Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good job

Color me gobsmacked this was Scott Moir's fan facebook page today. I'm just very excited he put that photo up and added more from Finlandia. The fans on his page have fallen over backwards supporting anything he does, I think he and Tessa skated fantastically in Finlandia and, as a commentator noted on the post below this, their short dance on youtube got 13,000 and counting hits.

If they weren't incredible skaters who entertained and thrilled fans with their programs, nobody would care how much chemistry they had or about their romantic status.

That's just a great picture, as is the bus candid he uploaded, and for such a small thing I know it thrills fans to pieces. It's very cool of him, for real.


  1. I really feared the Audrey and Fred picture would stay up on his profile all season. I'm very glad to be proven wrong. I don't know that I've ever seen an off-ice picture of him and Tessa used as a profile picture before. It's very nice.

  2. I know you've denied in the past that anything done by Scott/Tessa could be a result of this blog but it's all very curious. Scott's sudden interest in his fanpage, uploading candid photos and that new profile picture.

    Someone on another site said it but it looks like an engagement photo. I half expect to see these words under it: Alma & Joe Moir and Kate & Jim Virtue are pleased to announce the engagement of their children Scott and Tessa!