Thursday, April 11, 2013

Well, this is lovely.

Seriously lay it out already.  You'd have to be super, super bad for anything to come unglued from your waist down as it's set up now.

Oh. That's right.

There ya go. Love how Charlie's left arm is all "yeah!" and his right is all "just in case the part where she's laid out across my shoulders doesn't do it, and just in case the part where she's got her ankles crossed so as to lock in her leg line doesn't do it, can it hurt to thrust my forearm across her outside leg just in case of emergencies and it springs out of line and bashes me in the nose? We could lose GOE!"

Ha ha. J/k.

Ta da! The way her chest, arms, and head are hanging, and the way her torso and hips are braced, I'm not sure why she needs the ankle cross and Charlie's am bisecting her legs. But everybody's different.

Come on Meryl. With all the bolstering you've got there, surely the plane described by your extremeties can accomplish something as basic as extending parallel to the ice, versus drooping like wisteria.

Enough of that hands free shit. I did it. Give me the GOE!

Oh I get it. Even though your entire core/gravitational center is straight across Charlie's shoulders, when that hand of his isn't stuck between your legs and you uncross your ankles, it just all collapses.

Well why should this matter. She's "showing" a free hand, isn't she. What more difficulty do you want? She can't play quidditch out there.

No comment.

 Her foot. Her arm.
Even though he's set her down her alignment is so off center she has to keep his neck headlocked. Appreciate the "showing" of the right inside edge though. She can't balance on it, but damn it, her foot is tilted. Give her some pcs!

Oh for God's sake Meryl - lift your core! I know you have the abs. This is just lazy.
 Okay done with that. Time for some cool ice dancing!
 Oh, right.

I love this so much.

I think VM only outscored DW on one lift. Is it any wonder.


  1. *facepalm*

    It's all just so terrible...

    What I want to know is how is it that Charlie hasn't had any neck, back, or groin injuries from all of this.

  2. The last three posts here is their choreo lift. The "baby" lift you omitted is one of the four that counts, a curved lift. The second one looks a lot more fitting for a choreo lift, but I guess, if you can come up with a curve lift you can do, why waste it on something that can be rotational or straightline, because you know, edges.

    1. Got it. Then I shall cap the baby.



    but seriously though which lift did they outscore them?

    1. "I think VM only outscored DW on one lift"

      I can't believe the judges allowed VM to outscore DW on anything. This whole season DW were never judged on the actual skating. It's as if the USFSA waved a wand and declared DW to be the best at everything, and voila, they were. It's not as if they could possibly have given a damn who did what better. DW were the designated winners, that's all.

      I'm very thankful for all these gifs and comments that are exposing what was really happening with the judges' scorecards.

  4. Well, even with the season just over, Chock and Bates have announced Les Miserables as their free dance music for Olympic season. Seems to me they're warning off other teams/staking a claim on the music. So I think that D/W will have to find some other warhorse to skate to.

    1. I think it's going to be like Die Fleudermaus. Something that at first blush seems like it's different, but turns out to just be a repackage of the same thing, using the same strategies.

      IOW, the theatrical melodrama stuff was all angsted up. The Olympic program may not do angst but will have the same protective packaging as Die Fleudermaus and Giselle - trying to help them sell the same tired package.

      At the end of the day Notre Dame was supposed to be the all new Davis White and it was the same damn Davis White. So the spin on the Olympic program will continue in that vein, and be all in the pr and not on the ice.