Monday, April 15, 2013

For these caps the difference is the working space they occupy and how they work with each other without climbing onto and clinging, their line and posture while moving and posing, and what Maia can do under her own agency, such as transition.


They continue to skate. Maia hasn't decided to hang out on two feet with bent knees because they're going to do a lift. Their lift is going to come out of the skating hold and stroking with which they skated into this entrance.

While skating side by side in hold, Maia hooks her arm under Alex's arm. The hand they held while stroking stay together, so this transition is organic. She's swung around and while the knees are bent. She's in space. She's not wearing a human harness.

Maia's got her arm around his neck but her torso's trajectory is going around his side.

Why her legs aren't miles apart with knees bent and ankles flexed, who knows.

She's swung into a sit and only now does Alex take the plie/besti squat.

He does a nice little dip move here that can be appreciated in the gif.

Over she goes. Her legs seem to be doing some of their own work, plus she's being flipped over his right shoulder, not cross body.

That's about where Meryl hit it but with Charlie pinning her "straight leg". Maia has a nice arch in her upper back here. I guess that's it.

Grab her leg, Alex.

 Oh my. He grabbed one, but let go of the other, and look at Maia.

This must be where the Shibs lose pcs to Davis White. This sort of thing.

Continued next post.


  1. I think you meant Maia has a nice arch in her back?

    1. Yep - just noticed it myself and corrected it. Thanks.