Saturday, October 15, 2011

I take it back

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize SC and Team Sham wanted the photos, posted below, posted here. The facebooks are officially "restricted", and no other public site routinely hosts sham photos. If you want them out, this is about the only option.

These sham photos were no longer public as soon as this thread went live on the blog. Nothing like these photos has publicly leaked from Scott and Jessica's "private" facebooks til now, late at night, barely a week prior to Skate Canada.

What are the odds.

The fan who created the small sham flickr album that hosted the photos below has commented here on this site, insists Scott and Jessica are real, claims to be on Scott's "private" facebook* by accident but frequently hints what's on it.

She and Scott must have become pm/im buddies despite her accidental friend status and public "slips" about the contents of his "personal" fb.

Seeing as we're all dumb asses.

I think it's a shame Scott and Jessica hid their May 2010 vacation pda in fall 2010 and only showed us separate vacation photos of them separately kissing Mexican dolphins and I'm sure it had nothing to do with Scott and Tessa skipping the GP last year -  just like tonight's gambit has nothing to do with Skate Canada International coming up fast.

Anyhow - here you go. Let's not let such clever go to waste:
Danny, put your hand on your Tessa WHERE WE CAN SEE IT.
Damn. How do we know you're a real couple?

If only two molecules of separate lips make contact, is it still a kiss?
Aw - cheek to cheek just like Jessica/Alex Bilodeu
and Scott/Tessa. Except not, because
Scott's leaning in the wrong direction for that.
^ Is Scott also wearing an apron/chastity belt?

Jesus Barb what did they teach you in Bible school. And Scott, what does that cross around your neck mean to you anyway?

Again with the virtually lipless kiss.

Hi Cara.  
I hope they pay Cara's freight to these events too. She deserves it
cousin's wedding or no cousin's wedding.
How much must they hate Canadian fans to go this OTT whenever it's time to skate in Canada?

Sham photo bombing is not necessary to offset a lack of Scott/Jessica interaction at Canadian competitions, nor to offset Tessa/Scott chemistry. Why are they so obsessed with "offsetting" Scott and Tessa chemistry? To control what people think. It's absurd.

To have a do-it-yourself privacy screen, all that's necessary at this point - the horse having been beaten to death - is for Scott and Tessa to maintain that they're platonic and date other people.

But it keeps coming. Privacy protection - still? Nonsense. Doesn't stand up.

Someone is getting their rocks off with this. Or feels their job would be obsolete if they didn't push this.

All that's driving this sham spew anymore is immaturity and lack of balls. They're deluded if they think that's not the takeaway.

The poses!

This has gotten to be like that episode of Friends where each side (fans and VM) knows the other knows they know they know. Whatever utility the photos may have once had, now they just exist to make fans feel sick and to purposefully sour fan outreach from Scott and Tessa, because there's always a sham kicker. There's been a bad taste in people's mouths with these two that will linger.

An icky juxtaposition of hideous ill at ease and pseudo intimacy is in every Scott/Jessica photo and the revulsion from fans is normal. It's not fair to keep shoving these cynical, sour photo spams at people.

I think it's a shame, the timing. Pretty much poisoning Scott's one genuine-seeming outreach on his fan facebook days ago. So much for that and Finlandia good feelings.

ETA: he does that outreach and Carol Moir ("Can't wait to see Scott and Tessa skate their two programs Taipei!") and some others who are not regulars on his fan page came along to verify its sincerity by "liking it". Fans feel really happy and good about it.

And what was it? A sucker trap. Making an unusually big show of opening up and sharing, maybe feeling bad for letting people anticipate a Tessa/Scott photo - and it's a set-up. That's how they've worked from the start. Bait. Tease. Then - BAM.

It's who they are. Brats and asses who don't see the fun of a sham if they can't jerk people's chains.

When Tanith and Evan Lysacek dated, they went on the record. They didn't scam facebook and turn around and play "no names" with the media. They had balls. They gave quotes, they stood behind what they were doing. Because of that, they didn't have to jerk people around.

Fedor and Tanith I don't know if they were ever "official" but as good friends they displayed consistency whatever the platform.

This Scott/Jessica thing - they do all this garbage for a social media audience and then zip up for the mainstream media. So they're a little cautious around the mainstream media, but have no problem treating online fans like a garbage dump. They load up the truck and back it up.

It's just a little bit interesting how INTO garbage creation they are. The gusto, the sheer volume.  It's definitely not necessary and it's not what any real couple does, nor what an effective sham does. It's got wardrobe and scenery and a budget. It goes on location, it does couple poses that real couples would think are stupid. So, again, it circles round to this: that this sham management doesn't exist because the sham is important, but the sham itself exists because it gets somebody - or somebodies - off. The sham persists in its current form because someone really really enjoys working this way.

Several posts below, someone objected to the idea that a baby would be used as a prop for this, thought that suggestion was out of line. Give me a break. Nothing sacred is their watchword. They exploit their own stuff because they know fans don't believe they'd corrupt family weddings, babies, the Olympics, Tessa's surgery, the Christmas holidays, birthdays - all real things - as production elements in a sham. Yes, they would and have and will continue to do all of that. They don't respect those things. They exploit fans' respect for those things and the fact that fans don't believe they'd stoop so low. That's how they get over.

P.S. I certainly hope the fan who posted these photos on her flickr knows the score. To use her without her knowing this stuff is fake would be fucked up, but this crowd definitely feels entitled to make fools of people. The press won't expose anything. Look at how the so-called skating press played along with the scrum stagecraft so Barb could get that out on the web. Their acting faces!

To them, the sham is pest control, and it shows all the maturity and respect with which pests get treated. They're not satisfied with just managing fan relations like professionals, like grown-ups. If they knew what that was, and signs are, they don't.

The "nice, kind, sweet kids" b.s. to fans' faces, and on fb posts, while simultaneously maintaining a policy of setting fans up, looking for excuses to play them for suckers BECAUSE they're fans and everyone in public life knows fans are predictable.

It's like the spouse who cheats, and because they're making fools of their spouse at home and feel guilty, they compensate by being super affectionate, laying on the compliments and the affection. Except that doesn't really compensate, does it?

The analogy is strained but the ethics are the same - the idea is that if I'm the nicest person in the world to someone's face, laying on the patience, gratitude, courtesy and sweet, it's okay if I demean them behind their back. It doesn't count if they don't realize it! It just makes me smart.

Someone might point me to the ends justifies the means speech Jesus made. I know Barb must have it memorized - maybe Scott does too.

They're hypocrites and two-faced, not because of the barrier between the phony public life and the private real one, but because of the difference between how full of shit they are, how they treat people to their face and how they make fools of them in reality.
*What a shock that the fans remaining on Scott's fb upload his sham photos onto a flickr account that became public. These are fans he "knows personally" and trusts. I'm sure he never expected that would happen.


  1. I am of the opinion that Scott gave the okay for these pictures to be put on a public page.

    Thank you for asking about the cross he wears. Maybe he feels if it's "acting" it doesn't count as far as the moral standards of what that cross supposedly represents?

    Or maybe it's just a piece of jewelery he's attached to.

  2. I've seen Scott cross himself; he's been observed backstage doing what people believe is praying.

    It was more than an "okay"; it was more like a request and a plan. Skate Canada GP is coming - gotta get that spam out. You knew they would. The photos had been taken - can't waste them.

    Who knows how any of them rationalize this. They're nice to people to their face, they have conspicuously good manners. This other stuff - this sham shit - this is aimed at people who are abstractions. You know how it goes - a lot of people are fabulous one on one and to people they're around in person and don't blink an eye making fools of people who are only "people" in the abstract, out there somewhere. A demo. A market. A category.

    Why not use the blog as the venue? It's funny!

    They think a lot of themselves. Scott did something - for once - and a nice seemingly authentic connection between him and fans can't go unexploited.

    They are just so completely lacking balls. This is their strategy - this ick. Since they're sticking with it they should have indeed stuck with it, facebooks and all but omg, they were called out and can't have that in case the wrong people check it out and it breaks out of the social network venue into the mainstream world.

    Now they've resorted to creeping around like little punks, through doggy doors, or ike sneaking flyers under door stops or ringing the bell and running.

    Nothing about this says professionals managing a professional sports organization. Because they're not.

  3. Can you post a link to this Flickr account? I haven't seen it yet.

  4. Where did you find this photos? Or you made this by photoshop?

  5. I think I just puked in my mouth a little... And to think I was so excited about the new TS pictures and the start of the season! I no longer find joy in that video of VM sharing a radioactive-looking green drink at Finland ;___;

  6. Real or not, I shouldn't have looked at this right after eating. Puke.

  7. Maybe Jessica try to show they are together, when she saw T-S photos from Finland? :)

  8. Last Anon, if that's indeed the case, then she's a lot more immature and insecure than I thought... pathetic tbh.
    & Honestly, like even if all his friends are people he trusts, it's obvious this "leak" will happen every once in a while. I mean, come on, he's kind of a celebrity to some people so it's naive and stupid to think otherwise (unless, of course, it's totally intentional).

  9. of course it was intentional. She didn't leak these photos, and the sham is run by the Moirs, not by Jessica. She does what she's told, timing and content. She's a prop. The leak is intentional. Why do you think those accidental fans were accidentally kept on the restricted facebooks? So they'd leak! It's how the Dominican photos ended up seen by half the internet too, before Scott and Jessica held open house on facebook after the olympics.

    The fans left on the facebooks were specifically left because they bought into it and aggressively tried to shut down people who didn't. They're being used.

    Everyone knows even the most loyal fan shares with their friends those friends share with friends and it's an underground railroad of sham.

    These are not private photos shared only with select facebook fans. These are staged photos intended to be seen by the public, using fans to do it, and the more fans that see them through back channels, the more successful SC considers the sham. What the photos depict is staged for fans, period. They have no purpose other than to be seen by fans. THERE IS NOTHING PRIVATE about these photos. Nobody who sees them is seeing anything real, and there is no rulebook that says patsies and dupes have to politely act like they don't know they're being scammed by the tackiest sham ever produced.

    Jessica doesn't control Scott Moir or how the sham is displayed on facebook.

  10. "She does what she's told, timing and content. She's a prop.
    Jessica doesn't control Scott Moir or how the sham is displayed on facebook."

    You think so?
    In that case, Jessica is indeed a pathetic figure. Scott is the admired public personality, the Olympic champion, and his popularity doesn't depend on who he dates. Jessica, however, has split from the partnership that brought her elite status and some notoriety. So now, as she's trying to establish herself in a new partnership, she has effectively cut herself off from any fan outreach by shutting down her facebook page and as far as a presence on social media, she doesn't exist except as an appendage to Scott Moir. Is that what she wants for herself?

    This blog has brought up before the advantages to Jessica of being in this position, but besides being able to share in the reflected glory of a well-liked champion, I have to wonder about the possibility of other compensations. What keeps Jessica in this position? Who pays for her travels to exotic locations? For choreography by Marina Zoueva? Something stinks and I think it's the smell of corruption.

  11. My point is - before it was Jessica who post all photos with Scott, not Scott doing this, he didnt need to do this, cause his skating image is "love with Tessa" "canadian sweet-hearts". But Jessica need to show to all World- he is mine, no? When they all closed FB pages nobody saw this and people could forget she is very important person in Scott Moir life and now we found "new" photos with her and Scott.
    Did you see last two photos is very old? Its old blogger photos or Jessica uplojd it like "something new"?
    And as for this fans, who told they wasnt depeted from Moirs FB page. Sorry, but do you really know who they are? This could be like Moirs, but this could be Jessica or her friends. Honestly, this photos is bad PR for Moir, but good for Dube, who could be forgotten, no? Just thoughts....
    And i am not sure who is dating with Scott or Tessa, or Jessica. But really - who pay for her first class trip to Paris, for all this vacations, Zueva choreo? She need Scott and all must know- she didnt let him go from her :))))))) Could be she post this photos, when she saw people discuss how cute, sweet, nice Tessa and Scott are and they are sharing there drink in Finland :)))))))))?
    If its reall love - why you need to shoa this to all internet community?

  12. I get your point last anon, but I am sure who Scott is with - he's with Tessa. Jessica is fake.

    Scott and Jessica are not a couple and everything she's ever posted on her facebook of her and Scott was done because she was instructed to do it by the Moirs or the others managing the hoax. It's not Jessica and her friends. With this sham, she does what she's told.

    Scott and the Moirs do it and they tell Jessica what to do on her facebook.

    You said you're not sure who is with Scott. I'm sure. I know Scott/Jessica are fake and he's with Tessa. Jessica/Scott and the photos they pose for show a fake relationship.

    It's the MOIRS, Virtues and Skate Canada who play the game of "Oh look how sweet Scott and Tessa are - oops, he's with Jessica!" "Look how nice Scott is - oops there was a catch!" THEY do it.

    I don't like her but she is a fake girlfriend and what she does on her wall and with photos she does when the Moirs tell her. She isn't even the only one who can get into her facebook.

    It's not real love, it's not real at all. They show it to the internet community because that's why they take the photos - so people believe he's with Jessica instead of Tessa.

  13. P.S. Before the Olympics, the facebooks were not public either but everybody saw the Dominican photos. Why - because both Scott and Jessica had fans on their page and we know what fans do. They send photo links and attachments to their friends, make them promise, their friends do the same to their friends, and then those friends do it. The Moirs and SC know it. After the Olympics they just decided to let everyone see first hand.

    Don't forget Alma's album on Xmas 09 pretending it was a Moir family Xmas but showing mostly Jessica/Scott, only Carol's family and Alma's there, and only Jessica opening a gift, which was something Tessa already owned herself for a year. Is it Jessica who wants to go to the Moirs for a fake Xmas, watch them to karoake, then forced Alma to put that album up right before Nationals?

    Alma put up that album. It's like cross and garlic and fans are the pests. They do it to keep fans OUT. Then they play games and tease letting fans in to Scott and Tessa. Then they slam the drawer on the fans' feelings in a way. It's very juvenile.

  14. In response to your comment above regarding Canadian Nationals 2010 (right before olympics) and other late 2009 activities, Yes, I do remember being surprised at the amount of Scott/Jessica stuff surfacing. It definitely seemed weird to me at the time because I hadn't yet seen the facebook Dominican photos (maybe the point was to try and get non-Facebook people like me to care about who Scott was supposedly sleeping with?). I recall that Nationals interview with Rick Mercer. It was like a Moir family reunion complete with Jessica face-time. I remember being surprised, especially at the last clip. Scott and Jessica were standing together in the front and I don't remember seeing Tessa and Bryce. It definitely seemed like an "in your face" type of move.

    As for the latest photo sharing - Immature and Icky. "Couple poses that real couples would think are stupid" Right on.

  15. Tanith and Evan Lysacek didn't date, they "dated". This was an arrangement, with the participation of IMG and USFSA, to cover up Evans sexuality. As was Evans rumored relationship Anna during his reality TV run, unless you are the Justin Bieber fan mentality. In which case Richard Simmons "dates" women too.

  16. Just came across this blog. I'm not for or con anyone--except this blogger. Reading this, whoever writes this blog, sounds VERY bitter and negative. You have nothing better to do with your time than forge up things about people?! I'm betting 100 to 1 that you don't even know them--AT ALL. So pathetic.

    You have come up with some crazy-ass conspiracy theories. As if everyone was plotting to keep secrets. Between V&M practicing for skating, flying to competitions, and their families who obviously have to work to make a living, how can they possibly be knee deep in a conspiracy to show the truth.

    Seriously, you're are sick. Have you ever seen a therapist??? Negative thinking is just one of the many symptoms associated with depression. Seek help. Seriously!

  17. Tanith and Evan (and maybe Fedor) and Davis with Abbot, Andreev had fake relationships because this guys are gays. Why Scott need to do this?

    I understand - you are sure Moirs is the worst people in the World, but what this will bring them? You show people some interesting point, but you ignore some others - why did you delete from OG video moment where Scott and Jess were kissing?
    I have one question - how do you think why they do this?
    Did you really think someone will pay money for posting photos in facbook?
    I could imaging ex-girlfriend will post photos like this to show his new GF, they are still together.
    But anyway. V-M are really very nice people. They are very open guys, so i cant understand how someone could hate them so much. Its sad.

  18. Last Anon - The dating situations you describe is because the guys were gay?

    What did the girls get out of it?

    Tanith had almost five years of it between Fedor and Evan. Boy she's selfless. And so many girls do this. There seems to be an awful lot of generous girls out there - covering up for a gay guy for years, the girl keeping her own boyfriend hidden when you just know she'd love to parade it for fans! But - she makes the sacrifice.


    The gay guys weren't doing the GIRLS a favor, by any chance? Stepping in to be the "official" bf so the girl can enjoy her real romantic life out of the public eye?

    Fans need to adjust their worldview.

    Girls have been "dating" gay guys in their own best interests for years. They like privacy too.

    Don't ask what Scott gets out of it, ask what Tessa gets out of it. Scott and Tessa are in this TOGETHER. Why only ask what SCOTT gets out of it?

    I didn't eliminate anything from the OG video and if you think Scott and Jessica were making out in the KissNCry you're nuts. They were out of frame when the hug ended. If you have a different video, please share.

    And who was back there when Jessica went back there after hugging Scott for show and a photo? Bryce. He and Vaughn watched the fd from there.

    People are funny. They believe some dramatic ridiculous soap opera is taking place on facebook and under their nose acted out by the skaters in view of fans, based on what they see on TV and on social media. Oh Jessica saw Finlandia photos and retaliated with fb! She won’t let go of Scott!

    It's so egocentric of fans to think these people act out their private life in public where we can see it.

    Scott and Tessa are together. The Jessica Scott social media situation is a cluster of WHAT THE FUCK and WHAT SENSE DOES IT MAKE because that is how Skate Canada DOES EVERYTHING. They love bad taste and overkill and focusing on all the wrong things. It’s who they’ve been since Wilkes came aboard in 2007, coincidentally when the first sham groundwork started up.

    (continued below)

  19. Has anyone ever seen a bigger set of idiots than those managing Skate Canada's public relations? A bigger set of nakedly incompetent dumb asses? I haven't.

    The tough campaign. Rebrand skating as tough and its popularity will soar among hockey loving men. Nobody ever thought of such a simple but sure-to-work solution before! No doubt luge, extreme skiing, track and field, ballet, ballroom etc. will mimic Debbi’s branding and get a hockey audience too. They’re tough, cause injury, and require hard training! Just spread the word!

    The WTF of Scott, Tessa, Jessica is on the stupidity of the people who came up with the hoax plan and execution, none of them comfortable with the internet (including Scott and Tessa), all of them inexperienced and lacking common sense, yet all of them thinking themselves competent to execute a pr plan via social media aimed strictly at fans, while being far more circumspect with the mainstream press.

    Rule 1 of social media and pr is keep your messages integrated and consistent across all media platforms and Scott and Tessa have screwed that one up from day one. And a rule of lying is to keep it simple and consistent. Skate Canada and Scott/Tessa do none of those things.

    They act one way for the regular press, shove Jessica at fans on social media, are completely inconsistent and lack follow through, and contradict themselves constantly. THAT’s why the sham makes no sense. It’s because the people involved in it don’t HAVE any sense!

    The people who thought this up and ran this are responsible for the stupidity, blind spots, inability to understand anything whatsoever about context, and complete failure to understand what marketing and pr is about and that's why things are as they are.

    Skate Canada is histrionic. It has created drama where there's none. They have a taste for overkill in marketing - of the wrong things (look at their obsession with the Skate Canada logo).

    What these people also don't understand is marketing and pr is not about getting down in the sandbox with the fans and playing gotcha with them. However, they don't respect the public enough to get professionals to manage pr and marketing - they figured anyone could pull the wool over the eyes of fans. They certainly thought either a lot of their own talents, or had a ridiculously low opinion of the public. Likely both were true. A perfect storm.

    (continued below)

  20. The sham isn't the only thing they've fucked up. Debbi Wilkes is a woman who staged a hoax on the public in an Olympic venue. She's a woman who plays petty games to get herself on camera on Skatebuzz and CBC and at the Olympics.

    Barb MacDonald stages idiotic scrums at a freaking high performance camp and then posts the idiotic photos on line and on skatebuzz. That's how you do it. Show how intense, urgent, famous and important the skaters are.

    It was a safe bet Scott and Tessa were not going to complete their LP at 4CCs and so what does the Virtue Moir Team do? Run around like guilty kids proclaiming how excited they were to see TWO programs. TWO!! What the hell with two - instead of the seven ice dancers usually do? Carol Moir did this on her wall. Slipchuk did it on twitter. Yep, two - no question they'll do TWO, I have every expectation of two! They acted like a kid in the kitchen voluntarily yelling up to mommy "I don't have my hand in the cookie jar!" It was that obvious a tip off.

    These are people who gave the green light to Menage a Trois sur la Glace, not understanding the take-away would be poor Bryce, intead of the intended takeaway of don't expect Jessica and Scott to behave like a couple at competitions. But even though that was the takeaway, they then flung Scott/Jessica photos on Jessica's facebook when she and Bryce were preparing for the Olympics, showing complete ignorance of what class looked like. They looked like idiots.

    They have no sense. That's why the sham makes none.

    Look at Scott on his fan page. Does that look like a guy with internet follow through chops to anyone? Look at Tessa prior to the Olympics, going hermit and claiming she pared her entire contact list down to seven people. That look like someone who has the big picture and knows how to market to the big picture on social media? Isolation and crawling into a bubble?

    No context. No sense.

    Alma Moir - a woman who has lived in one small town her whole life and her whole life is Canadian figure skating, uses her facebook wall to sham in front of thousands of fans on Scott and Jessica's wall and then turns around and trash talks Meryl and Charlie where all the fans of Scott and Tessa can read it.

    These are the people managing the Jessica and Scott hoax.

    They're public relations morons and that's why it's such a mess and such a phony fake controversy. But it's not a very sexy reason for the mess. Fans would prefer to believe that in real time, right under their eyes, Scott, Tessa and Jessica are 'acting out' where we can see them and interpret it. That egocentric point of view is what they prefer, instead of two figure skaters managed by what are clearly and obviously a team of idiots, who have now painted themselves into a corner.

    Let's remember Skate Canada's pr and marketing is managed by people who took a successful home Olympics that created three hugely popular figure skaters and turned it into depressed revenue and the loss of long term major sponsors. And on top of it, their World Champion is scrambling for funding.

    But the sham should make sense. It makes no sense that it makes no sense!

    Sure it does. Look who's running it.

    Scott and Tessa sign a four-year Roots deal with great fanfare and after less than a year it's over and they're offloading their Roots gear to less well-off skaters and back to wearing Lululemon. They also took business advice from an idiot figure skater - Pelletier - who doesn't even run his own business - he uses IMG. What happened with Roots?

    As long as the sham goes on, I don't think any reputable sponsor is going to want to touch them with a ten foot pole. Nor would a real management company like IMG want to go near it. They'll get perks and swag for sure, but building their brand? Forget it.

    But no - to sham makes no sense! Because Scott and Tessa and Skate Canada are all about making sense, right.

  21. Evan poster - Anna T. is married to Jonathan Roberts. There were no serious rumors about him and Anna having a relationship.

    IMG did not 'participate' in Evan/Tanith. Whatever they knew, they know to see no evil and to maintain the veil.

  22. P.P.S. - I just realized the anon I'm speaking to is lying about the "Jessica Scott kissing" in the OG video - she's not confused. It's an ouright lie.

    She's pulling it out her ass because she has seen the video herself and knows exactly what all the camera angles look like, long before that video was on this blog and Jessica and Scott are out of frame when he sets her down. Anyone can go get that video on fsvids or find it on line and see the original version without annotations and commentary.

  23. I used to think the blogger was kinda creepy, but then if they really knows the facts about what's going on OF COURSE they are going to sound negative. If what she presents here is truly the case, the ability to vent and maybe prevent some fans from being duped would be therapy enough. Now it appears to me to be more a constructive albeit unpleasant hobby rather than an unhealthy obsession.

    It also was a smart move to start covering Skate Canada's issues, it gave me context and opened my eyes to stuff I didn't have a clue about. I can't be sure about TS because I don't know them but I CAN be sure of some of this SC shit.

  24. On one hand, the blogger seems like a bitter kitten.

    On the other hand, no one's come after him/her with their lawyers, so there maybe something there..?

  25. Fans can be easily led because they think only the people inside the camera frame are the ones involved. Tessa Virtue is as responsible as anyone - she's central to the sham being an ongoing venture. But, if her statement about shutting down email and the internet is true, she signed off on this garbage as good enough for the fans then tuned it out. Hey, it doesn't effect HER.

    It's the them and us mindset taken to an unethical extreme. She protects herself from the internet while exploiting the internet for her own ends, and then tunes it out.

    But she sure hopes fans turn up for competitions, buy whatever she and Scott selling for whomever, and SOI!

    So, she's acting like a spoiled brat wanting it both ways. Oh, far too rarified for the internet, but happy to use the internet to get down and dirty if it serves her interests, especially since she can tune it out. Tessa, stands behind this garbage and pushes for it to continue, because only the fans have to deal with it. How people react, she doesn't want to know. But she won't quit it either.

    A lot of people assume the Virtues are more sophisticated and sensitive than the Moirs, but I see no evidence of that. The Virtues were right up there in the Ilderton buggy, grinning away. Jim was following his blocking in the Kiss'N'Cry, happily hoaxing the public.

    What is really objectionable is Tessa is a skater and a person known for having a refined on ice sensibility, an endearing personality and wonderful taste. But all that's for her and her life. For fans, no standards of taste or decency required. Just keep backing up the garbage truck and unloading this crap - that's how she wants it. Sign off and walk away.

    Scott has been the same. He's a major actor in this and he pretends he's a prop. Sham, what sham? That's on Jessica's facebook. For years, until the facebooks were restricted, he kept his own profile picture clear and he was never the one to post Jessica photos on HIS facebook. What kind of game is that? It's pretending the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing, it's benefiting while refusing to own his own actions. Neither one of them own what they do, let alone take responsibility for it. Unlike when Tanith was dating Evan, they want to have it both ways. They sign off on crap and then pretend it has nothing to do with them. What they do is behavior, and wrong behavior.

  26. where in the world is jessica dube's original facebook page? it seems to have disappeared...

  27. lol that episode of friends was on tonight

  28. actually Phoebe and Chandler's kiss looks a lot like the pictures in this post

  29. lol does anyone wonder if this blogger is like a scorned woman who didn't get into professional skating and is now providing play by play from the outside? who are u oycanada!! we are curious!!

  30. hmm I don't think that sounds like it quite fits, there is no mediocre fringe in canadian figure skating because it sounds like they're all at headquarters.....when I read this blog I don't think "jealousy", this blog isn't self soothing gossip spilling, it's chronicling a farce that no one in their right mind would want to touch with a thirty nine and a half foot pole...JMO

  31. For fuck's sake. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are ice dancers, not some A list actors who make the front page of every magazine. I find the fact that they can't reach this level of fame without having conspiracy theories spread about them appalling. You are appalling.

    There is no evidence whatsoever that Virtue and Moir are together. Oy Canada claims s/he can't upload them, yet s/he seems rather willing to post every other picture with Dubé and Moir. What a coincidence it is that you can see almost every picture of Moir and Dubé together on this blog yet no romantic pictures of Virtue and Moir.

    I hope you realize that you have taken this to the level where most people would call you a stalker. You have immersed yourself so deeply into this fantasy world where Virtue and Moir are together and Dubé simply CAN'T be with Moir for whatever fucking reason you've come up with. Media hype? Please. Do you see "Virtue+Moir SCANDAL!!" splashed on the cover of every magazine? I didn't think so.

    How much further do you have to read into these pictures? If there was a picture of just Moir with a woman walking past in the backgroud, you'd say something about it. How hobby-less do you have to be to have a blog dedicated to Moir and Dubé, two names that are not even well known?

  32. ^I don't know - how hobbyless DO you have to be?

    Got a list of blog comment sections where I can park my browser all day and pitch fits? That seems like a popuar hobby. Do you recommend it?

    OC (not at own computer).

  33. Oh - forgot this:

    "Oy Canada claims s/he can't upload them, yet s/he seems rather willing to post every other picture with Dubé and Moir. What a coincidence it is that you can see almost every picture of Moir and Dubé together on this blog yet no romantic pictures of Virtue and Moir."

    Oh, I'm not rather willing, I'm totally willing.

    OTOH, I think you're mixing up this oy canada with one on a different blog, an oy canada who apparently specified the evidence was photographs and then refused to upload the photos.

    And now they'll never get to hear your opinions!

    If you want to give me that blog's address I'll forward your remarks.

    (OC, not at own computer)

  34. Does anyone else get the feeling that the Mexico photos posted above could be from 2010? I recall green bracelet sightings elsewhere (check Danny in Scott's old facebook profile pics). Could be purely coincidental, of course.