all sorts of criticism of Carmen and Tessa's character and also they've seen fans in confusion about who they are.
    (Giant eyeroll)

    1. Don't you know how a filter works?

      Ask Tessa. That's how she learned about it. It "filtered" to them somehow.

      Apparently P.J. Kwong is going to ask them about it.

  8. If anyone thought it was not possible Milton would lie in VM's book, this article puts to rest any doubts about that. He cheerfully reported what VM said, without fact-checking, plus adds his own observations that are also false.

    1. Yep. Again, there's no journalistic standard in writing about figure skating and figure skating personalities. It's on par with tabloids. Milton was just as soap opera writing about their rift, and a cursory youtube search will reveal Scott and Tessa doing a Skate America interview smack dab in the middle of the period they wept on about how they were completely estranged, physically separate, and cut off from all communication. If he'd watched a Canadians broadcast from 2009 he'd hear how Scott and Tessa spent all of her recovery period together working on their program. And they appeared at the John Labatte Center. Milton is a Virtue Moir fanboy and tool, nothing more.

      A big theme from Scott and Tessa is "We don't care." They've been saying that for years. We don't care what anyone thinks, we care what we think. Well, Tessa has claimed to be hypersensitive about what people think, but it turns out that's crap - it's a pose of being sensitive to stuff she makes up that they said.

      Well they better not care what people think. They don't have much choice, do they. After how they've managed themselves and worked people over, what do their teammates and training mates think of how they deal with the fans, set themselves up as superior to their audience and above the internet, but lie about both to suit their self-image? How do non-cronies in Skate Canada feel about all the attention and resources directed towards Scott and Tessa's idea of themselves when some of that energy could have been devoted to strengthening Skate Canada as an institution that benefits everybody, not just two stars? How do the other skaters feel about Tessa and Scott holding themselves above everyone else?

      They make no bones about it. So of course they say they don't care. They have no choice after how they've behaved.