Sunday, January 19, 2014

Episode 3, Part 3

"So, it's a little tense at the rink with your partner ...
Scott? said his name was?
"Yeah. I sort of mentioned to him how I felt
and he didn't like that. At all.
It was scary."
"I mean, he'd never hit me.
I think."
"Well, did you think about your behavior and what you
might be doing wrong to set him off?"
Look at Meryl, smiling about her high scores.
She and Tessa are ENEMIES, I tell you.
I want them.
"Body pillow."

CUT! CUT!! CUT!!!!!!!!!
(male/male affection)
"Do you think about the "Olympics" a lot yet?
Every day? All day?"
Scott: "When you go to bed at night? And get
up in the morning, you're thinking about it?"
Patrick: "Ha ha yeah."
Scott: "And in the shower? And when you have
breakfast in those little shorts?"
Patrick: "I try to imagine ... how it's going to be."

"It doesn't have to just be something you 'imagine.'
I love how he and monosyllabic coSondra can't even choke out a conversation without a pumpkin intermediary, but stick him and Patrick against a fence and it's a runaway train.

"Come on guy. I can see you want it."
"Hey, wait, no, no -  I'm not ready!"
"No means no!"
"You like me, though, right?"
"I do like you. I like you a lot."

Tessa: "We're honestly so close."
Damn. That's dissappointing. I thought they
were honestly so close.

Stay tuned for more of our alienated,
chemistry-less relationship and
 brittle, distasteful personalities!

To be continued.

P.S. The gay panic in this reality series is unreal. Patrick and Scott go on a date, and we see an insert of "Patrick's girlfriend". She never appears again in the episode. I believe that's his girlfriend, but what was the point, since she didn't interact? Just to show he has one and she was present.


  1. Meryl's smile in that clip, hahaha. I don't think that came across the way the producers intended.

    1. Right? It's like "hi, Tessa! How are you, friend? Thanks for letting me babysit last night while you filmed your 'dinner' with Weaver and Poje. I take it that went well?"

      Missed the mark on that one. I guess somebody spent too long splicing together the Scott/Chiddy Dawson's Creek love-fest and not enough time editing Meryl so she looks cold, calculating, and happy about V/M's misfortunes on the ice. I mean, THEY DON'T EVEN SHARE THE SAME CHANGE ROOM ANYMORE!!! THE TENSION IS UNBEARABLE.

    2. It's so cute! It makes me feel - awww, so what if you skate on your flats! You look so delighted and so charming and so sweet and so genuine! I'm so happy for you! Hop away! You're tickled pink!

    3. meryl is so thin that makes fear

    4. Meryl is alarmingly thin. How come this isn't a bigger issue?

    5. "Meryl is alarmingly thin. How come this isn't a bigger issue?"

      Because the US needs to win Sochi gold first. Why is this so hard to understand?

    6. So after D/W win gold, their skating will become shite and Meryl's weight problems will finally be addressed? Everyone acts like Meryl is the perfect weight and that's disturbing on its own.

    7. I've actually mentioned Meryl's weight before. It appears to me to be absolutely strategic. First, they have poor mechanics and go straight to hoisting, hauling and yanking to get in and out of lifts and other elements - mechanics which make skaters look clumsy and highlight things like poor technique and poor lines. Meryl being but a sliver minimizes those issues. If she were heavier those things would jump out much more - we'd be watching her clunky entrance and exits, her bent knees, the lack of unison of line with her and Charlie - all of that would be underscored. Then, too, she can't control her limbs in space without external resistance at multiple points, and this would also be more obvious if she had more contour.

    8. OC, do you think the things you mentioned account for people describing their skating as floaty? When I heard that I thought it was a combination of Meryl's small size and the fact that they don't really get into the ice...they stay on the very surface giving an appearance of lightness.

    9. After DW win gold, they will retire, and I wouldn't be surprised if they don't even skate together anymore. They don't seem to particularly enjoy the process or each other. By that I mean they don't do anything creative with their blades or their ice, and the way their programs are structured they don't appear to enjoy either skating or dancing. The love of the sport doesn't shine through with them. They'll probably cut out after SOI. Then Meryl can eat.

    10. DW fans actually praise her size, praising how "buff" she is, particularly her neck and arms. REally, of course her muscle mass will be accentuated when there is no subcutaneous fat layer. She looks skeletal.

    11. 10:21 - Because a female figure skater can never be too thin. As long as she manages to get good results, that's all that matters and to hell with positive body image, healthy eating, etc. If Meryl was falling all over the place, people might question her weight but since she isn't, all is well. It's messed up.

    12. How Davis/White have remained "healthy" and injury-free is beyond me. You'd think Charlie would have a busted back by now, as he has to haul Meryl around, and you'd think they would fall apart in their performances, they have so little stamina. It really is so unfair to the other skaters that train properly and learn proper technique.

    13. Maybe D/W's technique is the right one. Everyone else who skates "properly" gets injured.

    14. I don't think Meryl is as skeletal as she used to be, she seems to have added some muscle. Has it helped her performance any? No.

      See kiss and cry here at 2011 worlds.

    15. "How Davis/White have remained "healthy" and injury-free is beyond me."

      They have been very lucky, but I think a big part of it is that they do the same things each year--their bodies don't have to learn anything new. They also don't skate in a way that puts them at risk. They are on two feet a lot and they don't use difficult positions very much.

      I am surprised Charlie hasn't injured his back from carrying Meryl through those lifts.
      I hope Meryl is ok.

  2. 17 yrs together and Tessa doesn't have a clue how to handle Scott's anger. Oh dear, what should she do.

    1. Ask Hall and Oates to write a song about it?

    2. The Kate Virtue bits were so ridiculous. She's watched them together for 17 years and yet has to ask if Tessa can talk to Scott about a practice, and if Scott is usually stressed at the beginning of a season? How stupid are we supposed to be?

    3. His SCARY anger.

      I think in their zeal to present Scott as this uber male they overshot. Presenting Tessa as a terrorized, internalizing, shrinking, wilting lump and Scott as this mood disordered, volatile, intimidating guy Tessa's afraid of has made this reality show take yet another wrong turn.

  3. OC, off topic, but you mentioned in an earlier post that P/I might finish top-10 in Sochi, but not higher, as they will be made "to wait their turn".

    Do you think V/M's quick rise to the top has perhaps screwed over future teams? Unlikely we will see another team finish 6th at their first worlds, silver the second year, and win gold at their first Olympics at the ages of 20 and 22.

    1. not OC here, but just wanted to say what a travesty it is that PI won't have a chance at a medal. They are clearly light years ahead of DW, but they are also stronger than most of the teams right now and have one of the best FDs this season.

    2. I think that after DW get their gold ice dance will try and re-set to have integrity again.

      That's one way to make this DW hustle happen - if it's just about DW and not a systematic bullshitting of the sport and the sport re-commits to judging integrity with just this one specific little lapse - that's one way to get away with it, to be a "just this once, and it won't happen again."

      So yes, I think after DW get gold in Sochi a team can move up quickly.

    3. OC, do you think then that after DW get their OGM, the judges will be harder on Chock-Bates and Coomes-Buckland, the other non-skaters and in the case of the latter, non-dancers? I hope you are right. Ice dance has become such a joke. I still can't believe Ch-B and Co-B have enjoyed the results they have.

    4. I haven't seen Coomes-Buckland yet. As to Chock-Bates, yes, if I'm right I think the judges will be harder on them. I think their elevation had a bit to do with keeping down the Shibs. The Shibs are another team that started getting close to DW, and in the season after that happened suddenly they were suppressed.

    5. Thanks, OC. That makes sense. I was beginning to think this would be the new trend.

  4. "So, it's a little tense at the rink with your partner ...
    Scott? said his name was?
    your partner for 17 years, your husband and the father of your daughter???