Friday, April 26, 2013

So IOW, that IS the reason you're doing it?

Virtue and Moir have done a photo shoot for

Says Scott:

“It should definitely create a buzz though, which is funny because that’s not the purpose of today at all,” Moir said of the romantic photo spread.
 As usual by Scott announcing what it's not we know that's what it is.

Scott also said this:

He adds, with a laugh, "It's probably what made us almost not want to do it."
What probably made you almost not want to do it? That people would guess what you're doing, and why you're doing it, and the two of you are so fucking arrogant you can't stand being seen? You always have to be miles ahead even on stuff so  obvious someone would have to poke their own eyes out to avoid noticing what's going on?

I think once in Scott's entire entire media life he said something respectful about the fans. It was about last seasons's short dance when he said the public could tell he and Tessa weren't completely at home in the original version of the program.

Shut up! The public could tell something without Scott and Tessa telling us first? What the fuck happened? Was Scott drinking when he said it?

Davis White have been dominating the entertainment media. They're shown on Dancing with the Stars. Davis and White have Derek Hough, a Sergei Diaghilev hologram and Fred Astaire's nephew choreographing their Olympic programs. Esteemed dance critic George Jackson is rumored to be  prepping a piece comparing Charlie to John Curry and Meryl Davis to an on-ice Maria Tallchief with the soft blade work of Janet Lynn.

The actual competition in Sochi is considered but a formality. The twitter hashtag #sochigold is up and running, to be applied, apparently, exclusively to posts about Davis White. The "this deal is DONE and DONE" approach worked for London, so let's carry through to Sochi.

What to do, what to do?

If they're doing a bridal magazine shoot before the season even starts, the Parenting magazine photo shoot is being saved for January 2014, where they'll pose on the cover with a pre-schooler and then let us know that it's all to honor their own parents and the careful nurturing that brought them to a second Olympics, and it's also a shout out to their new Olympic program in which the characters they play are a married couple experiencing family life and parenthood.

I really hope not because then their kid will get to hang the cover in their room with the child model's face crossed out.  Or maybe Scott and Tessa can show their usual class and pose with one of their neices.

I don't know. They went on and on and on in 2009-2010 about how they were kids. Read - we can't possibly be married/planning a family.

So now in the run-up to Sochi they're "play acting" bride and groom = we can't possibly be married for several years and the parents of a young child.

It's disappointing because it's the same waterlogged, dog-eared playbook that stopped working some time ago. Where's the skating? Where's the interview with some of the skating greats highlighting that Virtue Moir are the best. How does this counteract that Davis White are technically equal, artistically on par, and much cleaner and more reliable.

We ARE going to get pictures of Scott and Cassandra from their "beach" vacation - which is, IMO, at this stage, immoral on multiple levels.

But Cassandra didn't do this out of the goodness of her heart. Her prettiness needs to get out there. The quickest route to getting people to look at photos of Cassandra is to hook them with photos of Scott. Then after they've looked at those they'll check out all the other auto-filtered poses. She isn't getting any younger either - both modeling and figure skating have a short prime time. She did show up for Worlds and sit in among a mess of Moirs, so she's due the quo part of the quid pro.


  1. I am just so fucking angry. I knew the yearly announcement was coming, but I didn't expect it to come with a stupid wedding pics photoshoot.

    At this point, I'm ready to just walk away.

  2. As far as media, it wouldn't be that bad to have fun, fluff photo shoots such as this one IF there were also a barrage of media about them as skaters and dancers. The stupidity is focusing exclusively on the "Canadian sweethearts" angle. Really, it's completely old and overdone.

    I wish for once Canadian media (i.e. Skate Canada) would shut the hell up about this. In this case, Scott and Tessa could have just said something along the lines of "couple on ice and we'll leave it at that" as Tessa herself once said. That is the right take on these things for the media, not all that other garbage. Stop already. And please -- reports on the skating!! (Assholes)

    1. It's trying to tell us how to react that's the problem. Oh you're thinking this but it's really that. Oh you'll say it's x but it's y.

      Shut the fuck up. Crawl the hell out of our heads if you want us out from inside yours.

  3. Fuck you, Tessa and Scott. Just...fuck you.

    1. What do Tessa and Scott? Working. This is business. Sochi to need a lot of money. Coach, choreographer, medicine-that's money, money, money...

  4. Oh and it's not just Cassandra's prettiness that needs to get out there. It's her brother's too. Disgusting.

  5. These wedding pictures can be viewed a couple of ways. Either they want to tell us, but for whatever reason can't (Embarassment? Family involvement?) so they posed for a wedding magazine. Or they are mean-spirited and rubbing it in everyone's faces.

    1. If they want to "tell us" then just do it without comment. Don't get in there with "it's not it's not it's not!" We GET it even without you two repeating it for the eight gazillionth time.

      There is no consistency, no intelligence, no common sense in any fucking thing they do with pr.

      Then for me, as I ranted about a bit in the comments section beneath another post, there's something nauseating at this stage about seeking OUT opportunities to display how completely not parents you are. Defense is one thing. Being proactive about it is just cruel.

      It's enough to make you cry. There is NOTHING of their kid on a public record. I know that child is loved, gets plenty of attention, is nurtured, is present where it's important for the child to be present. Is included.

      But it's not in public. And if public weren't important than the same would apply to Charlie and Danny's daughters. Their daughters are inside the loop too. Their daughters are loved, included, photographed, and get plenty of attention in private. Their daughters are present at important events. Why do they need to be instagrammed by P.J. Kwong? Why do they need to be held up, facing forward, by mom or dad in the front row of the biggest competition of the season so the camera can't miss them? Why can't they be photographed at venus or filmed at events but have this stuff put in the bank somewhere and only publicized years later? Why does it have to be on the record NOW?

      If there's a reason for why Charlie and Danny have their girls on the record now vis a vis Scott and Tessa's spotlight, then what makes Scott and Tessa's child different from the cousins?

      This fucking family. In fact, since Scott and Tessa's child doesn't officially exist, wouldn't it be kinder to treat the nieces the same way? Okay, so we know they exist, since Charlie and Danny aren't hiding their marital status, but maybe it would be kinder, more fair, more considerate NOT to show the nieces off on instagram, not to pose them in the press room, or on videos in connection with Scott and Tessa's spotlight so that when everybody gets older and grows up they can say everybody was treated the same?

      Instead it's like - tough luck kid - you had to be hidden to protect your mommy and daddy's big lies but that doesn't mean the other girls have to be ignored.

      I'm sure Scott and Tessa consider that what is in their own best interest is also in their kid's best interest. But in these circumstances the two aren't necessarily synonymous.

      Because it's not their child's career, not their child's fame, not their child's spotlight. Their child isn't Olympic champion. Scott and Tessa are.

      Left out is left out. I think it's just flaunting their callousness to dress up in bride and groom outfits, publicize a photo shoot on the web and issue a new round of "smarter than thou" remarks. It's cruel. It's going out of their way to rub the kid's face in it.

    2. "If they want to "tell us" then just do it without comment."

      THIS. It could have been a cute way to come out (yeah, right) or they could have left it open to interpretation. They could have even given the one caveat that - no, they're not getting married. That would be a legitimate clarification for those who don't know who they are. But instead we get:

      -ordering us not to read anything into it
      -"not dating and no wedding bells in future" - factually true but in meaning a lie
      -Moir will go to a beach
      -guilt that they almost didn't do the shoot because of US
      -saying this all wasn't the point of the post, when in reality it has no purpose other than publicity (they do NOT need the money)

    3. Not getting married right now, I mean. Not planning a wedding like all you lovely brides reading the magazine.

  6. They are just disgusting. I honestly hope they do lose the gold. Insanity is repeating the same and expecting different results. I said it before. Ice Dance is all about PR now. Example D/W London. Why don't they get it??? Oh yeah, they are the only kids not on social media, and they are in their own bubble.Do they, or anyone around them understand???

  7. What do Tessa and Scott? Working. This is business. Soì to need a lot of money. Coach, choreographer, medicine-that's money, money, money...

  8. To Rainbowkisses. Not because of this photoshoot. Their PR in general. Everyone can see D/W are stepping up their's, and this is what V/M come out with. WTF??? They better step it up, and soon...

    1. & binker on fanforum, both in the same

    2. rip rainbowkisses. she was the only one on fsu who had the audacity to tell the truth.

  9. Well, firstly, Davis and White might have been at Dancing with the Stars but never made it on the TV Screen or were mentioned on the Show. Secondly, Virtue and Moir have Jean Marc Genereux as one of their choreographers who is as successful as Hough. Lastly, in that article, they are actually mentioning that they want to win Gold at the Olympics, in my books that is the first time they make that statement. Their PR might not have been the best, but that photoshoot, at the very least, introduces them to a wider audiences.
    Also, where did you get that rumour that George Jackson is writing an article about them? Because he is extremely critical of the technique of a dancer and no matter how much they paid him,he still would have a hard time to make Davis and White look good without sounding hypocritical.

    1. Charlie made it, in a 'blink and you'll miss him' shot..? The TV image was tweeted. But no, they weren't mentioned on the show, I think. Hough, if he has ever seen V/M skate, would instantly realize how superior they are to D/W. But he's not being paid to choreograph for V/M.

    2. "they want to win Gold at the Olympics"

      Anyone can say that. They (people on their behalf) need to start saying that they SHOULD win gold, that something is very very wrong if they don't win gold.

      "at the very least, introduces them to a wider audiences."

      Why is this important? I suppose it's a nice overall goal for increasing viewership with skating, or for their particular careers, but it's not a priority for winning gold in Sochi. More fans who think they're adorable but don't know an inside edge from an outside edge is the last thing they need right now.

    3. 4:25, I got the tip about George Jackson from the same source that tipped me off to Sergei Diaghilev's hologram and Fred Astaire's nephew.

      It's absolutely painful that only Rosie fucking DiManno is questioning Davis White's scores. If she knew what she was talking about, she could make an actual contribution, but I don't think she has the attention span to read CoP and train her eye technically enough to see that DW are not actually doing what the judges, under CoP, are rewarding them for doing. She has to tie it to the rulebook or her remarks won't have any bearing. It will be written off to aesthetic preference or style.

      Meantime Virtue and Moir are talking about "showing clear edges" and improving GOE.

      They're getting their asses kicked by Davis White, who run, skip and hop through their programs, who incessantly two foot and blade flat, who skid trot and knee slide and act like the other has cooties. Who call for a prolonged, two footed hop in place celebration if they actually skate (both of them on an edge) in some type of hold (in physical contact in some way) for more than three notes of program music in a row. THEY don't show clear edges. THEY get mega GOE on dumbed way down, crap ass, sloppy as fuck elements. But sure, spin it as - we just need to be more perfect. Clearer edges. Sure.

      That way any time you miss a key point, the judges can give Davis White 79 points.

      They're accepting the rules of the game. They have to be better, perfect, on point, actually legit.

      Davis White don't.

  10. I think We can all agree after last season.It doesn't matter who is the superior team does it? Tessa and Scott knew exactly what this disgusting photoshoot would o, especially inviting 2 reporters. General consensus is that it's backfiring. If they were 2 kids on social media. They could have taken the temp of people. They dig themselves deeper with this crap.

  11. CarrieAnne on fanforum is part of the problem, as are others that are easily brainwashed. If they truly tessa & scott fans, they would stop buying into this romance/connection crap and focus on the skating...

    1. has fanforum even been active lately? and by lately i mean the last 3 months...

  12. Well, this is somewhat of an improvement

  13. Tessa & Scott are pitting their fans against one another with their antics ( Especially this shoot ). It's too bad. You don't see Meryl & Charlie's fans this split. What a Shame. They brought it on themselves though...They knew exactly what they were doing with this shoot.

    1. Congratulations to Scott and Tessa! It's an impressive feat to split your fans like this.

      It's the ones who are going around and claiming that they're *just* modelling clothes that are annoying me the most. Scott and Tessa don't *just* do anything. They knew exactly what they were doing here and it backfired, though I don't know how they expected anything else.

    2. "They knew exactly what they were doing here and it backfired, though I don't know how they expected anything else."

      Not to worry. They will post more Cassandra-Scott photos in order to prove how sincere they are in saying the wedding modeling was just for fun and is not for real. It does seem as if they use social media to try and counteract anything they might have said or done in real media.

      It's the most amazing thing how smoothly and efficiently Scott moved from Jessica to Cassandra and the new love interest plays the exact same role in the exact same way. It's all quite hilarious, really.

  14. It's over. The gold is gone.

    I actually have a sense of peace now. No worrying about the medal. I'll just sit back and enjoy next year's programs.

    FSU even tells me, their legacy will remain intact. Being in the top two for four years is actually the same thing as winning. They should just be honored to share the titles with DW.

    That they could miscalculate this so badly, and turn half of their fans against them at a time when we should be united in righteous anger, shows that when it comes to anything but skating and choreography, they don't know what the fuck they're doing.

    And unfortunately, skating counts least of all. So continue saying you hate the compulsories, you hate the short dance, you agree with your bad technical marks, that you learn so much from skating with DW, that you have so many things in your skating to work on, that your fans don't understand and appreciate your programs (then why should the judges?). It's taken you so far this season! They even let you win the SD, once!

    You will never see DW say a word against their fans, nor ever admit to mistakes and flaws in their skating. They're as vanilla as it gets, on and off the ice.

  15. I remember loving to look at my parents' wedding album when I was like five maybe. All the pretty dresses. To think the kid isn't going to be interested in this is insane. If they think they can control what their kid gets to see...every single house in Ilderton probably has enough material to make a scrapbook for the kid.

    1. It's like - there's a published photo shoot and you're two or three and you're in it. It's from your parents' heyday as champions. Your friends are like: "Cool".

      Scott and Tessa have a bride and groom photo shoot in which they deny each other and of course their own child does not exist. It's 2013!

      I can see friends down the road realizing this person was the child of Olympic champions, asking about Sochi, and there's nothing. There's Scott posing with Cassandra Hilborn in swimsuits. There's Scott lip kissing Jessica Dube on the rocks at Los Cabos.

      Child, what child? And the kid spinning it as just the way it is. Yeah, well, he was pretending to have a girlfriend back then.

      Yeah, friends, cousins, grandparents, fake girlfriends - shit, even Uncle Paul's restaurant got the spotlight but me? I didn't exist.

      What is there to see?

      Well, there's nothing but private photos like everyone else. But hey, my cousins - younger than me - were part of their public life! Here's daddy answering a questionaire saying he'd trade places with my uncle cause then he'd have a beautiful daughter!

      Weren't you born then?


      So you're ugly?

      That's not what he meant!

      P.J. Kwong's article talking about how in love Scott is with his niece, Charlotte, I'm sure will also be treasured by his child and passed down to the grandkids.

      Here, I'll say I've seen Daria Grinkova's facebook. She'll be 21 in September. Her father passed away about two months after she turned three. She'll be 21 this September.

      She gave an interview at age sixteen saying she remembers him from photos and videos (didn't specify if she had direct, independent memories), and it's very sad, but it's something you need to accept, deal with, and go on. She also seemed to draw distinctions between the 'extraordinary' life her parents lead, and the one her mother still leads, and her own 'normal' life. She's forward looking.

      She still is, but 2 years ago got a tatoo of a phoenix on her shoulder to honor her dad, and later linked a video a fan had made focusing on her relationship with a man (her dad) who died when she was three.

      This stuff reverberates. It becomes more important as you mature.

      Charlie and Danny obviously know this because surely their girls don't give a shit now. It's for later when it will matter.

      Scott and Tessa's own child isn't really as different from the cousins as Scott and Tessa think. They're still outside. It's still Scott and Tessa's skating, their career, their fame, their medals. Their kid is not them. And left out is left out, particularly when care is taken to include the cousins.

    2. "Scott and Tessa's own child isn't really as different from the cousins as Scott and Tessa think. They're still outside. It's still Scott and Tessa's skating, their career, their fame, their medals. Their kid is not them. And left out is left out, particularly when care is taken to include the cousins."

      Wow, I think I just got it. They think being their kid is special enough, that the kid is by default more involved than the rest of the family. But all they've done is make it MORE obvious that it's their career and not their child's.

    3. Yeah, 8:08 that's exactly what I was trying to express. They think it goes without saying because their child is an extension of themselves. But that's usually what parents think about their kids, not how kids think about their parents. To the child, and in reality, it's their career, their spotlight, their life, their experience, not the child's. They're the special ones. Every single interview and piece of promotion Scott and Tessa do puts distance between themselves and their child in that respect. It's heartbreaking. A fucking bridal photo shoot that couldn't be a bigger gauntlet - kid? We have no stinking kid. It's just us!

      sTessa cheerily talking about her off-ice activities and life. They don't even bother to smile and say they really enjoy hanging out at home - something that leaves some room for the unsaid. It's training and school for her, and hanging with her mom. For him it's posing with a fake girlfriend in queasy making photos and the girlfriend - whether it's Jessica or Cassandra - publishing her gush all over social media. That's what I want to read from some girl about my dad, even now. I wouldn't recoil at all.

      Vis a vis the public life and the history, their child has more in common with Charlie and Danny's daughters, the cousins, than with Scott and Tessa. I think it would be a whole lot more considerate to keep the cousins' role as out of sight and behind the scenes as their own kid's. It's not fair.

      One of the absolutely most appalling things I've ever read from Scott EVER was him saying he'd trade places with his brother because then he'd have a beautiful daughter. My God. That was a devastating thing to put out there. How was it even in him to say such a thing, even to mislead?

      Despite all the sham, the lies, the crap, Scott has never pretended not to love Tessa, even if he misleads as to the type of love - feebly misleads. He's never ever tried to pretend she's basically to him what Meryl is to Charlie or what some other pal/partner is in other partnerships. He can't do it or act like it. But then that thing comes glibly out about trading places with his brother, and the P.J. Kwong article about being in love with his new niece.

    4. "Despite all the sham, the lies, the crap, Scott has never pretended not to love Tessa, even if he misleads as to the type of love - feebly misleads. He's never ever tried to pretend she's basically to him what Meryl is to Charlie or what some other pal/partner is in other partnerships. He can't do it or act like it. But then that thing comes glibly out about trading places with his brother, and the P.J. Kwong article about being in love with his new niece."

      My thinking is sort of stuck on this, but I can't seem to keep my head from going there. If a parent loves their kid the way a parent is supposed to, how do they do this stuff? So much of it is just brutal. The kid may not realize what's going on now, but someday it will, and it's going to be just as brutal.

      The act of a parent acknowledgeing a child's existence and its place in that parent's life is one of the most fundamentally basic expressions of parental love. It's a way of saying to the child "I love you and I'm proud you're mine."

      I'm sure V/M have rationalized it all to themselves and just assume that the kid will feel the same way, as has been pointed out. Kids have a way of not feeling and thinking how their parents wish. In another decade, V/M will be reaping what they've sowed with this when their hurt, left out kid goes off the rails.

    5. Well obviously life as they actually live it includes their child. Their child is acknowledged, loved, included. They no more actually exclude their child than they actually exclude each other.

      What they present to us are bff platonic partners who live in separate residences and date other people. What they are - and which includes their child's early memories as well - are a married couple who share a home(s) and live with their child too.

      I think, therefore "off the rails" is extreme. Their child isn't parked in a separate residence with a governess. The child is central to Scott and Tessa's real life, just as they are husband and wife to each other every day in real life. We don't see either. Their child is no less loved and cared for, and receiving of attention because the child doesn't publicly exist than Scott and Tessa are any less married because the marriage isn't admitted in public. It's the public part that's fake, not the private part. It's the public part that's warped, not the private part.

      What's damaging, IMO, goes to this: Scott and Tessa, as skating partners, can hide in plain sight. They can enjoy a million photoshoots, public appearances, events, etc. as skating partners and bff, because they have that additional role outside their private relationship. It gives them freedom.

      Their child has no additional role other than being their child, so it's not possible to include the kid in magazine photo shoots, events, interviews, etc., not even by reference.

      Therefore, mom and dad get to appear all over the place, together, on the record, and down the road these can be seen as a husband and wife, a couple, at these times.

      The nieces have a role - they're family. Their existence doesn't suggest any private truths about Scott and Tessa. Hell - they're even useful, as fans - conventional and gullible as we are - can hardly believe Scott and Tessa would publicly gush over these children while ignoring their own. Who'd do that?

      Their child has no public role. Their child can't be passed off as something else. The most that could be done is to pretend their child's name is the name of one of the cousins, if they've done that, so the name can be said.

      Scott and Tessa have a second role, a second relationship - skating partners. The cousins have an inoccuous role.

      The child has no public role because the child is their child, and they're denying they're even together.

      The part that is weird to me is when Scott and Tessa seek out things like the bridal shoot. Or go out of their way to focus on Scott's neices. Or Scott comes out with shit like "I'd trade places with my brother so I could have his daughter." Or even, given a chance to do over some of the Jessica swill, Cassandra is green lighted to coo and gush on social media.

      Hey Cassandra, hey Cathy Hilborn - would Cass love it if there was a bunch of stuff on the web showing some other woman kissing and gushing and swooning over her dad going back to when she was an infant up to about age three? Whatever the reason? Would she enjoy it if the woman was doing it for publicity and in hopes someone would notice her looks and maybe open some doors? Or would she be who cares - at home my life was great and mom and dad were happy! Or if somewhere were old interviews of her dad gushing over her younger cousins but none about her? Or again, would it be - who cares! I saw him every day and was the apple of his eye?

      I don't think Cassandra would go off the rails. But it's not nice. And people who participate and enable this when they don't "have" to (not family, not skaters) are showing who they are.


  16. Out of curiosity - did Torvill/Dean ever do a bridal photoshoot? is there any precedence for an ice-dance team that were "platonic" to go ahead with this type of photoshoot?

    1. It's funny because Torvill & Dean recently admitted they were on and off romantic. And before they admitted that, their story was they dated as teens before setting that aside in favor of the career.

      The way the two of them together discuss his first wife, Isabelle Duschenay, has always raised a flag. She was famously jealous of Torvill, which is used to paint her as irrational and psychotic. One wonders if the real problem is she didn't look the other way as she was meant to do, and raised a stink instead. Torvill's remarks about her are uncharacteristically bitchy, too personal, and backhanded - inappropriate from a platonic skating partner.


  17. When the news that they were working with Genereux broke and he was excitedly tweeting about it, I thought, "Hey cool, this is a great first step with their Olympic season PR!"

    And then of course, this shit happens. If they hope to ride their cute "not dating!" articles all the way to Sochi gold, they're going to find themselves sorely disappointed.

    We know that if not VM themselves, their camp does keep tabs on all the hotspots. They should have known what the reaction would be to their latest stunt but as usual, they went ahead with it anyway. Screw all of you guys. Aww. We love you too, Tessa and Scott.

    Even those who aren't on board with the whole married/child thing are rolling their eyes at this one.

    Btw, thinking about what this is going to do to their child is making me feel sick.

    1. Well, in keeping with their maturity level, the fact that people are appalled about what all this will do to their kid down the line - just the simple unkindness and unfairness of what's out there - is a guarantee they'll not just keep it up, but up the ante.

      The kid is them - that must be how they think about it. The child will be able to process Cassandra, Jessica, photos, interviews, videos, quotes, etc., with the same equinamity as Scott and Tessa, who caused it all to happen. Never mind the eligible career will be long over by the time their child reaches the age of reason. It doesn't matter that they won't have lived it nor felt/saw for themselves that all of this was "necessary." They'll just have the detritus on the web and whatever context mom and dad share with them, and that will be enough.

      Scott and Tessa don't look around at how other athletes - and other public figures - publicly include their children. Or how Scott's own brothers publicly include their daughters. Or how Charlie White is always including, among others, his niece. And wonder why the kids aren't just kept out of sight. Could there be a psychological benefit to including them, not just now, but long term?

      Guess not. This is just another case of how Scott and Tessa are unique. Perhaps they've consulted with a pediatrician/child psychologist who has diagnosed their child as having inherited their unique characteristics, and so the child is free from the psychological needs that other kids have.


  18. You know Scott's been dying to slide in a reference to a beach vacation. The way these guys operate, all this idiotic talk about making sure the public knows they are only portraying the on-ice connection could be all just so Scott gets this opportunity to deliver the heads up. (Beach photos with Cassandra on the way. Yes, we know.)

    It's these patterns -- the annual post-Worlds announcement that they're platonic together with the beach vacation with the current girlfriend. I don't like having these negative assumptions about them but they've trained us well. We know what to expect. They deliver. Malice, mean-spiritedness and major pr incompetence are confirmed each and every time. Why are we even surprised.

  19. jesus christ you guys are reading too much into this. this is obviously their way of getting back to the USFS who said their chemistry was shite compared to d/w via ice network

    1. 8:36

      If this was a one-time thing then yes, we would be reading too much into this. But sorry, when things are predictable and follow the same patterns year after year, then it's not the audience who is 'misinterpreting' things. Everyone is just supposed to play dumb and play along? You're welcome to do that, of course, but I refuse to close my eyes and my brain. I'm not going to play mental gymnastics to cover for all of VM's lies and inconsistencies -- for YEARS!

      It's been said before VM's 'connection' has never been an issue. No one questions that (icenetwork notwithstanding). If this is push back for the icenetwork article you have to wonder why they decided this was so important it merited playing bride&groom but all the ridiculous articles saying DW are better skaters doesn't get any pushback. There's never been any need to prove they have connection and I bet they know that completely.

    2. Well that's what I believe and why I put up the original post. Of course they're going to work the usual angles - and whoever puts the article together can stop treating fans like three year olds starting yesterday ("Sorry dreamers!" "Don't get excited!" and all that other puerile CRAP that is fucking condescending.)

      Of course they jumped on a bridal magazine to hit a grand slam against all the DW treacle.

      Scott flat out said it would create buzz even though that's not why they did it which = that's why they did it.

      But as with everything they do in p.r. ancillary issues come along with it, most of them familiar, and of course those will be discussed as well. They include posing as a platonic couple, restating their platonic status, Scott alluding to his own separate beach vacation which we know from experience is a sham heads up, especially with Cassandra panting to go on vacation with him on her now-you-see-it-now-you-don't twitter not long ago.

      DW probably had less chemistry than any team competing. It doesn't matter. Icenetwork says they have and it recruits other people to say it.

      Ice dance has nothing to do with what's true. It's all what you say is true. What we have here is a decision to reward DW over VM, regardless of the reality that DW are IMO better than 10 points worse than even a flawed VM. As with all lies and hustles, there's a need for propaganda. Since nobody seriously believes DW have better chemistry, it doesn't matter if Scott and Tessa pose for a bridal magazine or in bed. It's not a real debate.


    3. "Scott flat out said it would create buzz even though that's not why they did it which = that's why they did it."

      I wonder now if we're not doing Mahler 2.0 = get ready for Vocalise, bitches!
      *with a backbeat added on to conform to ISU rules

      Unless they did that article to gauge fan reaction to more romantic stuff - I doubt they're that smart, and even if that's the intent, they'll just look at Skate Canada's FB page which will reinforce everything they already believe...

      "DW probably had less chemistry than any team competing. It doesn't matter. Icenetwork says they have and it recruits other people to say it."

      This is fascinating, because, if DW are so athletic, why would they even want to frame the narrative in terms of chemistry and connection.

      Their tactic would be - this is about technique, elements, and what happens on the ice.

      (They tried that - "we're not pretending to be a couple like others do" - it failed. They dropped a losing strategy.)

      They don't have the technique and they know they can't beat VM on the scoresheet. So they pretty much ignored the technical side altogether, implying the one and only thing separating them from the top was emotion and connection. Then they paid a bunch of people to write articles saying they had it, and they won.

      They made sure to keep the conversation about anything BUT technical stuff.

      Meryl could probably get Dzokhar Tsarnaev elected mayor of Boston.

      VM don't begin to have the mental acuity to keep up, sorry.

    4. "VM don't begin to have the mental acuity to keep up, sorry."


      Yeah, all their mental acuity is directed towards their sham and not toward keeping up with Meryl and Charlie in the media.

      It's the most bizarre thing to watch. VM have been so focused on controlling the narrative about their relationship, it's consumed them. To the point they don't have any resources left (mental or otherwise) to oversee a media fight based on the skating (and only the skating). And the Canadian skating media has been complicit all along, only too happy to write all their crap about dating/not dating and never paying attention to what's going on in the USFSA-directed media.

      It's extremely rare for any DW articles to drop hints and quotes related to who they date, where they will vacation and when, where they live and with whom, what they do off-ice and with whom, their favorite hang-outs, etc. They do an excellent job swooning over DW's SKATING perfections. Well duh, no wonder the public narratives about these teams have become focused on DW being unbeatable and equal (if not better) than VM.

      But aren't VM fans just thrilled to receive the continual dribble of all these personal tidbits - about vacations, living arrangements, relationship nauseaum. But the skating? Eh - they're going to work very hard (gee, you don't say), have better edges, choose great music. Yeah, great job guys.

    5. I'm 4:07, respond...

      "It's extremely rare for any DW articles to drop hints and quotes related to who they date, where they will vacation and when, where they live and with whom, what they do off-ice and with whom, their favorite hang-outs, etc."

      Pretty incredible, consider he's dating a famous and popular ice dancer and she's dating their coach's son/racecar driver/model/famewhore extraordinaire. They know this would distract from on ice, so they simply don't bring it up.

      VM don't realize how lucky they are that skating is just a fringe fandom. Real celebrities like Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus have to deal with actual paparazzi, with people they know selling stories about them, etc. Except for random postings on the fsu gossip threads and datalounge, figure skaters can pretty much control the narrative when it comes to their personal lives. I mean Lysacek has the world thinking he's straight, hello. It's so funny that VM spend so much time on an issue that no one even cares that much about, citing "privacy" concerns that amount to nothing. Nicole Bobek went away for selling meth and nobody even gives a shit anymore.

      "They do an excellent job swooning over DW's SKATING perfections. Well duh, no wonder the public narratives about these teams have become focused on DW being unbeatable and equal (if not better) than VM."

      Oh, no doubt, next year's articles will be about how DW have left "everyone" (no names, they don't even need to mention VM anymore, they're lumped in with the others) in the dust.

      "Eh - they're going to work very hard (gee, you don't say), have better edges, choose great music. Yeah, great job guys."

      Good to know Tessa and Scott agreed with the judging this year.

      They think they can still win because their skating will speak for itself. Isn't that precious? Bless their little hearts.

  20. Our beautiful lady has a new profile pic on twitter

    1. JFC. Disgusting.

      I'm trying really hard to keep the skating separate from the sham, but it's starting to get to the point that I can't even enjoy their skating anymore.

    2. Of fucking course. What better time to show off that new pic. I hate them.

    3. But of course there will be a new picture (or several new pictures). Tessa and Scott are in the public eye right now because of SOI (cue the rotation back to a couple picture on Cassandra's facebook page). And tomorrow they're in London (cue new picture again but this time on twitter). It's always always been important that Scott's "gf" show couple pictures during any public appearance by VM.

      Also, whenever VM have done anything that triggers relationship speculations, they hurry to cover their ass by featuring these Scott-gf pictures.


      So I figure this time it's a double whammy: public appearances (SOI and SOI in London) plus the bridal photo-shoot. This makes it doubly important to showcase Scott's private romantic life.

      They featured Jessica holding a newborn Moir niece. They have no boundaries. It's anyone's guess what they think is necessary to show in next few days/weeks. But I'm prepared to be disgusted and to lose even more respect for their choices.

    4. Oiee - the post-Worlds's kind of sad to think that both V/M and D/W will lose some of its fanbase come Sochi. V/M due to the mindgames and D/W continuing to allow the USFSA to bash V/M. Rewind to 2010 - clearly 2 teams who supported each other and a coaching staff that complimented each other with Zoueva/ to 2013..not the same warm and's unfortunate...

      Also wanted to add - there seems to be less tweets from this year's cast of SOI Canada than last year...if it wasn't for Eric Radford, Ashley Wagner and Sinead Kerr - you wouldn't know that there was a tour out there...Joannie Rochette who usually tweets on a daily basis has been silent, Jeff Buttle has been least the fans have provided some pictures and videos....hahaha...

    5. Me again at 12:16 pm - just wanted to add that going back to Worlds 2013 - a big shout out to Carolina Kostner for having the best PR this year and for having a solid performance at Worlds. Much respect for her - considering that her boyfriend tested positive prior to the summer Olympic games in London and was banned...she decided to skip the GP series and then come back in 2013...the association with the boyfriend could have tarred her career but with the right guidance - she and her team controlled the narrative and she got the job done. Granted Carolina has always been well loved and does well in interviews but this "hiccup" in her life could have been much worse. All that I am saying is that she faced a difficult personal and professional situation on a very tight timeline and with the right guidance - there hasn't been evident collateral damage.

    6. It's like - why do the bridal shoot to begin with? Except it does fit with their pattern of luring fans in the better to punch them in the teeth. That's another favorite training break tradition.

      That twitter pic looks like it's from an old set.


  21. Speaking of this photo , some twonk on twitter said that tessa looks like a mail-order bride or something. Talk about trivializing a serious issue what a sexist prick.

    1. isnt dat the same person who said their carmen was the most misogynistic carmen ever?

    2. @9:54 - Yes! That person has issues lol. Seems like they love to trivialize serious issues such as misogyny and sexism.

    3. lmao be careful not to feed them after midnight ;] they hate it when you call them sexist (or simple-minded for that matter ;])

    4. "We ARE going to get pictures of Scott and Cassandra from their "beach" vacation - which is, IMO, at this stage, immoral on multiple levels."

      Do you think they might also try showing Tessa on a beach with a boyfriend? Traditionally it's only been about Scott's off-ice love life.

    5. @ anon 12:40 i think you replied to the wrong comment lol. anyways they are prolly from ontd_skating just ignore them. ontd_skating reeks of pressed bitches anyway

    6. Anon 1:20 - I'm 12:40, I quoted a comment from this blog entry. I know it wasn't related to the comments immediately preceding it but I was interested in blogger's opinions of the possibility of VM also releasing vacation photos of Tessa with a boyfriend, in addition to the usual Scott and girlfriend (and other family members) at a beach.

    7. I seriously don't know what to expect from Tessa's end. I think the back end of the "friends with London Knights" has got to show up at some point as Ryan Pyette didn't drop that for nothing, and when something is dropped, generally the photos are already in the can.

      Their motives for releasing prior photos of Tessa wearing a bikini with Semple and another guy aren't clear cut but if you just lowest common denominator it it's possible to come up with theories.

      One being, there are all these photos of Scott/Jessica from the Dominican, Mexico and a couple from Santa Monica. They're in swimsuits which = sex, especially since in the Mexico one they are touching lips very gingerly. (In the Dominican smooch they're not in swimwear).

      Tessa posing cheerfully in her bikini with not just Semple but another guy could be a twofer (you're supposed to think he's my bf but the other guy is just a "friend" and when you look back, you'll see both are just "friends" and me in my tiny suit means nothing) - AND it means "Jessica and Scott posing in their swimsuits means as much as me posing in mine with these guys - i.e., nothing."

      And then there was the photo of her near-cuddling with a female that she's obviously not suggesting she's sleeping with, but it's cozier than with either of the guys, so if we cue up context, we can see the guy poses mean even less.

      It's amazing how they appear to fiddle around with various contexts in their photo shoots but are oblivious to context with so much else.

      They're messaging in the present, and they're trying to message towards the future, is what it looks like. They keep busy with it, for sure.

      Whether or not Tessa is going to deliver any encore photos of herself in her bathing suit depends, I think, on what sort of May vacation photos she and her child's father and husband decide are appropriate to backdoor onto the web for the edification of the fandom.

      I do think Cassandra has/had expectations about what her exposure was going to be in this sham, so I'm not expecting anything less than the usual gross.


  22. Really? Seriously? As much as I enjoyed reading this blogger’s analysis on the skating techniques and abilities between V/M and D/W, this whole piece (as well as other earlier posts relating to personal lives of skaters, I might add) reeks of malicious slander. OK…Call me naïve or whatever, am I to believe that this blogger is related to either Moir or Virtue? And somehow, have some insider knowledge to what really is going on?

    Unfortunately, I don’t. (Neither do I profess to being related to any of them)

    Ok. About this photo shoot…what is it really about? Is it because they had this modelling contract, they wish to do…but they also equate it to “not being a couple/dating”…and that particular statement that irks you? (Because as is, you already decided that they are liars and married, right?) For my point of view, it just means more money for them…to spend for Sochi and competitions 2013-14. Sponsorships so far are far and in between for skaters in Canada. Neither Skate Canada will help any skaters with their expenses. Am I correct?

    Now, taking into account to what some posters’ noted about 2011-12 season, going on and on about how she was absent due to surgery (which some don’t believe, I see), then, got “fat” and therefore, concluded as she was pregnant and secretly married (in this case, to Scott). And now hiding about said child from the public?! So, now some disgruntled “fans” are up at arms with this bit. Calling them liars, having hidden agendas, etc. Even worse, wishing them ill and losing Sochi 2014?!

    Didn’t it occur to anyone that the pieces are merely gossip…pure speculation...worse, defamation of a person’s character and name?? If the shoe was on the other foot,….

    You can counter me back and in the future, show me proofs that they got married (secretly) and had a child. I still say “I don’t care”. It’s their life…their business… Maybe, their intention is to make you all focus on their skating, not obsessed about their relationship (whatever it may be).

    You can accuse me of having blinders on or whatever, that is your opinion and you are entitled to it. However, at this moment, all I see is that what is written or talked about is PURE SPECULATION. (There is no need to get angry/bitter/frustrated/whatever negative adjective associated to these skaters or their lives).

    p.s. if you do continue on writing insightful articles pertaining to skating, I am all ears.

  23. Anon 10:00 -- it's ok to complain and all, but why ignore what the blogger has specicfically said as to the reasons for creating this place, her/his knowledge of facts, etc? In the comments of an entry above this one there is some discussion about this very thing. You wilfully ignore that and pretend not to understand what's going on here. And why not go to those comments and respond specifically. To me this just looks like an excuse at self-righteous posturing.

    1. @10:00

      The premise behind this blog is true--Virtue/Moir are married to each other and the parents of a toddler. It's not slander, speculation, gossip, or defamation of character. It's the truth.

      No, you don't have to be related to V/M to know this. It's just that some of us know. I'm not sure how OC knows her information. All I can say is that after I found this blog, a connection of mine was able to confirm it for me. This person asked me not to say how they were able to do so, and as they did a big favor for me, I'm not going to give a detailed accounting. My loyalty is to the person I know, not random people on the internet.

      I also think it's clear that OC is a huge fan of V/M's skating and, I'm sure, wants to see them win next year because of that.

      As for money, the federation does give some financial help to its top skaters, although it's not close to covering it all like you would have seen in the former USSR. I think that the host federations of the GP's pay the expenses of the invited skaters. So, some of it is covered, but not all of it, not by a long shot.

  24. Anon 10:00 - with regards to your post and this bridal shoot - I just think that V/M could have done without "we are platonic and don't read anything into this" angle. They could have easily said - Tessa is interested in fashion and we were presented this opportunity and decided to do it for fun and pay some bills since skating is an expensive sport. Period. Why have Monica Platek - the CBC reporter in one of her tweets of a picture - state that they are not "together" high-schoolish is that? These are two serious athletes...
    In terms of sponsorship, the majority of amateur athletes in Canada are underfunded but V/M I think do okay (relatively speaking). This year they'll be sponsored by pricewaterhouse coopers, RBC Olympians, ? Lindt chocolate...and other smaller funds...
    I do not agree with everything that the blogger states but the forum does address some of the idiot pr work from Skate Canada, blatant favouritism from Skate Canada etc, the pr of V/M etc...let's face it - with skaters like Chan, Rochette, V/M, previous champions like Browning, Buttle, Shae-Lynn Bourne, Victor Kraatz, Marie-France Dubreuil / Patrice Lauzon, Barb Underhill, Sale/Pelletier, Liz Manley, Stojko synchronized skating etc - Skate Canada should have steady sponsorships over the last Olympic cycle - but until last year - nothing until Canadian Tire. And they got lucky with Canadian Tire because Canadian Tire is actually sponsoring other Canadian sports federations starting this in my books - it wasn't a unique deal...
    So I agree that with your last statement that the blogger has provided insightful articles pertaining to skating but I would also add that there are other aspects such as the pr aspect of the USFSA, the lack of pr for V/M from Skate Canada, the judging, what was not said by the commentators at Worlds etc that doesn't make sense.

    1. I have no doubt as to this blogger’s team, that is V/M. I too was flabbergasted and outraged with what went down this season for V/M. First at 4CC, then at Worlds. The loss of points in their SD (due to that slight mistake?) seemed excessive…made even bitter knowing what the outcome will be in the FD portion. Then, compounded by the fact, a lesser skilled team beat them to gold. Mind you, V/M weren’t perfect at Worlds but boy, does their skating surpassed any team since Olympics 2010, even with mistakes. Hands down…

      Yes, on hindsight, probably it would have been better for them to decline doing the bridal magazine shoot contract. For, it would be a much less “controversial”. Sadly, it seems as a means to an end for them to finance their way this coming season. As stated by Anonymous 12:58, it’s a shame really that these skaters are underfunded, lacked better PR and are shown favouritism by the Federation itself. As far as I can see, Canada has one of best skating coaching and basic techniques/skill to skating I’ve ever seen. (Note: I’m not Canadian but thank goodness for Youtube )

      Someone called upon my naïveté (and self-righteous) stating it is by choice, I am so. However, that is again under their assumption, I am such a person which I am not. In reality, I am more aware and prudent as to what information is made available (especially in the internet). More so, if it’s into affairs of people’s private lives (whom I absolutely have no real knowledge about). Just because I don’t believe or agree with someone’s heresay (again, this is just me) automatically equates me to being naïve???

      So, if V/M intention was to “deceive” us, who are we to judge their intentions? Or why/how they wish to preserve their best interest? Married or not…with child or imaginary, I will not think less of them because of that - should it comes out. Maybe, some posters feel that they are made ridiculous because of it. That’s their choice, not mine. But, for myself, I don’t know the real fact/proof. I haven’t invested anything with them nor do I portray them to be infallible. Having said that, it’s rather harsh that some disgruntled “fans”/posters would wish them ill to the point of wanting them to lose.

      I completely agree with all points made by Anonymous 12:25 and 12:58...(really not a big fan of Twitter or Facebook Fan books for that matter)

      p.s. if one accepts Anonymous 12:25’s comment to be true, which means lucky for him/her to know better…but it still not my business if the information is supposed to be a secret. Just like everybody else, it is their own affair and they are entitled to it.

    2. They use the information to have sport with the fans. They use the information to bait and mock the fans. There have been times when the "buzz" about Virtue and Moir, let alone their relationship, has been virtually silent on the web, which you'd think is what two privacy requiring skaters like them WANT. What do they do but deliberately provoke speculation.

      Do skaters who are serious about their privacy, who seriously believe their relationship is their own business, fake-Skype fans to tease, simper, giggle, and bat their eyes about how "we" are going to spend an extra day in Paris together, visiting all the romantic Paris highlights? Not a single disclaimer about how they're going to do it as friends, or because of a photo shoot, not mentioning that his "girlfriend" will be with them - or, in actuality, that this is meant to drum up an audience for photos they're planning to drop of him and his gf?

      It's THAT shit that's the reason for the blog. It's playing social media against mainstream media.

      If you are truly serious about your privacy, you don't play both ends against the middle in public, you don't use your status to bait the public, you don't especially use that bait because you need a scapegoat for something, and in order to scapegoat the public you need to have them start acting interested in you right away, so you drop stuff on the internet that is designed to get them talking.

      If the sham existed to protect their privacy, as they have claimed, this blog wouldn't exist.

      Everybody knows better now, including people who bought it in the past.


    3. Something I've been wanting to mention about this new gf - this seems a good place to say this -

      Jessica always seemed to love the camera, but she almost came across disinterested in Scott. She had practice putting on the face for a camera, and that's what mattered.

      Cassandra - the first few photos that surfaced of her with Scott I thought she looked more relaxed, more natural than Jessica. But that didn't last long. Now she looks aware and pleased with the notoriety. Didn't take long - I think she loves the camera ever as much as Jessica, loves basking in Scott's "star" both on camera and every other way possible.

      And yep - I certainly know better by now how these guys work these things. I don't know who remains who would be impressed with any of Scott's "girlfriends". If VM look increasingly more idiotic in this, then so do the other participants. Almost makes me feel sorry for the fake SO's who thought they would become something important. It's completely the opposite.

    4. While Jessica unquestionably enjoyed the attention, and, as you say, loved posing for photos (while her interest in Scott was meh - Scott was a prop), she got some solid benefits from shamming. A short list:

      1) Expenses paid trip to the Dominican Republic for herself and her two siblings
      2) Expenses paid trip for her parents to travel to Paris for TEB 2009
      3) Expenses paid trip to Monaco
      4) Recognition by "Hello" magazine as one of Canada's Most Beautiful
      5) Expenses paid trip for her parents and brother to travel to Nice.
      6) Expenses paid trip to Los Cabos, Mexico

      That's setting aside preferential treatment and promotion from Skate Canada from when this started til her retirement, setting aside sundry presents and Roots cast-offs, and of course, setting aside free trips to London, Ontario and thenceward to Ilderton, which she'll treasure for a lifetime.

      What says it all about Jessica is she agreed to ride in that buggy. Sure, show up for the event itself. But ride in the buggy? It doesn't matter what anyone says to her face, that was the end.

      Cassandra's interest is Cassandra. Her faux relationship with Scott is just a pivot point to talk about herself, her fabulous qualities, her emotional trajectory, her incredible defiance in the face of criticism. She can't be bottled, she can't be pinned down, she's practically invented by Shakespeare. Don't try to 'get it'. Scott's competitions actually star Cassandra, Scott's obligations are interesting only as they impact Cassandra, but don't try to understand Cassandra, you will fail.

      It does reverb back to Tanith's instagram of Meryl and Charlie. As much as it's begging to be called out, Tanith is not pretending that the real focal point of Charlie's training is her reaction to it. And when she talks about Davis White, Davis has as much status as White. Tanith at times talks about her day to day with Charlie. But when it comes to his skating, there's no Charlie. There's Davis/White, Meryl and Charlie. Cassandra acts like Scott is skating alone, with an invisible partner or with a blow up doll. Tessa who?

    5. OC 10:21 - Well don't you know all Scott's romance-acting on ice is really fueled by pretending Tessa is Cassandra! Tessa is just a shadow so why bother bringing her into it. Cass is the real star in the world of Scott, her fabulous star. *Snicker*