Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This is leading into the straight line lift and is a screen cap of Meryl's two foot weirdness. She was stroking and at this point we see here she'd put her right foot down to transfer her weight onto it  ... but then didn't. Instead for a clear beat both feet stopped moving and she just was pulled on a two foot glide. She often loses the rhythm of her stroking because of odd habits like this. Can she not multi-task? She was shooting a big smile at the camera and that's when she forgot to actually push with her right skate.

I just finished watching Davis White circa 2007. They were much calmer. There wasn't all the two-footing. There wasn't all the lift slop. They did look a bit "just graduated" from the junior ranks because they'd skate along smoothly and with command, and then there would be a small glitch. Then back in the groove, then a small glitch. Just occasional little hitches in the edge or a turn and quite a bit with the bent legs.

I wonder if they were unable to clean up their habit of little trips and hitches and so just sped everything up. Before, when they completed their movements, that hitch would show up because they weren't rushing to the next thing. They were calm in and out of lifts and much more disciplined as far as their alignment and stability. And today who cares if they have a glitch - they'll just blow right over that little catch in the ice or rock of the blade, and obviously if you rush through your hitches, catches and glitches, as well as other stuff, they don't count.

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