Monday, April 15, 2013

In 2011, the Shibutanis had this lift:

And in 2012 Davis White had this one above.

The Shibs lift evolves into a rotational but the partner mechanics, types of transitions and positions are similar.

I think the edge would have to go to Davis White because Meryl rotates into the lift.

Jessica Dube did a little rotational into a lift in 2006 with Bryce, so you know this type of entry kills. Then she did hers from the other direction - a little backwards rotation. Meryl goes forward so let's look at it. Let's look at the whole lift. There will be some awkward caps, but I included awkward caps for the Shibs too.

First, Meryl and Charlie:

Oh, okay, nothing's happened and she's already grabbing
onto him. Considering how often this happens, this must be part of the level.
As always, her feet, and how she carries herself, kill me.

Prepare for some flipping into this lift.

All tucked in.

Wait, what - lying down? Meryl for Christ's sake GET UP. I know you have abs.

At least she's got the arm a/k/a "flag of difficulty" flying. Charlie's occupied, using himself as a human car seat, complete with straps, as usual.

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