Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Correction - Five Hours, 28 minutes and change

If it goes 8 hours, there's an idea of how productively SC headquarters spends its work day.

They've already demonstrated their internet savvy and foresight.

I figure Skate Canada computer screen windows look like this (in no order):

"Jess Dube" facebook
"Scott Moir" fan page and facebook

You know what I bet we don't see on their computer screens?
Dear [Potential Sponsor]:

It was a pleasure speaking with you this morning. I very much look forward to our upcoming lunch to discuss a potential partnership between Moneybucks, Inc. and Skate Canada. I strongly believe that Moneybucks, Inc., Skate Canada and our wonderful skaters, combined with the growing skating public, can develop into a natural fit with an expanding matrix of mutual beneficiality for both organizations.


Bozo the Clown
Debbi Wilkes, Director of Marketing and Public Relations

bcc:  Dolores Umbridge Barb MacDonald, Director of Corporate Communications

This is Skate Canada headquarters.


  1. LOL!!!!

    Maybe they need to keep updated with this blog for all the free advice they're getting on how to run - or how NOT to run - a professional organization. They don't seem to have much else going for them.

  2. I'm almost more interested in why IT people at Rogers are spending thirteen hours. I don't think the topic is 13 hours worth of riveting.

    Also why the use of VM candid photos is of such interest.

  3. Verrrry interesting, that both SC and Rogers seem to be taking this blog into consideration.

    No one is able to refute anything said here. There has not even been an attempt at providing undeniable proof that the blog's premise is false.

    Are they attempting to use more lies to cover up the first lies? Or looking for a way to circumvent the lies already put out there? Does it not occur to any of the PowersThatBe to juts come clean and let V/M start over with a clean slate? Allow them to go forward without being part of these horrible, slimy deceptions? (No, I guess that just doesn't occur to them.)

  4. I think they're attempting to kill time. They obviously have a lot of it on their hands.

  5. "I think they're attempting to kill time. They obviously have a lot of it on their hands."

    They always have time to rotate Jess Dube's profile picture. Lol

  6. I'm sorry to be thick, but I'm super confused. Is this just data you have access to by running your blog? That is hilarious but not suprising that Skate Canada is an avid reader of this blog, but what is the Rogers part about?

  7. Rogers Communications is a high speed internet provider in Canada. Their headquarters is at 333 Bloor Street in Toronto. I know enough IT people to know if you want to drill down and get data you sometimes have to run scripts that take awhile. I'm curious if somebody has a friend at Rogers and someone there is spending company time (or has been paid) to run data mining scripts on the blog. It seems very unlikely anybody there is reading the thing that long.

  8. Lies. The author of this blog works for Rogers Communications. And that data is fake, nice try though.

  9. Is SC trying to shut down this blog?

  10. Wait a second - wouldn't it make more sense to work for the site tracker and plug in Rogers and Skate Canada than to work for Rogers and select a site tracker template and do it backwards?

    I'll have to think before returning as anon to expose myself.

  11. el-oh-el shit is getting real!