Monday, October 17, 2011

Revisiting Rick Mercer

A poster in the comments section in the post below mentioned the Rick Mercer Canadians feature and how Jessica got two featured roles with the Moirs. Technically it was shot with Moirs - her in the stands wearing a red 'Believe' sweatshirt that I'm sure she cherishes to this day. The other was this spontaneous display of togetherness with Scott, below. (Seen at the end of the Mercer feature).

Many have seen this photo series, but let's look again.

Setting up for the Rick Mercer group shot:

Okay, we have Scott with his arm hooked around what I believe is
Craig Buntin's neck; Craig reciprocates, Tessa tucked in Craig's
other side so we barely see her, and Bryce is also in the back.
There's chit chat.
Where is the girlfriend?

Here she is.
 Look at Vanessa and Meagan grab onto each other
for dear life. Craig/Scott
Vanessa/Meagan are like bookended conjoined twins.

Shouldn't Jessica and Scott start, like making out, instead of totally ignoring each other while Scott clings to Craig like a life preserver? Bryce is there, fans are there, other skaters are there. Don't  Scott and Jessica usually make out - excuse me - kiss and cuddle - when these elements are in place?

Look at Jessica's arm round Scott. Oh wait, it's not.
Scott's entire arm has crawled onto Craig.
Scott also takes a moment to engage the nearly hidden Tessa.
It's been so long since they've talked.

Maybe this is the occasion when Tessa offended Craig Buntin and that's why she wasn't invited to his wedding this past August. If she'd attended, surely Barb would have shared.

The piece de resistance:

Scott's hand (gloved) has landed on Jessica's shoulder.

Meantime Scott's elbow has tightened its vise-hold on Craig's neck. Maybe it's involuntary.

Don't know if this or the one above came first. I think this is a run-through.

His hand is still on her shoulder! They're definitely together! When is the wedding?

 Scott has on gloves. Common skater wear, but he's more often without. Maybe he's feeling ... cold.

Maybe he's got Craig in a headlock because he's hoping if he squeezes hard enough Craig will pop like a balloon and Scott will find himself standing next to Tessa again.

He's so excited Jessica is next to him he can neither talk to nor look at her.
  Okay, that seems to have been dress; here's for keeps:


He let go kind of quick.
  In a "making of" video video I saw, Scott appeared to actually lift Jessica's arm for her, in a sort of Weekend at Bernie's effect. Then he dropped it like it belonged to a rag doll and put his hand on her shoulder.

Jessica can be spacey, and I think Scott is not keen on a lot of takes. Go figure.

Two additional I don't know if came before or after.

Tessa is right there, very close, but she's hiding, so the takeaway is Scott/Jessica.

For sure that can't be how it's worked all along.


  1. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!! You're ridiculous and this blog is ridiculous!! Anybody that believes this is ridiculous. And I'm ridiculous for even reading this and commenting. So let me get this straight you think that Tessa made herself invisible in the group photo to try to sell the image that Scott and Jessica are together? Do you read what you write? Can't you see how positively bad-shit crazy you come across. I believe you just want T/S to be together so much you're just making up all these crazy scenarios in your head to justify that they really are "together." Well they aren't (unless you have concrete proof, you know a photo of them making out, a sex tape, or something). I just can't believe every single person in the world and their sister is involved with a conspiracy theory to cover up a T/S relationship. You're saying all of Skate Canada, all the Virtues, all the Moirs, and even skaters (which apparently includes Vanessa Crone according to your evidence above) are in on all of this. I just can't!! But, if by SOME MAJOR miracle everything you're saying is correct, then I will eat my words and shit.
    That is all.

  2. Oh, hide-and-go seek (thanks - hadn't seen these before but when I rewatched the clip I saw B behind R). Poor T relegated to the back row.

  3. The conspiracy theories are getting tiresome. Can you please furnish hard evidence? Like the 1st poster said, a photo or video that V/M really are together romantically.

  4. Last anon there are thousands of blogs on blogger devoted to topics that might interest you. This one is for me.

    If you're being forced to come here, maybe you should speak to a lawyer.

    (oy canada, not at own computer)

  5. I think you're reading WAY, WAY too much into these photos.

    On another note, where did Scott's FB page go?

  6. Oh great, now Scott's facebook page is gone. I really don't know what to think anymore.

  7. Hope you are happy now. Its too hard for nice people to made a deal with people like you.
    His FB was pleasent and were all about skating. Dont know why we didnt have internet police there and your page on FB wasnt close, when a lot off people reported FB police need to do this.
    But anywhere - at least 1 person feel happy now after he made such a good crazy jpb. I feel sorry for people surround you - you are sick!

  8. At first, I didn't buy this stuff, but I have increasingly over the last year. I guess I just figured that despite all the critical comments posted here that most people would start clueing into how much sense this blog makes. Now on facebook people who I know to be caring and intelligent are unanimously dismissing or trashing this blog. Are they just so off put by the initial scan through that they don't even read it?

    I actually feel nauseated how trusting these fans are and how they are being taken advantage of. I get why you put effort into this now.
    When all this is true and comes to light, so many fans are going to be hurt, but I still wish this would all be made clear now rather than later. If you really do have absolute knowledge of the fact that TS are together...aren't there others in your position who are equally disgusted? I think you said a while back that the sports media who knows the real deal doesn't really know the full extent of the fb pics, why not let them know, get strategic people reading this blog? I appreciate all you've done to enlighten the few of us, but now we're just stewing in frustration, is there nothing that can be done? I guess no one likes being a rat, but I wish a few people in TS circle would realize how wrong this is and well, provide some proof.

  9. (continued) I suspect from here on you'll just preaching to the choir.

  10. Last anon, this blog is for me. Some of the comments here the past two days is just fans having ridiculous fits over another fan being caught out being a fan when that fan flattered themselves they were more special than most fans.

    Well it's about that, but also about a lot of typical behavior among many fans in general. It's not about the blog.

    Anon further up - I say Scott and Tessa are together and you tell me to go get help.

    Why is my saying that a matter for the police? You think in interesting ways.

    What would you tell me to do if I called them Nazis or Satanists or something?

    Oh wait - probably nothing. That's not as bad as saying they're together!

    and also anon - you told me you'd seen some of the photos and they were old. You've seen them? Scott's private photos? Ever show them to anyone else?

    Yes, you did - I don't know you and I know you did because all fans do. That's fine.

    But what is really making some fans furious is my saying Scott ALSO knows these fans pass photos around, and that's why the photos were put on facebook. They are being suckered.

    This show of fury has nothing to do with Scott and Tessa or the blogger's mental health. :) It's all about fan vanity and pride.

    What if I were saying Charlie and Meryl were together and Tanith was a sham? Would this blog get a single hit? Would anyone break a sweat or race a pulse? Would they even bother typing out a LOL? No. Cause they know that's crap. It would just be pathetic but not, you know, worth commenting on. Just filed under "Fans are weird" if they gave it a second thought.

    Here, on this blog, the blogger is mentally ill, ridiculous, pathetic, should be arrested, needs help, blah blah blah - but at the same time - there's outrage! Why get mad over a crazy person?

    Why restrict your facebook over a crazy person either, btw?

    I say they're together and those photos are sham photos. Nothing could be more horrible.

    Get the torch and pitchforks.

    Tessa can be called a homewrecker busting up a family with a toddler son, Scott can be portrayed as a jackass making out with Jessica in public in front of Bryce when Bryce and Jessica need to sustain trust in order to perform well at the Olympics, Aunt Joyce says Scott sucks in bed - and nobody blinks an eye or asks for proof or a video or a photo or has a hissy.

    Nope. Fans eat this shit up. Isn't it great to have this soap opera to watch! Isn't it considerate of the skaters to enact all of this so fans can see and know about it!

    I say Scott and Tesssa are together and fans have sixty shitfits because it means Scott and Tessa are lying to them AND it means they DON'T have a front row seat to Scott, Tessa and Jessica's intimate life because Scott, Jessica and Tessa are so considerately acting it all out on camera and facebook. They're "open" like that, right anon up there? What luck!

    Scott and Tessa know fans are there, and that's why they sham. And no matter how vain, easily flattered and suckered fans are, it is STILL wrong to treat fans like Scott and Tessa treat them because ALL fandoms have a big chunk of fans just like that and the way Scott and Tessa do it is not right.

    So that's why some fans are have come here to act like little one-poster lynch mobs. Not Scott and Tessa. THEIR ego. THEIR vanity. THEIR pride.

    Yeah, the BLOG is "off". Nobody sees anything funky in the fan reaction to THIS crazy fan out of all the crazy fans?

  11. Last anon - the people trashing the blog at the moment - the renewed intensity by a few - are fronting because their pride is hurt. It's not about believing the blog or not - it's because someone who trashed the blog was used by Scott to get the photos out, and it's embarrassing for all of them. This is about a fan war and who is "getting satisfaction". It's no more serious than that.

  12. "I say Scott and Tesssa are together and fans have sixty shitfits because it means Scott and Tessa are lying to them AND it means they DON'T have a front row seat to Scott, Tessa and Jessica's intimate life "

    lightbulb! good point

  13. I still say that hard evidence would be the most compelling way to convince me with your theories, because all of the pics/videos thus far you've presented about Jessica/Scott/Tessa could still be taken innocently, in my opinion.

    I agree with you though, wholeheartedly even, that USFSA leaves Skate Canada in the dust when it comes to marketing their skaters.

  14. If Scott was married and they were together,I'd say yes, it's possible that everything is a scam.And there is such a case around.But he's not and since most of their fans only care about them being together and not their actual skating,it'd be a very good PR move to even fake a relationship with Tessa.
    Don't start with privacy,they're not private people,it's not that their relationship would be illegal or something and they want privacy.They'd be worshipped by pre-teens and stay at home mums,they'd sell thousands of boddy butters,books and they'd be Canada's darlings.
    And when people say that this conspiracy theory is pathetic it's not because they're hurt.I wouldn't care less if ice dancers are together or not.It's people that support these theories that can't live with the fact that they're not together.

    Get a grip of yourselves,this is life!

    Tessa wasn't called a homewrecker,Scott isn't gay,they're not together and they're probably not that close as everybody thinks,because this is life and this is skating.

    What makes me angry is that fans want cute,they do cute,fans want sexy,they do sexy, fans want photoshoots they do photoshoots,so yes,they are playing with your hope that THEY ARE together secretly and not vice versa.
    If you search for secret affairs,there are other ice dance teams that provide the goodsk,but not V/M. The only reason the theories started was that some fans couldn't accept the Pelletier rumours because they ruined their fairy tale.I find that extremely immature and unrealistic.Tessa isn't a saint,she's a person,she's entitled to her personal life and I can't see what's wrong.Unless you think she's going to burn in hell,and can't go to church on Sunday anymore.

  15. This is not a theory - it's fact.

    Scott and Tessa are together and as for the rest of what you said, particularly in your first paragraph, you actually don't know a thing about the status of either one of them.

    Apart from that your logic is strange overall.

    There might not be anything wrong with her being with Pelletier except for this - she's NOT. She's with Scott.

  16. But how do you know this without a doubt of a fact?!!! And please don't tell me to go back and nit-pick every single post you have ever written because to me they all don't make sense and are hard to understand. You know what, I'm actually ready to believe you I really am but there's absolutely no proof except the creepy photoshopped videos and pictures you make yourself and your over analysis of every action T/S make in their lives. You keep saying definitively that they're a couple but you have nothing to back it up with.

  17. And to the person that brought up the Pelletier rumor that is an independent matter from the one being discussed. I for one don't think Tessa had an affair with Pelletier and it's not because if I believe it the "fairytale" is ruined for me. I don't care if Tessa sleeps with a married man or not, it's a common phenomenon in this day and age. But there as never been any proof of that either except people's heresay.

  18. Last anon: Describing this poster's Pelletier obsession as an independent matter than the one discussed on this blog is the exact way to express what I was looking to say and couldn't find, so thank you.

    As it is an independent matter, that is the last post on it that will remain in the comments.

    Okay, last anon, the following isn't personal to you in particular, not even when I use the word "you", but I'm using your comments as a jumping off point:

    Of course I have plenty to back it up. I haven't shared it and won't.

    This is a thing about some fans - everything is personal. They assume it's all about them. There is an egocentricity that makes them easy marks.

    This is what I mean: I (emphasis on ME) started this blog because I got fed up for the reasons expressed here, and I wanted to say so in freaking public, not mewl around and act like the fact that we were being buried in sleazy bullshit was some kind of secret I needed to keep to myself out of respect. So that's why the blog is here and would be even if there was not a single blog view.

    Because I don't want to play the game of - What a load of shit but omg I can't say it in public, against the fan rules.

    Nonsense. I'm as entitled to say what I think about it, and in public, as they are to lie. I created a blog, that belongs to me, not to the fan "community", though it's public and visitors can read it and comment if they want. This is mine, for my views.

    Back to what confuses me about some fans. When some fans say on the blog: "You're not convincing." "It would be more convincing if." and worse "I'D be more convinced if."

    These fans took a wrong turn somewhere.

    When did the theme of this blog become about you? Or about convincing any individual poster and producing evidence that would satisfy them? Who cares who is convinced? I don't. It's not my problem.

    I don't spam the blog on other sites or garbage up other people's fan experience on other boards. I post links on a facebook and I say what I think here, on my blog. That's how it goes.

    I like having a record of what I know about this situation and what I think about it and I created my own.

    Comments are enabled because the blog is public.

    I don't know why some people show up and think whether they're convinced or not is some kind of issue for the blog. It's not, but they jump right in like there are no questions about it. That says something about them, not me.

    It's pretty common on fan forums that if somebody expresses an opinion, others immediately think the other person is out to convince them and starts explaining what criteria will and won't convince them. That's actually kind of an arrogant way to engage. It's actually possible to express a point of view without the goal of winning people to your side. I'm perfectly aware people have their own brains and thinking process and perfectly willing to let them use it to reach whatever conclusions they want. If they express them here, will I discuss, sure. But it's up to them if they're interested in being "convinced" or not. It's not up to me.

    People have their own brains. They can read and think for themselves. But their criteria for being convinced isn't my responsiblity or interest.

  19. So you're saying that you have hard evidence to back up your claims about Scott and Tessa but aren't willing to share it. How nice of you to go around slandering everyone but not post much to back it up.

  20. Fair enough oycanada, fair enough. If there's a reason why you wouldn't share the evidence you have then that's your decision.

  21. Oy Canada I really see where you're coming from with your last post and I will take the blog in that context in the future. But I don't blame visitors who think you're trying to convince, it sure comes across that way. I don't think that's your problem, but I don't think it's theirs either. And you HAVE convinced me and I'm grateful for it.

  22. anon a bit up above, "go around" does not mean creating a blog and keeping your opinion to your blog.

    Slander is the crime of making a false statement that damages someone's reputation. It's not the crime of making a true statement and not telling people commenting on a blog how you know it's true.

  23. Have you ever meet Tessa or Scott? Had a conversation with either of them? I respect that this is YOUR blog and I don’t have to read it but I doubt someone who does not know the two personally would have this type of personal information. From your posts I take it you American?

  24. ^yes only a american could've written this crazy ass blog

    they are all ignorant anyway

  25. "Slander is the crime of making a false statement that damages someone's reputation. It's not the crime of making a true statement and not telling people commenting on a blog how you know it's true."

    I came across this post - - while trying to get a sense of what this blogger was actually talking about. Really mature! Regardless of whether all of these commenters agree or disagree with the whole conspiracy theory, I think everyone can agree that this is just unnecessary, bitter and immature. How does the exploitation of fans further your cause of revealing this massive sham? You could have at least withheld her name..disgusting "oycanada"

  26. The person who writes this blog is full of shit. She has way too much time on her hands so she clearly leads a pretty sad and pathetic life. I don't believe the conspiracy theories, but lets just say that they ARE true. WHO CARES???? Who really lets their life be affected by this?

    If you need more proof that she's full of it - read her long comment in this thread about how this blog is for HER. Fans are only reading it because its public, but its still for HER, which is why she doesn't need to provide any proof. But then read the very first sentence in her description of this blog right on the home page. Its the first thing that anyone will read when they stumble across the blog, "This blog is for those who have followed the association between Olympic Gold Medalist Scott Moir and World Bronze Medalist Jessica Dube largely as shared by them with their thousands of facebook fans on facebook." That right there proves to me that she's full of crap, has no proof and just writes in long sentences and uses big words so that she sounds intelligent, when in reality, she's just a bitter, angry person, who devotes way too much time to slandering people she doesn't even know. She won't provide proof of her evidence, but she DID provide proof that she lies. Its right there in the fact that she claims this blog is only for her, but claims something completely different in the blog description. Open your eyes people - she's bat shit crazy.

    I wouldn't usually subject myself to even responding to any of this crap, but it bothers me that people actually believe what she writes, when the proof that she lies is right in front of their face. This blog is NOT for her. Its for everyone. It only becomes just about her when she refuses to provide any actual evidence.

  27. "This blog is NOT for her. Its for everyone. It only becomes just about her when she refuses to provide any actual evidence."

    This blogger has said several times that this is about his/her desire to say what's real and true. And yes, it's also for many others who for a long time have seen contradictions and weird stuff coming out of the V/M camp that we didn't know how to put into words, nor was there a place to say it. So you don't agree. So? Why do you stay? There are plenty of other sites you can hang out where you don't have to worry about the sanity of the writer or the readers.

    You and others keep coming here to say the blogger must be crazy and call him/her rude names. As if that proves your point. Resorting to name-calling is the ploy of one who has no proof to the contrary, so instead of engaging in rational discussion you use put-downs. If you can logically and thoughtfully present a different viewpoint your indignation would be much more believable.

    The blogger presents a specific premise. By its nature it involves scrutinizing what V/M do. All celebrities undergo scrutiny for one reason or another. That this analysis regarding V/M and Co. makes you (and others) so angry is your problem, not the bloggers nor the readers who agree with this blog.

  28. "That this analysis regarding V/M and Co. makes you (and others) so angry is your problem, not the blogger's, nor the readers who agree with this blog."

    Yes. But don't ask certain groups of fans to cut the shit and cop to what's really pissing them off. It's not the topic, it's they can't control it.

    This is about them (fans) and nothing more. This latest wannabe assault in the comment section is nothing but pure frustration over their inability to control a topic that some of them are raging about on the one hand while mocking on the other.

    If the subject is too trivial for a blog and reflects poorly on the blogger's mental health, then why are fans stopping by in rage and meltdown mode, many of them the same fans who didn't get their vent out enough in the original comment and return to unload some more?

    It's either a stupid, who cares topic and the blogger is a lunatic who needs help or it's a topic that throws fans into rage fits. Can't be both.

    Many fans who come here to have a temper tantrum download the photos here as fast as they download the stuff they see on facebook. It's NOTHING to do with Scott or Tessa, it's all about them and their inability to shut down a topic they want to control themselves. It's fans versus fans and the control of discussion, not about Scott, Tessa, facebooks, their status, nothing. It's about petty power tripping.

  29. I wouldn't usually subject myself to even responding to any of this crap, but it bothers me that people actually believe what she writes, when the proof that she lies is right in front of their face."

    Yeah, I'm sure this is a real break from your usual. But when did what other people believe become such a huge deal to you, you let yourself off the chain and pitch a fit?

    What's going on here is fans who are thwarted control freaks having meltdowns. It's fan versus fan, as usual. Not the blog or Scott and Tessa. Just frustrated vanity and ego.

  30. I found this Blog about 1 month ago and I have been reading it since then. Yes some of the Scott/Jessica commentary is obsessive, but everyone is obsessive about something.

    I don't care who he dates or hides. The real Jewel in this blog is how it exposes Skate Canadas arrogance and incompetence. That this continues unchallenged. It exposes, what I think, is a real need for Federal Government oversight of this organization, even though the federal government, currently in power, is the wrong government to do this. There are no checks and balances regarding Skate Canada, so when incompetence gets out of control, nobody corrects it. The current state of the union.

    Is Social Conservationism driving this incompetence?...most definitely. Are there negative consequences of how Skate Canada has handled things in the last 3 years?...ask Bank of Montreal, or Home Sense, or Nabisco, or Artistry or more importantly, see the blatantly obvious void of new sponsors stepping up to replace them. Are the Moir sisters making things worse... what from I now read here, yes. Are Debbie Wilkes and Barb Macdonald responsible?, well let me say the world is full of religious fanatics and inexperienced clowns, but somebody has to hire them before they can do any damage. Are Skaters losing out on endorsement deals...most definitely. With Patrick Chans Guinness Record, he should be drowning in sponsors right now. The Scott/Tessa Roots deal was also quietly dropped (haven't seen them doing the in store promos anymore have you?)

    The damage being done in the last 3 years, will be with Skate Canada's brand for generations. THIS is the real tragedy. I think William Thompson is beginning to understand. He will beat himself up for years because of it, but he will never officially admit to it.

    How many coming generations of Canadian Skaters will pay the price?

    The Skate Canada brand is contaminated.

  31. "Or stop involving fans who do not wish to be associated with this blog?"

    I know - why don't you leave?

    There are plenty of us here who appreciate this blog and like the comments. You do not speak for us. You obviously have a strong dislike for this, so you're right, you should stop commenting and go do something else.

  32. Anon talking way up there talking about Skate Canada - I just find the situation beyond bizarre. There's such a thing as "no there there" and there's been ineptitude in institutions before, but this, IMO, is unprecedented. There's smoke and mirrors, and there's onion skin paper and there's this.

    This isn't a mom and pop shop. This is the Canadian figure skating Fed - it has a long history and its business is international.

    Yet - Debbi Wilkes. This, to me, is the weirdest woman. Ex-1960s Olympic medalist in pairs, coach, author, talking head on figure skating. Hired in 2007 by William Thompson as Director of Marketing and Public Relations - why? Her 1970s degree in marketing? Yeah, that puts her on the cutting edge of social media and internet image expertise.

    I suspect that the Marketing and Public Relations department doesn't actually exist, that Debbi was hired pretty much to pander to and pacify membership, and in the process has a lot of free time to promote Debbi. When a Director of Marketing and Public Relations is also Team Manager during an Olympics, she's not doing much marketing and public relations, yet an Olympics is a crucial marketing period. You connect with potential sponsors, get them access, tickets and conjure up all kinds of outreach - up the whazoo. It takes a lot of run-up, months in advance - a year or more in advance. A ton of relationship building. No time to schmooze your ass off on skatebuzz.

    It seems like since BMO and the secondary sponsors weren't going anywhere, who needs a genuine pr/marketing infrasture. As Debbi's job was pandering, she could combine that with self-aggrandizement and use skatebuzz as her personal promotion venue as well as, for good measure, setting herself up as a background feature in video of SC's most popular figure skaters. That latter endeavor is super creepy for a senior citizen. (Well - thereabouts.)

    Then there's Barb. Sure, hire an anti-gay wordsmith ad SC's Director of Communications. As pandering (versus effectiveness) is SC's watchword, actually doing the job is not as important as having the correct personality profile. Also, the attitude behind the installation of Debbi and Barb saves money. Also loses money, but eh.

    What's Thompson's business background? A corporate lawyer is not a businessman. I can sure see him thinking public relations and marketing is a nonsense job though, and he might as well cut that budget and fake it.

    Most of all, it's tough to scapegoat the economy or figure skating's "image" when both Russia and the US - both suffering economically - are resurgant in figure skating. I doubt anything will change unless SC's rank and file start getting upset about the economic status and how it impacts figure skaters below star level.

  33. Ya i would say, blogger lady just delete the stuff about the "ambusher" and resolve this once and for all, go back to the good stuff that you have juicy evidence for!!!!! Thanks from a real skating fan and gossip enthusiast!!

  34. also (i posted above and thought about it a bit more), it seems blogger has some inside info on Alma & co's ploys but really what does the fan have to do with it besides triggering this enabling behavior of the Moir camp? seems like a personal vendetta ..what's the point? sorry for seeming like an identity protection nazi but i raelly do think its irrelevant and maybe a little mean. i'm more interested in the bloggers views on SC corruption

  35. gossip enthusiast here (channeling my inner peacemaker) ~~ let's all save some face, not look immature, blur out her name and pic and call it a day!! and then back to SC dramarama!

  36. Was there not just 60 comments? Now only 35? Whats up with that?

  37. ^There was a big discussion in this comment section yesterday about a much older post on the blog that mentioned a fan by name. That post isn't live on the blog right now and the 15 comments I took off were about that old post and not this so they were sort of a set.

    I don't know if the reasons given for asking to take it off are truthful - the original reasons sure weren't, but since it's old and not core there was no harm in giving the benefit of the doubt.

  38. ^ Semi-relevant to what I said above about not knowing if the last leg of the discussion was genuine - I want to repost something I said that I think got deleted in a comment I removed:

    When someone recently left a porn link on the blog, I installed an invisible site tracker.

    That's how I picked up Skate Canada hitched to the blog every week day like a sidecar.

    I also realized someone or someones, parked with their browsers open to the blog hours and hours at a time as several visitors are, could spam the hell out of the comments sections.

    If that ever happened, a tracker would help me connect IPs with comments via time stamps and IP locations. I could block them or deal with it another way.

    While a few people like repeating how this blog is a huge waste of my life, let me assure you it's certainly not a waste of THEIR life. I should start charging rent.

    The tracker maps and time stamps viewer activity, including when a comment frame is opened. The open comment frame usually corresponds with the time stamp live on the blog comment.

    There are too many views and comments to look at all visitor IPs if I wanted to, and I don't. That includes not wanting to look at all the IPs of people who don't like this place.

    I don't look at time stamps and IPs for every long comment section discussion or meltdown.

    BUT, if there's a pattern out of nowhere all of a sudden. If one day suddenly there's a ton of comments all echoing each other, out of the blue, as happened this past week, the tracker is useful to see what's going on.

    What's going on is commonplace. Someone turning into four people on the blog when it's just them. Someone splitting their personality - playing it "reasonable" on one comment and foaming at the mouth in another. Tactics.

    I can SEE that even if I don't say anything.

    I'm not trying to stop people because if they want to do this, knock yourself out, but I wanted to let them know.

  39. I just found a whole bunch of stuff in this blog's spam expressing backhanded gratitude for the removal of the post that was removed, but also containing strict instructions prohibiting the blog's future use of public facebook posts or public posts made by the person whose screencap had been part of the post.

    These messages were from the person who was persistent in urging the blog to remove the post that was removed.

    I'm going to re-state something. The post in question was removed as a favor. I said if there IS a reason for wanting the post removed apart from the crap shoveled so far, let me know and removal might be considered. I was then actually told the reason, not just told there was one - information which was not requested.

    The post wasn't deleted - just taken off live status. I have no problem re-clicking "publish."

    What is posted on a public facebook wall or public forum is public domain. The burden is on the person using social media in public to consider what they put out there. If you don't want it to show up where you don't want it - don't post it.

    If something from the same person whose stuff was removed from this blog appears in public again and it's relevant to this blog, it could be used.

    If anyone has the same problem with it next time, tell google, not me.

    Manage your own behavior on the internet. That is your responsibility, not mine.