Saturday, January 4, 2014

Part 2

Marina lives in a renovated chapel? Cool.
"Jean-Marc is screaming, loud, he's so incredibly gay creative.
Jean-Marc is flaming crazy.
You need to know I recognize that.
I always recognize The Other.
I am secure in my sexuality and have no problem hugging him.
How did Tessa get the inside spot? I totally wanted it to be me.

Choreography by Jean-Marc Genereux.
Dialogue by Michael Patrick King.

I could totally act.
I can't with the part where Scott could put his penis inside her
and she wouldn't even be aware of it, that's how inured
they've become to each other as physical beings.
Jean-Marc did a lot of misspeaks on purpose and then would scream
No no - let me save that line! I can ungay it!


"I'm bad at flirting".
"I guess I just don't get the need for preliminaries. If you want
to stick something in one of my points of access, go ahead!"
"Flirting just sort of seems like a waste of
Moving on.

It's time for Scott to let us know just exactly the calibre of stud we're dealing with in Scott.

Tessa's pretty and all, and she likes Scott, and he thinks she's a cute kid, but he's a young man, you know? Things are complicated.  But -

Scott controls all the tail at Arctic Edge.
If you want tail you have to go through Scott. All the tail
belongs to Scott. You dig?
Scott's annual "mo", carefully cultivated over a
two-month period until it's acquired the appearance
of a faint eraser smear hovering above his upper lip,
cannot compete with a single follicle of this Italian hunk's
daily morning beard growth. But if this guy even wants some
Scott reject tail, he has to go through Scott.
Dig it?
Who's the private dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks?
This guy.

Part 3 coming up.


  1. Actually what makes Jean Marc's involvement in this somewhat weird is that he has been married to his (female) ballroom partner for many years....I also thought he was gay when I first started watching SYTYCDC though.

    1. *somewhat weird-er

    2. If he's not out then I'm not going to hit this point much harder but marriage to the opposite sex doesn't demonstrate your orientation because people get married for many reasons and that goes quadruple in the performing arts. But in view of the fact that he's not out, I'll leave the commentary as is and move on.

    3. I get your point, but on the other hand, they have two kids. And there's not a whole lot of reason to beard in Canada. Is ballroom dance as bad as figure skating in terms of homophobia?

    4. Anthony Perkins was a gay man who had two sons with his wife, Berry Berenson - and she knew he was gay. There are many people like that in the generation after his as well. There are people who want a conventional life no matter what their orientation may be. Thankfully, society appears to be rapidly moving towards the point where gay people can have a conventional life with children and don't need to choose.

    5. So you insist he's gay and deeply closeted because, what, his persona adheres to a narrow stereotype of gay men? And you're whining that Scott Moir is homophobic/prejudiced?

    6. No, it's based on my not being an idiot, 5:54. This is more about how Scott reacts to him and tries to frame/contextualize him than him. He IS screaming (literally) like Michael Patrick King cliche'. You could go frame by frame and substitute his persona for MJK pointing out how he directed Nathan Lane in an SITC wedding episode. That's JMG choice as well.

    7. I'm 5:21, but not 5:54. You could be right, OC, although I don't see how we can be sure one way or the other just by how he acts. And Scott's discomfort around him could be because he speaks French haha.

    8. scott can speak french though. he says "ca va?" if you listen closely you can hear it in the scene.

    9. I believe there isn't a single person who doesn't know "ca va". It hardly qualifies as speaking French. Scott has always been famous for his lack of interest in the French language. God knows how he and Jessica communicated.

    10. Scott can also say "Jtaime." and I think they know "avec".

      In 2010 Scott and Tessa were interviewed in the Vancouver mixed zone by a French speaking reporter who assumed they knew the language. They briefly froze and then burst out laughing admitting they didn't understand a word, so she switched to English.


    11. 10:58
      Scott lives in a country where French is an official language and he's been around French-speaking people all his skating career. Anyone in his shoes would be an idiot not to have picked up some common phrases in French. It doesn't mean he speaks the language.

    12. I grew up around absolutely no one actually speaking the language and struggled through the mandatory French classes until grade 10 and I still know just as much or more of the language than Scott appears to. I'm fairly certain that most Canadians know at least some phrases.

    13. Anon at 12:14 pm - Yes Canada has two official languages. However unless you grew up in New Brunswick, Quebec, Eastern Ontario or went to a French immersion school in either elementary or high school - in another province - your knowledge of French is limited. Scott and Tessa were not training in a French speaking environment in Ilderton, Kitchener/Waterloo or Detroit Michigan. Jeff Buttle, Patrick Chan, Paul Poirier speak French because they went to French immersion schools in the greater Toronto area. Bryce Davison learned French in order to communicate with his coaching staff and Jessica Dube in Montreal. If I had to guess both Tessa and Scott understand some French - but it is limited. I mean it's not a big issue - I don't think that Kurt Browning is bilingual...

    14. There's also some snobbery towards Quebec.

  2. "No, it's based on my not being an idiot, 5:54. This is more about how Scott reacts to him and tries to frame/contextualize him than him. He IS screaming (literally) like Michael Patrick King cliche'. You could go frame by frame and substitute his persona for MJK pointing out how he directed Nathan Lane in an SITC wedding episode. That's JMG choice as well"

    Hmm. My impression was that Scott has a lot of respect for JMG, and wasn't concerned about whether JMG is gay or straight. Obviously we saw this very differently.

    1. I think both are true. I believe Scott is perfectly comfortable in his own skin, with his marriage to Tessa, etc. etc., but this reality show isn't him. It's a fake. Inside that persona, there's insecurity coming across him in waves. Who he's comfortable being in private and who he's comfortable being representing Ilderton/Moirville are different.

      It's JMG's choice to assume the persona which IS a MPK stereotype and it's idiotic to ignore that's what he's projecting. It's incredibly silly and OTT.

  3. I'm disappointed you skipped the part where master-of-the-sensual-stare-in-Carmen says she's bad at flirting.

    1. Well, I can fill that in. I did take some screen caps.