Saturday, April 6, 2013

Who is the bad one?

The next 2-3 posts are self-indulgent because I started out screen capping two footed examples but ended up with a gazillion jpgs because they're always on two feet in this program. And then I'd see some random WTF and gif it.

Tarasova thinks this program ought to have won. I don't know what this program IS. More than anything else they skated, this program is hot air. It falls apart completely when you do the breakdown.

One thing is now clear. Meryl and Charlie cannot transition out of their elements with skating skills, nor can they transition with skating skills period. At all. They skated a few segments of this program - a few short, one-note segments - but they do not do even elementary segment transitions on an edge. Why not? 

They do have edges, but they don't stay on them. More notably, they don't USE them for anything. The only time we see Meryl and Charlie's edges is when they have to show them to the judges. After that, they don't skate with them. And they're two time World champions.

Alrighty then.

After I get this 3 or so post vent out (gifs and jpgs); I'll take a gif breather and then I'll look at this year's World Championship winning free dance to see how much Meryl and Charlie have grown.

Her toe pick is not meant to be on the ice - she repeats this move elsewhere in the program where it's both on and off the ice. Here, she never got it off the ice.

And why is Charlie looking at the ground.


  1. Thank you OC. I'm such a fan of you and of what you're doing. This whole analysis should be sent to the ISU or should be attached to a petition.

  2. if they like skating on two feet so much maybe they should switch to speed skating it suits them better

    1. They're like an Ilderton Club summer camp class. The rowing rowing rowing rowing. Push push push push.

      Speed skaters don't really skate on two feet though. And there's a lot of sustained, controlled power stroking. I'm not sure Meryl and Charlie are ready for ANY kind of skating.