Saturday, January 11, 2014

It's HPC!

"You must skate, do element, and people watch."

"Our timing's bad, our technique is bad, our energy is bad.
Our own Federation is pretty much disgusted.
I don't know if we even deserve to go to Sochi, let alone be
 on any part of the podium."
"I'm a bad person and my skating doesn't make
up for it."

Who wouldn't want this shit airing weeks prior to Sochi? It's genius!

What was it like for you to be part of Canada's hottest athletes?

"I'll tell you what it was like for me - my buddies
texted me every three minutes."
"Go 4 it dog I can hook you up with half a condom."
To be continued.


  1. God forbid Tessa takes sexy pictures that could give the impression that she is desirable and takes her own decisions without jumping in and reminding everybody that IT'S ALL ABOUT SCOTT !

  2. Could Tessa and Scott be portrayed any more pathetically?

  3. Tessa should read this blog. She'll still feel like a bad person, but at least she'll know she's not a bad skater.

    1. Face it, she sucks. Let's hope their daughter takes after her studly, cool daddy.

    2. 5:48--I only speak for myself but I think Tessa is fabulous. She has to be for what she's achieved. What I hate is the portrayal of her in this low-rent show. I also hate her lying because that says something about character and integrity and in Tessa's case it looks very much like the OTT lying has stunted her growth into adulthood.

      If Tessa would cut out the lying the whole world would absolutely see how wonderful and amazing she is.

    3. Of course Tessa isn't this shit stain she's pretending to be.

      However, the very fact that she's bending over backwards to pretend she's a shit stain dragging down Scott's mojo means WHAT?

      The misogyny! The insecurity! It's so fucking offensive I want to file a complaint with the W network. What the fuck is this 1942? In 1942 Katherine Hepburn made a movie ("Woman of the Year") where her character had to completely destroy a kitchen in an attempt to fix breakfast for her man. The studio heads thought this was important for middle American women to accept her character, but of course they shoehorned this in so THEY could accept her character.

      I fucking HATE Tessa for this. FUCK her.

    4. Moirville may as well have whipped out all of their tiny dicks and pissed on the female fans of this sport with this rancid load of toxic bullshit.