Thursday, April 11, 2013

Esmerelda est encore mort

I see Charlie's arm has crept up even further.

Funny, when Virtue Moir do lifts they try to let go of supplementary supports as soon as they can. They don't increase them.

She's about to change position without compromising the extension of her free leg - look how open and extended the hip, how it carries through the thigh and knee, down through the turn out of the free foot.

I  bet judges-in-training are shown slides.

Come to think of it - VM were used in instructional videos when they were juniors. The Shibs have been used in instructional videos.

Where have Davis White been used in instructional videos outside Scarborough?

Look how easy, say Meryl's arms! My partner's head is up my skirt and both his arms are hanging onto my leg like it's a fireman's pole, but what a gorgeous example of balancing myself in space at a remove from my partner's gravitational center. Except I'm not doing that!


Oh wait. She's not a dude.

Lock around that leg Charlie. You don't want her to manage her own legs, do you? That would not be good. We'll see why later.

She's about to drape herself across Charlie's shoulders, which means her whole torso/core will be carried/supported by his shoulders, she'll be square across his shoulders, like a posture bar or shoulder pads.

Charlie is, of course, doing this with great ease.

Wow. That is AESTHETIC.
Meryl's arms are flailing free, so, you know - +3 GOE.

She's got Charlie's arm hooked through her legs, her legs are dangling fuck all, Charlie's head is trying to listen to what his shoulder wants to say, and Meryl is actually using the side of his head like the "seats back" position on an airplane.

Continued on next post.

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