Tuesday, April 9, 2013


This is the first lift sequence in Notre Dame. It's not the ferocious ugly of the subsequent lifts that will be screen capped, but it does clearly demonstrate that in lifts they don't have any core stability, that Meryl is unable to manage her body in space unless that part of her body is securely braced against something external (centrifugal force where you just let your legs swing out isn't 'managing your body in space'). There is no point that not just all four hands of this team are on deck, but wrapped around and gripped, not just "placed on" a shoulder. Furthermore, with all of this gripping going on, Meryl's core has to remain plastered over either Charlie's core or across his shoulders, directly across his center of gravity.

The stills in this break it down pretty minutely, so, more than one post, but I think after seeing it it will be that much easier to see the same thing goes on with them in every lift.

Here, they're not pretending or cheating a feat of balance or stability.

I'm actually not sure what they've demonstrated here other than that Charlie can sling Meryl around his body (not in space, his body, his core) with poor technique that allows him to go quicker than if they used good technique. This is, IMO, an example of how they ditched good technique because it couldn't compete with VM's, and instead substituted what looks like airborne wrestling done with pace.
This looks fine.

They're getting their grips set, Meryl's forearm under Charlie's underarm, Charlie's left arm across her midsection, obvious with the linked right hands keeping the perimeters nice and secure, but the form isn't awful, and who knows what great things await once she's up there. Okay, her head is bent to accomodate all the security settings being put into place, but what is this, the Bolshoi?

Deep lunge, all hands on deck (note Meryl's arm hooked under Charlie. She's not just using him as a stability or balance point, she's latching herself on).

Meryl's shoulders and arms tight to Charlie. But still, I consider this preliminary.

Everybody's hands still on board, Meryl's command center still pasted to Charlie with her arm (the inside arm) keeping there.

Nobody's let go yet, Meryl's upper right shoulder is still pinned close to Charlie with her under arm anchor - it's also obvious that the outside arms are keeping everything "in" so the position doesn't fly open.

Here we see that not only is her arm fully under Charlie's (see her left hand gripping his shoulder from behind) which keeps her torso tight to his chest, and not only is her right arm stretched above and across her shoulders/head which creates a counterforce that further stablizes her core and legs, he also has his left arm hooked around her waist with his entire left arm engaged - shoulder, bicep, forearm, wrist. Despite having her core anchored across his core, it's still too dicey for Meryl to let go of Charlie's right hand that she's holding with her right hand. I think that's keeping her from opening up and rolling out of the position, stability wise.

People are like - Charlie must be great to manage Meryl like this!

Are we sure it's Meryl? Maybe the reason Meryl needs to be locked in like this is her partner is none too steady on his feet.

Who are we kidding, it's both of them. A perfect storm.

She's swung close to the ice. I think some of the feet of strength-iness is spoiled by her entire left arm clinging to/braced around his shoulder.

Here she comes around again, everybody still hanging on tight across each other's gravitational center, Charlie's arm bracing Meryl across her midline, Meryl's arm gripping Charlie's back/shoulder.

But what really interests me is the "bridge" created by their "free" arms gripping each other's hands, sort of like lashing things to the roof of the car but then stretching a bungee cord across from the sides to keep everything in.

To be continued next post.


  1. This lift looks bad enough at real speed, but is truly God-awful when you break it down like this. And for all the DW ubers who were counting VM's "crotch shots" in Carmen, there is lots of unflattering crotch shots here.

  2. Is this the Danse Mon Esmeralda segment? If so, brava to Meryl for playing an excellent corpse.

    1. Nope. The Danse Mon Esmerelda lift is at the end, I think. This is the first lift.